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New Man Revolution – Manpoo Shampoo & Beard Oils?

New Man Revolution Manpoo is a high-quality men’s body care product line that focuses on natural ingredients and craftsmanship. Find out everything you need to know about “NMR” today in our review and see if they offer the perfect blend of old school ruggedness with modern appreciation for style, intelligence and grace for guys.

What is New Man Revolution?

New Man Revolution describes itself as a maker of “craft men’s body care products”. The company makes shampoos and beard oils (and likely will release more men’s body care products in the future). Each product is designed to represent “a new definition of manliness.”

In the eyes of “NMR”, modern manliness is best described as “the perfect blend of old school ruggedness and the new age appreciation of style and intelligence.”

The company was launched by three co-founders, one of whom is a Thunderbird pilot and the other is an F-15E weapons systems officer (the third is an entrepreneur). 10% of the company’s online sales profits go towards charities like America’s Vet Dogs and the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

What kind of products does New Man Revolution sell? Should you buy their beardcare health products? Let’s take a closer look at each product offered by the company.

New Man Revolution Products

New Man Revolution currently has a selection of four products available for sale, including two shampoos and two beard oils. Here are all of the products:


New Man Revolution describes its shampoo as “manpoo”. It comes in two varieties and one double pack, including:

-Firm Handshake Manpoo (8.5oz): $10.99

-Going Commando Manpoo (8.5oz): $10.99

-Firm Handshake & Going Commando Manpoo (2 x 8.5oz): $19.99

Both shampoos are sulfate/paraben free and contain no artificial fragrance. They’re also both made from plant-based ingredients.

The Going Commando Manpoo is designed to recreate the feel of a refreshing steam room, explains the online product description. It uses ingredients like spearmint and eucalyptus oil blended with other plant-based ingredients. New Man Revolution describes it as “your own private steam room every time you shower”.

Meanwhile, the Firm Handshake Manpoo is a combination of tea tree and cedarwood, smoothed out with peppermint essential oil and other plant-based ingredients. The end result is a refreshingly clean feel. New Man Revolution describes it as their “boldest blend”, which is why they called it Firm Handshake.

Beard Oils

The other two New Man Revolution products are both beard oils. Here’s how prices break down:

-Lumberjack Beard Oil (1oz): $15.99

-Smokejumper Beard Oil (1oz): $15.99

Both beard oils are made from 100% natural ingredients. They promise to keep your beard soft, luscious, and itch-free while giving it a manly scent.

The Lumberjack Beard Oil is based on sandalwood. In some cultures, sandalwood was used as an oil to calm the mind. In addition to sandalwood, Lumberjack contains avocado, jojoba, and castor oil to moisturize and strengthen your beard. Avocado and jojoba oils are considered quick drying oils, which means they won’t leave your hands feeling sticky and oily after use.

The Smokejumper Beard Oil, on the other hand, is designed to be “refreshing and inviting but not overpowering”, explains the team behind New Man Revolution. The scent is based on tea tree and then smoothed out using bergamot, pine, and other natural oils. Once again, you get quick drying oils like jojoba and avocado so your hands aren’t left feeling oily and sticky after application.

About New Man Revolution

New Man Revolution is a Boise, Idaho company that first started making headlines in May 2016, when they launched a Kickstarter campaign. The company reached 100% financing on June 5, just hours before their fundraiser closed. Backers of that Kickstarter started receiving their Manpoos in October 2016.

The company appears to have been founded back in September 2014, which is when its websites and social media profiles started to be registered.

The company’s three co-founders include Ryan, who co-founded NMR “because he wanted a daily reminder of what it means to be a man”. Ryan is a Thunderbird pilot, outdoor enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Co-founder Eric is a Texan “with a strong entrepreneurial spirit”, explains the official website. And Dale works for the Idaho National Guard in Boise as an Air Liaison Officer and F-15E weapon systems officer.

One of the company’s key goals is to give back to their community and support veterans. 10% of the company’s online sales profits go towards veterans’ organizations, including America’s Vet Dogs, which provides service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD.

You can get in touch with the company using the online form here.

Should You Buy New Man Revolution Products?

New Man Revolution is an Idaho-based startup company that currently sells two beard oils and two “manpoo” shampoo products. The company’s products aim to embrace the modern man, which is someone who has old-timey ruggedness and modern style – or something like that, according to the official website. You can also check out other men’s beard care hair health products like Beardilizer or Monster Beard Care as alternative options.

The products are more reasonably-priced than most other men’s body care products we’ve seen online. They’re also made from natural ingredients and feature pleasing, outdoorsy scents (most of which come from natural oils). For further beard hair growth reading, check out Dollar Beard Club and beard combs.

To learn more about New Man Revolution, visit the company online today at NewManRevolution.com.

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