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Biolayne – Get Ultra Fit With Guidance From A Pro PowerLifter?

Biolayne is a website that is dedicated to helping you get fit. The website is primarily focused around bodybuilders. Read this review to find out about Biolayne today!

What is Biolayne?

Biolayne is one of the most comprehensive websites on getting in shape. They cover everything from diets to workouts. There are a ton of pages, videos and downloads you can use for your own information gathering.

Along with readable information, they offer comprehensive, live web cast to help with Q&A and to breakthrough your plateaus. You can learn about aspects of diets like intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets and carb cycling. You’ll also be able to go on the website and find nutritious diets that are healthy and suitable for your needs.

The website is run by top, professional athletes and looks like it has everything a person needs from an information stand point, to get in shape. They answer timeless questions about protein and carbs. And teach you how to create diets that are realistic and sustainable. One thing about the website that is very attractive, is it is not full of a bunch of hype. There are also no fluff or filler posts, and it doesn’t have an unreal amount of advertisements. It would seem that the website is completely legit and dedicated to helping you grow.

They also offer podcasts so you can learn about fitness while you are driving, working out or doing just about anything else. To get the full experience of Biolayne, you will have to be a member.

How Can I Use Biolayne?

You can use Biolayne for several purposes. One you can speak directly with top athletes in their respected field. Primarily it is based around weight lifting and body building. But they do bring in outside sources from time to time. Layne is one of the top trainers in the world.

So this is an excellent site for beginners, novices, experts and professionals alike. They designed it so you can go to one source for all of your information. One of the hardest things to deal with when achieving high levels of fitness, is determining who to listen to. Layne could be one of the people you resonate with, and there for will learn from in a healthy way.

If you struggle with gains, weight loss and general knowledge about fitness and health, this could be the site for you. If you have a specific training style, it would be best to research and see who the best athlete to follow would be for you. Biolayne definitely offer a very comprehensive package for a great price.

If you’re genuinely looking to take your health to the next level, you can follow the instructions on the website. You’ll be able to create a full blown workout routine, health diet and get the training you need to complete it. Plus, you’ll have instant access to trainers who you can personally ask question to when you need help. For beginners this would be a great way to get working out fast, and not get stuck in all the gimmicks that are found all over the internet.

What Products do they Sell On Biolayne?

They mainly sell Biolayne clothing for working out. They also have the monthly, upgraded subscription plan for $14.99. With the plan there is no contract and you can cancel at any time. The membership includes a lot of extra items.

You get content that is exclusive to paid members. Primarily it is content created by Layne and other professionals to help your breakthrough to the next level. They claim the information they provide is not available any anywhere else. They say with their knowledge; you can take it to the next level.

There are also a series of videos for training purposes. They will teach you how to properly lift so you can be more effective and not hurt yourself. Monthly webinars are also included in the paid member’s area and they are said to be as good as Layne’s private seminars. You can get the same experience of working with Layne, except from the privacy of your home.

Along with the monthly webinars, you can count on live training events. You can go to live events and train directly with Layne and other members. And lastly they provide live, video, Q&A. You submit questions and Layne will answer them. They are exclusively for paid members only.

Besides interviews with Layne. They also bring in outside experts to help answer any questions and provide you with training. They are the best in their fields and you can watch them on live interviews when you are a member.

What Do Users Say About Biolayne?

There are a ton of videos on the website and content created by users. From looking into it, it seems people like the website because it isn’t full of spam or false advertising. They do not claim to have any get fit quick schemes. They promote natural, healthy exercise and fitness. Plus, they promote healthy diets, optimal recovery and rest and claim they will show you how to achieve all of these things with their training.


  • All real and no spam
  • A lot of useful information
  • A good place to start


  • Not sure how qualified everyone on the website is
  • Will take a lot of determination and dedication

Biolayne Review Summary

If you are looking for a real workout regiment, that is full of all the training you need. And if you’ve tried other programs but have failed, then Biolayne may be the right website for you to check out. So final verdict, yes. Give Biolayne a try, it’s only $14.99 a month and there are no contracts.

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