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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – Removes Oil & Purifies Skin?

Clinique is a very popular brand amongst skin care. It is mentioned in many magazines and is no stranger to television as well. I’ve always like the way the name of the company sounds.

“Clinique”. Classy and clean are two words I’d use if I were asked to define the feeling it brings letting that name pass my lips.

But this review is not about just the name or just the products as a whole, it’s about one product in particular, the Liquid Facial Soap.

First impression

Upon looking at the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap I must say I am immediately impressed. The bottle is sleek, green and aesthetically pleasing. It looks to fit neatly in your hand and not be too bulky for a make-up bag.

That paired with the almost 5 star complied review left by consumers of this product left me more than interested. This product come highly recommended at a whopping 97%.

I have a good feeling about this Clinique Liquid Facial Soap.

What others think

I personally like to skim through reviews to see what the majority can agree on. Have you ever heard the term “three wise men don’t lie”? Well that’s how I look at reviews.

If the majority can come to the same conclusion, good or bad, then it’s most likely going to be say they say it is. While looking I noticed people are using words such that compare their skin to velvet when describing how moisturized the product left their skin.

Looks like we all can agree the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is beginning to look more and more like a winner.

Prior experiences with other products

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have used facial soaps and been left with dry patches once my skin completely dried. And this is coming from someone with what I would describe as normal skin, not dry, not oily.

I was pleased to see that this product would not have the same result. It even states in the description that there’s no dry feeling because it product the skin natural balance when it comes to moisture. What a relief.

Who’s the product for?

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is said to be for all skin types, although there are 3 types to choose from. Very dry to dry skin, dry combination skin, combination oily or oily skin.

Having variety is always a good thing in my opinion when it comes to skin care products. There are no one size fits all products because everyone’s skin responds differently.

Another positive note added for Clinique.

The website

Side note, I did want to bring attention to the ease of use on the Clinique website. Not only is the size of the font big enough to be legible without my glasses, but everything looks neat and organized.

There’s even a chat box that appears that give you an option to chat with a consultant to ask your product-related questions or if you are having technical difficulties while on the website. That’s definitely worth brownie points.

Too many times are websites like department stores where it is almost like pulling teeth to get someone to assist you. With Clinique, you don’t even have to leave the page that you’re browsing to get help.

The cost vs. benefits

Now let’s get back to this amazing Clinique Liquid Facial Soap that I could go on and on about forever. I know this is what everyone wants to know. “What’s this going to cost me?”.

I know you’re thinking; it’s got to be expensive. Nothing that great can be cheap. Well I would like the be the first to say, you’re wrong.

This product is only $17. Yes, it’s more expensive then something you would pick up at your local supercenter, but you have to weigh the benefits and ask yourself these questions.

Will it leave your skin dry? No. Will you to follow it up with another soap to make sure your skin feels clean? Still no. Will your skin feel smooth and moisturized? Yes. Would your skin thank you if skin could speak? Absolutely yes.

So if you’re waiting to pull the trigger on ordering this product, don’t waste any more time, just do it. It’s worth it. Clinique says your skin will look younger and I believe them and the 2,000 plus other people who say the same. You don’t have to take my word or theirs for it, try it for yourself.

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