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Annemarie Borlind – Leading Skincare Line With Proven Efficacy?

Although there are many skincare brands that advertise a line of all-natural or chemical free products, very few also place emphasis on social and ecological responsibility. While many companies boast their all natural extracts and compounds, it is rare to find one that tells customers exactly where their ingredients are coming from and can provide evidence that their company is working to eliminate major social issues in the industry.

The main focus of skincare companies is to produce effective, quality products. However, more and more people are choosing only to support companies that have a proven track record of supporting both social and ecological reform. People are no longer content with purchasing products from companies that, while popular, do nothing to create jobs overseas or conserve the natural resources that they use. Customers are more aware of the harsh realities of the skincare industry and are beginning to purchase only from companies that share their beliefs.

Although it is definitely not a new company, Annemarie Borlind is gaining new attention for its socially and ecologically responsible approach to holistic skincare. Started in the 1950’s as a natural skincare line for acne-prone skin, this company has since taken the industry by storm.

What is Annemarie Borlind?

Annemarie Borlind is a natural skincare line based in southwest Germany in the Black Forest. Annemarie Borlind’s main focus is to provide incredible skin compatibility and efficacy by combining naturally occurring ingredients in the most scientifically effective way.

The company was founded in 1959 by Annemarie Linder and Hermann Borner. Linder was a trained cosmetologist and decided to begin selling a natural skincare line after realizing that there were few all natural options on the market acne-prone skin. The business was a huge success and quickly expanded to handle larger customer base.

The company utilizes naturally occurring substances to form new extracts and compounds to be used in their all-natural skincare products. All products are vegetarian, and there is even a special line of products that are completely vegan.

Annemarie Borlind – Skincare With A Cause

The main philosophies of Annemarie Borlind place high emphasis on ecological and social responsibility, as the company does not support animal testing, child labor, or the utilization of endangered plant species in the production of their products. The company also supports projects worldwide to help provide jobs and opportunity to less fortunate communities. Such projects include an organic shea butter project in Mali that creates a fair livelihood for local families, “rose water and rose oil from Iran”, “aloe vera from Mexico”, “cupuaçu butter from Brazil” and “vegetable oil from Kenya”.

In addition to their dedication to social reform, the company also rejects the use of genetically modified raw materials in their products. The company continues to produce all products in their origin, the Black Forest, as a way to ensure quality and create jobs in the region. Another advantage to producing products in the Black Forest is the water. The Black Forest is home to the Walter Linder Well, which produces pure, very soft Black Forest deep spring water. Unlike normal tap water, this water is free of harmful elements such as Chlorine, pesticides and herbicide residue. This natural and pure spring water is a major ingredient in Annemarie Borlind skincare products.

Where To Buy Annemarie Borlind Products

Annemarie Borlind products are available both on the website,, and on various online retailers such as Amazon and iHerb. Products are priced a little above average for a specialty skincare line with most starting around $35-40 and some priced over $80. Products may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or within 120 of purchase for a store credit. There is no information on the website regarding qualifications for returns.

Major Benefits and Advantages

The social and ecological aspect behind Annemarie Borlind is the most fascinating advantage to purchasing products from the company. The brand focuses on providing the most natural, effective skincare products using the most effective ingredients in the world. This is not a new trend in skincare, however Annemarie Borlind stands out by also focusing on the social responsibility aspect of producing skincare.

The company supports various projects in the production of their skincare line to ensure jobs are created in countries where they are desperately needed. In addition, Annemarie Borlind does not support child labor, unsatisfactory working conditions, or unfair pay. Although product efficacy is, of course, important when choosing a skincare line, social and ecological responsibility are equally as significant.

Purchasing a product from Annemarie Borlind allows customers to indirectly support the causes that the company stands for. Choosing to buy from Annemarie Borlind, as opposed to a mainstream skincare company, is also a choice to support social and ecological welfare. Now more than ever, people are looking for new ways to support the causes they believe in, and Annemarie Borlind gives customers that option.

Downsides And Lack Of Evidence

The main downside to Annemarie Borlind is the lack of scientific data on the website to back up the claims of its products. While the website does include various graphs and charts to help customers understand how products will work, none of the data is backed up by clinical trials or scientific evidence. So while the information is helpful and appealing to new customers, it is difficult to assess whether the products are actually as effective as they claim to be.

Annamarie Borlind Review Summary

Although there is a lack of evidence proving the effectiveness of Annamarie’s products, the effort the company puts forth to support social and ecological reform is far from typical for a skincare brand and is definitely worth noting.

Furthermore, most reviews for the products online are average to above average, suggesting that the products are at least worth a try. In addition to the various rewards the company has received over the years as an outstanding skincare brand, the company continues to grow in popularity, suggesting that Annemarie Borlind will definitely remain a major competitor in holistic skincare.

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