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Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions – Best Health Newsletter?

Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions is a monthly newsletter that recently appeared online as part of an “urgent public health warning”. Read our review to find out if this newsletter is worth it.

What Is Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions?

You may have seen a suspicious advertisement online for an “Urgent Public Health Warning”. That advertisement is found online at a URL that looks suspiciously look a government URL – there’s even the words “.org” and “NHS” in the URL. Although in this case, NHS stands for Natural Health Solutions and not National Health Service.

Despite what the advertisement’s creator wants you to think, this isn’t some urgent public health warning from a government organization. Instead, it’s an advertisement for a product called Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions.

Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions is a monthly newsletter that teaches you a number of natural ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Brad Lemley has recently started advertising his newsletter as a bundle package with free eBooks and reports.

The monthly newsletter isn’t cheap: it’s $49 for a year or $89 for two years. International customers only get the digital copy of the newsletter (sent to their email inbox) while American customers receive a printed copy.

Is Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions worth the subscription price? Let’s take a closer look at some of the stuff you’ll learn.

What’s Included with your Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions Subscription?

The ordering page for the newsletter can be overwhelming. Brad Lemley has thrown a bunch of free product offers at you, including free books, free additional subscriptions, and free special reports. We’ve boiled it all down to make it simple for you.

Here’s what you get when you pay for a 1 year ($49) subscription or 2 year ($89) subscription for Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions:

-12 issues of Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions, delivered every month to your email inbox or mailing address

-A subscription to Laissez Faire Today, another email newsletter that “will provide you with real, actionable ways to live a happier, more independent lifestyle.”

-A subscription to Living Well Daily, another email newsletter that sends you a health tip every day designed to boost your nutrition, exercise, health, or longevity in some way.

-A book called Non-GMO Guide: Food Secrets for a Long and Healthy Life, which explains why you shouldn’t buy GMO foods if you want to live for a long time

-Report called Growing Up: The Vertical Gardening Guide

-Report called The Little Bible of 77 Censored Cures

-Report called Sin Foods for Healthy Living

All of these products are delivered to your email inbox after your purchase is confirmed. You can also view them online at the official Brad Lemley website after you confirm your order.

What Will You Learn with your Natural Health Solutions Subscription?

Obviously, the core of the subscription is the 12 issues of Natural Health Solutions. The rest of the products are just bonuses.

Natural Health Solutions introduces itself with a story Americans have heard time and time again: we spend more on healthcare than any other country on the planet, yet the average American lifespan is closer to developing parts of the world than it is to most developed countries.

Brad Lemley, like many others, blames this on the fact that there’s “a dangerous alliance between the government and corporate America”, and that Americans “have all become secret guinea pigs in a massive, 20-year-long health experiment.”

Once you get past all the scary fear-mongering talk, you’ll get to Brad’s point: there are chemicals in the foods we eat every day. Some of these chemicals have the potential to harm us.

Brad Lemley says this is “a conspiracy that runs from a few massive food producing companies all the way up to the highest of ranks: the government of the United States of America.”

Of course, this isn’t exactly a secret: America has dozens of controversial food ingredients that are banned in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most other parts of the developed world. You can view a list of those ingredients here, here, or here.

Anyways, some of the things you’ll learn while subscribed to the Natural Health Solutions newsletter include:

  • One thing that could silently be killing you – and 10 natural ways to fight it
  • 10 foods you should never eat, including many food ingredients that are legal in America but are banned in most other parts of the world
  • 28 superfoods that will help you prevent chronic illness
  • 5 poisons that are used as food additives in your local grocery store
  • Dozens of tips and tricks that you can use to live a longer, healthier, and happier life

Brad claims these tips don’t require you to spend thousands of dollars at natural health food stores. In fact, you might actually save money by implementing these tips.

What about the bonus gifts? Below, you’ll find what you’ll learn in each of those.

What Will You Learn in Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions Bonuses?

There are three main bonuses as part of the Natural Health Solutions subscription, including each of the following:

-Growing Up: The Vertical Gardening Guide – This eBook teaches you how to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables at home, even if you only have a 4 foot by 4 foot space in which to work. You can stop “having to depend on Monsanto and other food companies for food that’s overpriced and potentially dangerous.”

-The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures – This eBook teaches you natural treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol, joint pain, Alzheimer’s, sexual dysfunction, and more. Specific lessons include a Brazilian tree extract with 200% more antioxidant power than acai and the number one lie about breast cancer that could save your life.

-Sin Foods for Healthy Living – Some “sin” foods may not seem healthy, but they actually come with powerful health benefits. This eBook teaches you the popular diet you should avoid at all costs, why you should avoid cooking your foods with certain oils, and why you should avoid “low fat” foods.

Who is Brad Lemley?

Brad Lemley is the editor of Natural Health Solutions. Brad is a former senior correspondent for The Washington Post and Discover magazine and claims to have “shared his health secrets with hundreds of thousands of readers.” He’s 59 years old and is purportedly in the best shape of his life thanks to the health secrets he writes about.

Brad is also an enthusiastic organic gardener and woodworker who built his family’s home back in the 1980s. You can read some of Brad Lemley’s articles at LFB.org here, where he’s published as part of the Laissez Faire Books online library.

Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions Review Summary

Natural Health Solutions is a monthly newsletter found under the Laissez Faire Books family of monthly newsletters. That company is known for offering similar monthly subscription packages – many of which are priced at $49 for 12 months or $89 for 24 months. Many of the company’s products also carry a similar anti-government, pro-conspiracy, libertarian stance.

Your purchase comes with a wide variety of digital downloads and other bonuses – including two other subscription plans.

The real question is: is this information worth $4 an issue? Many of the so-called “secrets” in Natural Health Solutions aren’t exactly secrets. It’s well-known that some food ingredients that Americans eat every day are banned in other developed countries. Milk with bovine growth hormone (rBGH), bread with potassium bromate, food dyes, ractopamine-tainted meat, and brominated vegetable oil are all banned throughout many parts of the world – but are totally legal in the United States.

The point of Natural Health Solutions is to teach you which of these foods are dangerous – and how you can avoid them. Yes, some of this information can be found for free online. However, many people will enjoy viewing the information in a palatable, easy-to-read way in the form of a monthly newsletter.

To learn more about Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions, visit the official website today.

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