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The Vegan Miracle – Marie Duboule’s Simple Veganism Guide?

The Vegan Miracle is a downloadable eBook available through Clickbank and Find out the truth behind this miraculous book today in our review.

What is The Vegan Miracle?

The Vegan Miracle calls itself a “everything you need to change your life”. The book, as you probably guessed from the title, will teach you the benefits and values of a vegan lifestyle. Then, it will give you practical advice on how to adopt that vegan lifestyle in your everyday life.

The book was written by a woman named Marie Duboule. Marie claims that after she adopted a vegan lifestyle, she got happier and more organized and lost 30 pounds – all without losing her friends.

The Vegan Miracle is designed for those who have always been interested in veganism – but felt the lifestyle was too complicated or troublesome to pursue. The Vegan Miracle promises to simplify the process and give you a practical guide on how to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Okay, you get it. Now let’s take a look at the type of lessons you’ll learn in The Vegan Miracle eBook.

What Will You Learn in The Vegan Miracle?

The book is separated into a number of chapters and sections, including all of the following:

What’s Veganism?

-The Ethics: The Question of Speciesism

-A Way of Living: The Art of Kindness

-Your Health, Your Happiness

Raw Food

-Organic Food

-Famous Vegans and Vegetarians

How I Lost 30 Pounds Only By Going Vegan

-My Story

-Step One: Vegetarianism

-The Switch to Veganism

-My Health: Before and After

The Basics of the Vegan Diet

-Six Rules for the Ultimate Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

-Don’t You Lack Protein? The Athlete’s Example

-The Everyday Lifestyle: What to Eat in the Morning and Evening

-How to Organize your Kitchen

-Feel Like You Need a Fresh Start this Month? Fasting and Juicing

-The Perfect Tips to Make it Easier and Easier


The Social Aspect

-How to Explain the Vegan Diet to your Friends and Family

-Dealing with Criticism

-When You Go Out

-Our Little Contradictions

A Little Help for a Start

-The References to Help You on your Journey

-The Vegan Miracle Everyday Life Basic Cookbook

As you can see, The Vegan Miracle contains everything you need to kickstart your vegan lifestyle. You can find hundreds of vegan recipe books on the internet – but it’s harder to find a complete guide to adopting veganism. With The Vegan Miracle, you can learn exactly how to be vegan, how to deal with the social stigma (if any) of being vegan, and how to change your kitchen to maximize your vegan lifestyle.

It’s a complete, step-by-step guide to becoming a responsible vegan.

The Vegan Miracle Pricing

The Vegan Miracle is available online for €20 ($22 USD). Clickbank will convert that amount into any currency you wish. You can pay online through VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal.

After you’ve purchased The Vegan Miracle, the eBook will be delivered to your inbox immediately. There’s no physical version of The Vegan Miracle. However, after you’ve received the PDF file in your inbox, you’ll be free to download it, print it, or transfer it to other electronic devices like tablets and smartphones.

Who is Marie Duboule?

Marie Duboule is listed as the author of The Vegan Miracle. A quick Google Search doesn’t reveal much information about her (aside from her Couch-surfing profile). However, the official Vegan Miracle website has a brief bio.

Marie was born in Geneva, Switzerland and was raised in both Geneva and Paris. She studied French literature and Japanese language before going on a two year journey through Japan, Brazil, and Peru, explains the official website.

While traveling, she discovered that her true passions were yoga and meditations. She trains with Yoga7 in Geneva and currently works with people – and kids – in her city to promote a happy, vegan, meditative lifestyle.

You can read Marie’s official bio here:

Should You Buy The Vegan Miracle?

There are millions of people in the world who have heard about veganism and been interested in its practices – but just don’t know where to start. The Vegan Miracle is written exactly for those people. The Vegan Miracle walks you through every step of becoming vegan – including major things like the rules you should follow, and smaller things like how you can explain it to your friends.

If you’re interested in veganism but had no idea how to start practicing, then The Vegan Miracle may be worth the €20 price tag.

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