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Kama Sutra Male Enhancement – Natural Ingredients For Men?

Kama Sutra is a male enhancement supplement that helps men achieve greater blood flow and improve their performance and experience in the bedroom. This formula features plenty of ingredients that contribute to helping you have the best sexual experiences of your life.

What is Kama Sutra Male Enhancement?

Sexual intercourse is a major part of any relationship, making the difference between constant fighting and peaceful togetherness. However, the blame and shame often falls on the man, when you can’t seem to do anything to become aroused enough for activities. These issues become much more significant and problematic as you get older and are unable produce the same amount of testosterone as you did when you were younger. By choosing to use Kama Sutra, you don’t have to keep this burden on your shoulders.

Kama Sutra is a herbal male enhancement formula that uses the properties of natural ingredients to improve your sex life. This formula is meant to help in all areas of your manhood, helping you to achieve and maintain the proper blood flow that you need. If you keep up with consistent use of this formula, you may be able to experience:

  • Stronger erections at a moment’s notice
  • Less or no premature endings
  • Better orgasms for both you and your partner
  • A thicker and longer penis

These promises are usually only found in a prescription medication, like Viagra. Viagra works to improve the blood flow in your penis, making it possible to achieve an erection easily while supporting your cardiovascular system. However, this formula puts you at risk for developing a painful and rigid erection that can only be relieved by draining the trapped blood in an emergency room visit. When you choose Kama Sutra Male Enhancement formula instead, you can support your health with natural ingredients that won’t put you at risk.

How Does Kama Sutra Work?

The reason that Kama Sutra is effective is due to the inclusion of the different ingredients. Each ingredient has played a significant role in other supplements, supporting healthy erections and an improved libido.

Some of these ingredients include:

  • Zinc oxide, to prevent bacteria and viruses from making you ill while combating erectile dysfunction
  • Tongkat Ali root powder, to improve your muscle mass and increase your sperm count
  • Maca root, which acts as an aphrodisiac
  • L-Arginine HCI, which converts into nitric oxide
  • Panax ginseng root extract, to improve your ability to become aroused
  • Eleutheroccus senticosus root powder, to increase your sex drive while promoting fertility
  • Sarsaparilla root powder, to maintain your erection and arousal
  • Pumpkin seed powder, to improve your libido
  • Muira Puama bark, which improves your libido, erection strength, fertility, and stamina
  • Oat straw extract, to improve your heart and cardiovascular system
  • Nettle leaf, to increase your desire to engage in sex
  • Oyster extract, which is known for its role as an aphrodisiac.

With so many different abilities, it’s easy to understand why each one of these formulas is essential.

Using Kama Sutra

The website doesn’t give much information about the directions for using this formula. However, you will learn that a single serving is two capsules, which should be all you need to gain the amazing benefits of Kama Sutra.

Pricing for Kama Sutra

Unlike similar supplements that are offered to consumers, you don’t have to endure a trial period or pay in installments for Kama Sutra. Instead, you just have to cover the $89.00 charge for the supplement and the $8.99 fee for shipping and handling. You will receive enough of the supplement for a month’s worth of the capsules.

Your purchase is covered by a 30-day warranty. You have up to a month to return the unused portion of the product for a full refund, but the actual execution of the reimbursement will depend on the customer service team for Kama Sutra.

Contacting the Creators of Kama Sutra

The website appears to still be in the process of updating, which means that there is a lot of information that is not available on the website. For that reason, you may want to speak with the customer service team via phone or email to find out more.

To reach the phone-based team, you can call 631-242-1095. The website doesn’t indicate what days the department is open, but the hours of operation are from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. You also send an email, which should be addressed to info@kama-sutra.us.


Kama Sutra focuses on improving an area of your life that can be difficult to discuss with others. Even if you have discussed it with your doctor, choosing a supplement is exponentially safer to use over time. Men over the age of 40 will probably be the most likely buyers, since your drop-in testosterone is the biggest culprit of your sexual disadvantages. This treatment makes it possible for you to forget about how old you are while reminding your sex drive what it was like to be young.

If you are already using Viagra or another prescription from your doctor, you should discuss your desire to switch to Kama Sutra. Your doctor will be able to educate you on the best way to smoothly transition.

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