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Fusion BodyBuilding – Innovative Muscle Building Supplements?

Bodybuilding is a profession that I greatly appreciate.

One, because I don’t have the guts to do it and 2 because the people who do are of the most committed people on the planet.

You know how much will power it takes to monitor every meal and workout with accountant-like accuracy? It hurts my head just thinking about it.

That’s why I wanted to do all my bodybuilders out there a solid by bringing their attention to a company that works tirelessly to provide the best bodybuilding products on the market.

The name of this company? Fusion Bodybuilding.

What is Fusion Bodybuilding?

Fusion bodybuilding is a company that strives to provide bodybuilders with superior supplements to help take there physique to the next level.

Founded in 1998, this company has stood the test of time by providing tested high quality supplements to their consumers that have outlasted the competition.

All of the products developed by Fusion are manufactured at cGMP facilitates and contain the clinically effective dosages of each ingredient. With these products, you know exactly what is going into you body and how much.

What I love about this company is it’s commitment to honesty. That’s so important, especially considering the industry it serves.

On their website they quickly explain that they don’t depend on hype to del their products. The make sure their customers understand that bodybuilding is about working hard and getting enough sleep. And that only by doing that will their products be effective.

No magic here.

Fusion Supplements

Fusion provides their customers with many options to choose from, as far as supplementation goes. They offer everything from vitamins, to protein powders, to products that can improve your pump.

Right away you have an understanding that this is a very niche company. Their products are solely for bodybuilders and they are unapologetic about this fact.

Not only would it not make any sense for non-bodybuilders to try to take these products, but I’d doubt that the average Joe would even know what half of these products are.

Like Glutamend? What is that?

The price of these supplements are comparable to similar products on the market. I mean, if you expect to take something that can potentially change your body, you have to expect to pay a little money for that.

The price range for these products are anywhere between $19.99-$150.00. That’s a pretty penny for a pretty physique.

But this is to be looked at as an investment. You see, bodybuilding is a profession. If one wants to increase their aptitude in their profession, investments are necessary.

Even with the hefty price tag, these products are worth it. Every one that I’ve looked into seemed to be of the highest quality. Not only that, but Fusion offers some supplements that help with things that are especially novel for me.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the products so you can get a feel for what I’m talking about, shall we?


One of the top and most novel products that Fusion Bodybuilding offers is a product called X-Frame.

I know, that name doesn’t really reveal what the purpose of this product is. So let me help you out a little.

X-frame’s whole value proposition is to do one thing for you; perfect your pump.

All bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast know what I’m talking about. That pump you get when pushing through that last rep can leave you looking Godly in the gymnasium.

In fact, many people who live in the gym will tell you that they do so because they are “chasing that pump”.

X-Frame makes it so chasing the pump is easier than ever. It creates a muscular pump that is experienced by only users of the product.

When taking this product you can expect a couple of benefits; Increased muscle pumps and vascularity, better muscle function and endurance, enhanced recovery after workouts, and improved muscle protein synthesis.

You might be wondering how this product pulls off the perfect pump?

That’s easy.

The secret behind X-Frame is three-fold: Perfect Pump Complex, Muscle Energy Complex, and the Muscle Function Complex.

Perfect Pump Complex: This formulation combines amino acids that boost nitric oxide production in the blood. Nitric Oxide allows for more blood to flood through your muscles when training, which helps them look a lot fuller when working out.

Muscle Energy Complex: This complex helps you get energy and build mass with less effort. This is done by improving your insulin sensitivity, which balances out your blood sugar, creating a streamline of energy and also improving your muscle building capacity.

Muscle Function Complex: The goal with this complex is to improve athletic performance. More reps equal a greater pump. This will make that possible.

These three formulations come together to make X-Frame an astonishingly potent formula for pump producing aesthetics.

The simple conclusion is; if you want a better pump, X-Frame is the way to go.

Fusion Review Summary

Should you buy into what Fusion Bodybuilding is offering? I’d say if you’re a professional bodybuilder or an aspiring one, absolutely!

This company talks the talk and walks the walk.

They make amazing supplements and are entirely transparent about what goes in them. That alone makes them different from most other supplement companies.

They offer novel products that help bodybuilders master a world that is keenly nuanced.

This company takes their craft seriously, and if you do as well, this union has to happen.

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