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Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support – Manage Cholesterol?

Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support is a supplement that helps to regulate your cholesterol levels for a healthier heart. This supplement comes with several free gifts to help improve your overall health.

What is Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support?

Maintaining your physical health is crucial to living a long and healthy life. Your body requires a certain level of nutrients to thrive, while other nutrients need to be restricted. You probably already know that you need to control the amount of sugar you digest, since it can add to your waistline and damage the functions of your pancreas over time.

However, your cholesterol levels are just as important, since it can affect the functioning of your heart. Luckily, Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support can help.

Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support helps you regulate the different nutrients in your body to improve your cardiovascular health.

The main way it achieves this goal is by regulating your cholesterol levels in a few different ways. If you keep up with the designated use of this supplement, you may experience:

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Lowering the “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • Lowering your triglycerides
  • Improving your good cholesterol levels

Unfortunately, there are very few ways to bring down your cholesterol, other than changing your diet.

Cholesterol builds up in your arteries over time, which puts you at risk for heart attack, stroke, or a number of other heart-related problems. You don’t want to risk your life for a fatty cheeseburger, but you also don’t want to never consume one again. Your cholesterol is all about finding the right balance and stabilizing it, which is how this innovative supplement works.

How Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support Works

The entire formula for the Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support supplement is Bergamot. This substance is extracted from citrus fruits, and there have actually been many different studies performed to prove its effects.

Bergamot is most commonly found in Earl Grey tea, but its primary use was actually to help with the flavoring. Over time, scientists revealed that the chemical composition of this extract actually helped to reduce cholesterol, eliminate fatty deposits, and perform many other beneficial functions.

In addition to the way that it can help with your cholesterol levels, bergamot is actually well known for helping to maintain the proper blood sugar levels as well.

The website states that most people with a cholesterol problem are also suffering from blood sugar problems. When your body digests bergamot, it triggers AMPK, which is how your body regulates your metabolism. By keeping your blood sugar under control, you can more easily control your cholesterol as well.

Bergamot helps where other vitamins and substances cannot. There are many other ingredients that are frequently used in supplements that lower cholesterol, but none of them cover all of the different types of cholesterol problems you may face.

According to the demonstrative chart on the main website, this product exceeds the tasks of Policosanol, Citrus PMF, Phytosterols, and even soluble fibers. Simply put, this cholesterol support is the safest and most effective product currently being advertised.

Using Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support

There are no actual instructions about the use of this supplement. However, you can wait to read the label for yourself or speak with a customer service representative to determine how much you need to take each day.

By keeping up with the described use, you should see all of the changes that are promised within a month. These results are incredibly unique, since the company claims that there is no other product with equivalent strength. However, in spite of its potency, you should experience no side effects.

Pricing for Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support

When you decide to make this formula a regular part of your diet, then you will only need to decide how many months’ worth of the capsules you want to start with. As the quantity rises, you will gain higher discounts, but all of the packages offer free shipping. Choose from:

  • One month: $54.95
  • Three months: $99.95
  • Six months: $179.95
  • Twelve months: $299.99

In addition to the supplement, the company offers you several different free gifts, which are included with your purchase, regardless of the quantity. You will receive:

  • Natural Ways to Conquer Cholesterol & Lower Blood Pressure (value: $14.95)
    • Shows you different ways to handle your sodium intake and to eat correctly for your condition
  • How to Make Your Heart 10 Years Younger (value: $9.95)
    • Features the latest tips on improving the state of your arteries and heart
  • How to Stay Thin and Healthy Without Giving Up a Thing (value: $9.95)
    • Describes the right foods to eat for low cholesterol
    • Helps consumers learn to moderate their favorite foods, without sacrificing them entirely

If you pursue a refund, you will not need to return these bonuses. Since they are free gifts, they are yours to keep.

Contacting the Creators of Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support

If all of this information seems too good to be true, you’ll probably want to speak with the creators of the cholesterol support supplement. You can speak with the customer service team via phone and email.

To call the company directly, regardless of if you are placing an order or need more information, call 1-866-531-0466. In the event that they are unavailable, you can always email your inquiries to

Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support Review Summary

Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support is all about helping you bring down your cholesterol to a healthy level to improve the state of your heart. Your heart controls a high number of functions in your body, since the circulation of blood is essential to every extremity and muscle. If you decide to involve this supplement in your daily routine, you can improve your health shortly.

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