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Five Best for expression lines

Five Best for expression lines

Expression lines are a natural sign of aging and show – to quote the great, late Leonard Cohen – that we have laughed and cried and laughed all over again. They are also, less poetically, the result of squinting, frowning and pursing. There’s some complex muscular and synapse activity that goes into all this.

A super lipid, called a vesicle, releases a neurotransmitter to the synapses, sending a signal for the muscle to move. Three proteins, called the SNARE complex, are essential for the final stages of this process, which is known as exocytosis. A family of neuropeptides that can be found in our anti-aging beauty products intervene in this process in ways that have become increasingly effective.

I’ve become a recent convert to these ingredients and have been discovering new products that feature them. For the very first time in the history of Truth In Aging, I am giving my Five Best for expression lines recommendations.

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