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Yes You Can! Diet Plan – Healthy Fat Burning Recipes To Try?

As obesity rates continue to rise, more and more people are turning to extreme diet plans in an effort to shed pounds quickly.

Despite the unrealistic claims, many still fall victim to false advertising and soon discover that most diet plans are not as they seem. After researching and trying countless methods, many see their weight eventually rebound, causing frustration and disappointment.

The Yes You Can! Diet Plan is a scientifically supported, comprehensive, diet and nutrition plan that offers a fun, easy, and affordable way to lose weight in a healthy way.

Unlike other diet programs, Yes You Can! is a balanced diet plan that is aimed at teaching users the knowledge needed to achieve quick and long lasting weight loss. Safe and effective, Yes You Can! is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight and improve quality of life.

About Yes You Can!

Although diet trends can sounds appealing and convincing, many of them are ineffective and often harmful. Unlike other programs, Yes You Can! delivers on its promises.

Yes You Can! was founded by Alejandro Chabàn, a famous Hispanic celebrity who battled with bulimia, anorexia, and obesity before finding his way to healthy living through emotional counseling and proper nutrition.

With a history of bad eating habits, Alejandro weighed over 300 pounds at the age of 15. Wanting to inspire others with his story, he became an advocate to help others adopt a permanent and healthy diet plan.

Built around his personal experience, Alejandro became a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, motivating others to follow in his footsteps.

Complete meal replacements, the Yes You Can! Diet Plan uses four different supplements: Collagen, Appetite Suppressant, Fat Burner, and Colon Cleanser.

Each supplement should be taken once a day, with breakfast being the ideal time. Each supplement helps to improve overall health by improving metabolic function and other aspects of weight loss.

How Yes You Can! Works

The Yes You Can! Diet Plan was designed with the goal of helping people lose at least three to four pounds every weak without having to use food restrictions our consume pre-packaged foods.

In order to achieve this, the Yes You Can! Diet Plan is made up of four main pillars: nutrition, emotional health, movement, and supplements.

The first pillar, nutrition, is intended to introduce users to the program by teaching them how to control food portions, what food they consume, and when to eat them.

By implementing a “traffic light guide”, Yes You Can! teaches the importance of balanced nutrition.

The traffic light guide symbolizes that green food can be consumed as much as desired by the individual, yellow food should be consumed with less frequency, and red food should avoided all together.

By allowing users to personalize their diet plans in order to fit their lifestyle needs, the options are based on personal preferences, allowing them to improve overall health and weight loss goals.

The second pillar, emotional health, is arguably the most important aspect of the Yes You Can! Diet Plan. Although nutrition needs are essential for living a healthy life, emotions also need to be explored and nourished.

Guided by diet coaches, Yes You Can! helps people learn to love and understand themselves through the diet journey.

Implementing the importance of the mind, body connection, the diet coaches are trained to provide users with feedback, guidance, answers to any questions that they may have, and any type of support that they need to stay motivated and positive.

The third pillar in the Yes You Can! Diet Plan is movement. By supplementing a healthy diet with regular exercise, the diet plan offers easy, fun, and effective exercises that are guaranteed to burn calories and achieve weight loss goals.

Focusing on consistency rather than intensity, the plan does not require extensive gym time or rigorous training. Yes You Can! A believes that a little movement goes a long way and that the goal is to move as much as possible in order to maximize results.

The fourth and final pillar is the Yes You Can! supplements. The diet plan offers users a diverse selection of proprietary nutritional supplements that are designed to support weight loss goals and improve overall health.

Designed for successes, the plan offers individuals with all the tools needed to transform their lives.

Ingredients in Yes You Can!

As mentioned previously, the Yes You Can! Diet Pill Kit contains four different weight loss supplements that are designed to be taken together over the course of a month.

With each supplement containing its unique properties, one is a fat burner, another is a collagen pill, and the other two are an appetite suppressant and a colon cleanser detox pill.

Taken once a day, the supplements and their corresponding ingredients are listed below.

Fat Burner

Vitamin B6: Used to make the body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food.

Chitosan: A type of fiber that is extracted from the shells of crustaceans such as lobster and crabs. Research shows that it blocks the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol.

Uva Ursi: Commonly used to treat constipation, it also helps tissue condition.

Psyllium: This ingredient is also used to treat constipation.

Spirulina: An algae high in iodine, it allows the body to adequately function the thyroid, which helps to regulate weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar: It has been used in medicine for centuries, due to the belief that it aids weight loss.

Papaya: Supports weight loss by speeding up metabolic function.

L-Carnitine: Used to improve fat oxidation.

Collagen Pill

Collagen: Supplementing the body with collagen has shown to improve skin health by improving skin texture and firmness.

Gotu Kola: A powerful herb that increases collagen production in the body.

Appetite Suppressant

5HTP: Boosts mood, increases energy levels and suppresses apetite.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is naturally present in many foods. It has several roles, including aiding in releasing energy from consumed food, and keeping the nervous system healthy.

Chamomile Extract: Used as an appetite suppressant, whilst others use it to stimulate appetite.

GABA: A chemical that is produced in the brain naturally, it is responsible for burning fat.

Detox Cleanser

Psyllium: A laxative used to treat constipation.

Fennel: Functions as a laxative by relaxing the colon.

Licorice: Aids weight loss.

Rhubarb: Used to treat a range of digestive complaints, including making bowel movements easier to pass.

Ginger: An appetite suppressant.

Cascara Sagrada Extract: This plant is used as a laxative.

Goldenseal Extract: Used to treat digestive disorders including stomach pain and swelling, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, and intestinal gas. It may help minimize side effects caused by the colon cleanser.

Purchasing Yes You Can!

Yes You Can! products can be purchased from their website ( Customers can sign up for a recurring order, automatically choosing to have an order ship every month on the same date. Each bottle contains enough capsules for a month’s supply (30 tablets).

The purchasing options and prices for Yes You Can! are below.

Transform Kit: On The Go 60 – $283.79

Transform Kit: On The Go 30 – $198.88

Transform Kit: Food Lover 60 – $227.59

Transform Kit: Food Lover 30 – $165.79

Transform Supplement Kit – $89.99

Slim Down – $23.99

Appetite Support – $26.99

Complete Whey Protein – Chocolate Brownie – $73.79

Complete Whey Protein – Vanilla – $73.79

Complete Whey Protein – Cappuccino – $73.79

Complete Whey Protein – Kiwi Berry – $73.79

Complete Meal Replacement – Chocolate – $106.89

Complete Meal Replacement – Vanilla – $106.89

Complete Meal Replacement – Coffee – $106.89

Complete Meal Replacement – Strawberry – $106.89

All four Yes You Can! supplements can be purchased as a kit or individual bottles.

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