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Total Eclipse Assure Detox – Lab Tested Toxin Removal System?

A New Detox

Health should be paramount in everyone’s life. Without it, nothing else is remotely possible.

There’s no dream job without health. Nor is there a lasting soulmate or a life a travel or whatever else people desire nowadays.

With this in the forefront of the mind it’s hard to see why most people don’t take matters of their healthy seriously. It seems that no one is interested in taking the steps necessary to ensure everything in their body is running as it should.

It is completely illogical.

There’s so many products and services available that will help people get their health on track and even prolong their life.

The numbers at which these products are made available is staggering and if people would just look they’ll find an answer to their health problems.

Because of this, the attention must be brought to a product that makes for a good start on this health train.

It stands to reason that before people can start getting healthy, they must first start a process of correcting the damage that has already been done.

This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the most popular ways is to undergo a detox.

This product can potentially help people to do just that.

Why Should People Detox?

Before people start to look at different products and determine whether or not they work, they must first understand why a detox is needed in the first place.

This is because although many people have heard of detoxes and maybe even tried a few, not many people understand why or how they work.

When food is consumed, the body extracts all of the essential nutrients contained in the food and leaves the left over waste and toxins for the body to take care of.

The only way to ensure long-term health is maintained is to occasionally remove all of the built up waste from the body so that it may continue to operate efficiently.

Many different types of detoxes exist any they all have a special function. Some detoxes cleans out the liver while others can do the same for the kidneys. Some are highly specific in what they target and others offer a more shotgun approach.

No matter the cleanse, they all work to rid the body of any foreign toxins that can negatively impact the health of individuals.

Because Detoxes are so readily available, one must proceed with caution when selecting one to use.

This is because many people market products as if they are detoxes when really they are just laxatives.

One major way to differentiate an actual detox with a product that simply a laxative is to monitor how one feels after taking the product.

Detoxes are supposed to make people feel amazing after they are used. Laxatives simply rid the body of waste, which causes a feeling of emptiness.

If the detox is true, a number of benefits can be enjoyed. They are but not limited to:

-Less Toxins in the body

-Boost in the immune system


Increased Energy

-Increased skin quality

-Mental and emotional clarity

-Balance within the body

A detox will prime the body to be in a state of optimal health. Once experienced, it’s hard to forget all of the benefits that it produced.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox

One Detox available to consumer is the Total Eclipse Assure Detox which is offered by GNC.

GNC is loved and hated in the fitness community since they tend to carry products without verifying whether or not they work. This may have truth to it, but it’s not to say none of their products are effective.

If people choose to purchase their products, a little bit of discernment is necessary.

This detox isn’t of the specialized sort. Total Eclipse is more a full body detox that users can take if the aim to restart their entire system.

The makers of Total Eclipse claim that this product is especially helpful for people who have a large amount of toxins in their body. This gives the product a more extreme feel, meaning that mainly people who have a good deal of toxins should be taking it.

One of the major selling points of this product is how convenient it is to take. All people have to do is shake the container and drink.

It’s that simple.

This makes it extremely different from a number of other detoxes which have multiple steps to consumption.

There’s not much info related to the product on the site, which is where discernment comes in.

The best way to determine whether or not this product works is to take a look at the ingredients.

Total Eclipse contains some key ingredients that increases the likelihood that it’s a worthwhile detox.

These ingredients include, but aren’t limited to Papain, Psyllium Seed Husks, Licorice Root Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric Root Extract, and Guarana Seed Extract.

The above ingredients are found in a number of other detoxes, which basically confirms the effectiveness of Total Eclipse.


The Total Eclipse Detox seems to be a good way to a healthy way of living. Even if people have tried a detox in the past, it is still good to try out different ones since they may have different benefits to the body.

This product contains all of the right ingredients and is easy enough to take that it won’t cause any additional daily tasks.

All-in-all, it seems to be a solid product.  For more options by Total Eclipse, check out their Total Eclipse Rely Detox and the Assure Detox Strawberry Mango options!

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