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GM Diet 2016 – Does The General Motors Cleanse Plan Work?

Dieting isn’t easy, especially when you do not have a program to help guide you through the process. While there are many ways to find a great routine that works for you, one large scale company has removed dieting from the private periphery and moved it into its own plan of action for its employees. General Motors, one of the largest car manufacturers in the country, has devised its own diet plan to help its employees achieve a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight.

Even more surprising is that to devise the diet plan, the company worked with the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture. This widespread collaborative project has resulted in an interesting and potentially effective weight loss program that is available not only to the company’s employees, but to everyone else as well.

What is the GM Diet Plan 2016?

The GM Diet Plan is based upon two distinct programs that became popular in the 1980’s after a plethora of research was introduced by John Hopkins Research Center. The two diet programs are the “Cabbage Soup Diet” and the “Sacred Heart Diet.” These two programs have been mildly popular since their inception, but now they have received a renewed vigor by being incorporated into the GM Diet Plan. Both of these systems require you to consume fewer calories than you are expending, thereby causing your body to tap into its fat reserves and to burn more throughout the day.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to achieve prominent weight loss within a matter of weeks. Based upon the program’s own research, the average user loses about 10 to 17 pounds within the short time frame. These weight loss results are a stark improvement form the single digit numbers htat most other plans provide.

Qualities of the GM Diet

There are many different diet systems on the market and the one that you choose can have a significant impact on the progress that you experience. The best diets are those that are compatible with your body’s needs and that you can easily incorporate into your day. Fortunately, the GM Diet is not only a simple program to implement, but it leads to some amazing qualities that promote a slimmer, healthier, and better figure. Here are the main qualities to this diet:


Detoxification is a crucial component of weight loss. Over the years, your body collects toxins in its digestive tract. The toxins then prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients and minerals that are present in the healthy foods that you start to consume.

Therefore, to speed up the weight loss process and to achieve a healthier lifestyle, the program incorporates a detox element. In seven days, you’ll cleanse your entire system of the harmful compounds so that you can start feeling looking healthier.

Eating Plan

The eating plan component is not restrictive and there are many different versions of the plan that you can choose from so that they comport with your dietary and health needs. In this case, the eating plan available is mainly concentrated upon the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and copious amounts of water.

By including only healthy foods into your diet through the plan, you’ll lose weight quickly and you will stay hydrated. The hydration works to reduce hunger pangs so that you can experience optimal results. As mentioned, there are a number of versions available. The versions of the eating plan include: vegetarian and Indian food.

A Healthier Digestive Tract

As you grow older or consume an unhealthy diet, your digestive tract develops issues. For example, you may be all too familiar with bouts of constipation, stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, and the like. The good news is that the GM Diet works to improve your digestive tract so that you can feel healthier in every way. You’ll notice normal bowel movements, less bloating, and fewer bouts of digestive discomfort.

Results in a Matter of Weeks

Finally, when you incorporate this diet plan into your weight loss journey, you’ll notice prominent results in a matter of weeks. For example, if you follow the diet exactly as directed by the brand, you’ll be able to start noticing improvements in just one week. After the one week mark, you’ll continue to lose weight, ultimately leading to a better and healthier lifestyle.

According to numerous testimonials, the GM Diet offers users better than average weight loss results and the program itself is easy to follow. The main downside of the program is that it does have a detox effect, which not only arises out of sweating out the toxins, but by causing bowel movement as well. Keep in mind though that the program is only 7 days long, therefore the minimal discomfort that you experience is not prolonged and it does not take place over every milestone in the 7 day period.

Works Well for Men and Women

Another noteworthy and prominent quality to this program is that it is suitable for both men and women. By choosing a program that is inclusive of both genders, you can share this program with your partner and work through the steps together. By sharing the journey together and working towards your weight loss goals using the same system, you can provide each other with the consistent and quality support necessary for amazing results.

Where to Order

Currently, there is no indication that the GM Diet Plan needs to be ordered. The 7-day plan can be read about on the internet for free and it is simply up to you to follow the suggestions. Since the program is free and all of the information is available, you really have nothing to lose. If you are interested in learning more about the program and want to get started, then just do a simple search.

GM Diet Plan Review Summary

Overall, the GM Diet Plan is a safe, interesting, and easy diet plan that you can add to your daily routine. By following the steps as directed, you’ll be able to lose significant weight in just 7 days. Therefore, the program is ideal for those who are looking for a safe and quick way to get their health back on track.

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