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Livrelief – Effective Fast Topical Pain Relief Cream?

Whether you are young or old, you may be familiar with bouts of daily pain, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Pain comes in many forms, but the most common is general pain and the pain that impacts your nerves. While you may have a tendency to try pain killers or other pain relief pills, the performance of these products only goes so far.

In many cases, the oral pain medications only reach certain parts of your body and fail to get to the source of the issue.

The alternative option is to try a new brain on the market called LivRelief, which offers you two different topical creams: LivRelief Pain Relief Cream and LivRelief Nerve Pain Relief. These products work well to provide you fast and targeted relief.

What is LivRelief?

LivRelief is a relatively new brand on the market whose products features over 90% natural ingredients that are able to deeply penetrate your skin surface and provide you with targeted and clear pain relief.

The formulas are backed by years of scientific research and clinical trials so that you can feel confident in the product’s performance when you apply it to your own skin.

The two different product options that the brand has to offer and that this review will delve into are the brand’s Pain Relief Cream and Nerve Pain Relief. With these ultra-powerful solutions, you can achieve the support that you need to live a comfortable and fulling lifestyle.

The Developer of LivRelief Creams

LivRelief creams were developed by Dr. Joseph Gabriele, an assistant professor working at MacMaster University. Much of his research dealt with proteins and how to use those proteins to diagnose Parkinson’s disease.

After rounds of pills that were not working, Dr. Gabriele decided to develop a safe, easy, and natural option that would absorb through her skin and provide her with the support that she needed.

After years of research and studies, Dr. Gabriel develop LivRelief and now, it is finally available on the market to use by everyone who suffers from debilitating pain.

Delivra: The Active Formula

The active ingredient in both formulas is called Delivra. This compound is a scientifically advanced delivery system that is comprised of all-natural compounds.

Once applied to your skin through the skin, it targets the specific area of pain and it permeates deep into the tissues to provide you with long-term relief.

No other product on the market provides you with the same support and benefits that Delivra does. With these products, you truly are getting a unique system with its distinctive molecules that are able to eliminate a range of different pain levels.

Clinically Proven to Work

According to the brand, both Liv Relief Pain Relief Cream and Nerve Relief Pain have been clinically tested and to work. There are two recent clinical trials that provide you with insight into the performance of these formulas and their Delivra base.

  • The first clinical trial is LivRelief Retrospective Clinical Trial. This trial was performed in Canada on participants experiencing severe joint pain. For the duration of the study, the participants applied the cream to their skin and experienced a 57% to 75% reduction in their level of pain. Keep in mind that in this clinical trial, the reduction in pain arose during consistent use.
  • The second clinical trial is LivRelief’s Double Blind Placebo Joint Study, which also took place in Canada. During this trial, the patients exhibited a 44% reduction in pain, a 65% increase in mobility, and an improvement of quality of life by 59%. With these results, the patients were able to experience an overall enhancement in their well-being and satisfaction with the product’s performance.

LivRelief Treats a Range of Pain

When choosing a pain relief product, it is important to consider just what the product works to combat against. In this case, both formulas focus on targeting and fully eliminating the following types of pain:

  • Joint Pain

    Joint pain is treated by LivRelief Pain Relief Cream. It works on mild to severe joint pain and it eliminates it for a continuous duration of time, so long as you apply the product regularly and keep up with your health routine. By getting rid of joint pain, you can live a more comfortable, mobile, and active lifestyle.

  • Inflammation

    Inflammation usually accompanies joint pain and fortunately, this cream works to serious mitigate inflammation levels for fast relief. By finally getting rid of inflammation, you can restore your mobility and regular functioning.

  • Nerve Pain

    If you are interested in treating nerve pain, then you need to use LivRelief Nerve Pain Relief. This formula specifically targets nerve pain and works to provide you with fast and temporary relief. Better yet, the formula treats all kinds of nerve pain, regardless of whether it arises out of diabetes, shingles, or sciatica.

As you can tell, LivRelief treats various types of pain. By using a product for all types of pain, you can achieve the support that you need for a more comfortable and improved lifestyle.

Easy to Apply

A final advantage to both of these formulas is that they are very easy to apply. As a topical cream, all you need to do is to lather it onto your skin surface and allow the formula to provide you with the benefits that it has to offer.

According to the brand, it usually takes about 5 to 10 minute for you to notice results and the pain relief lasts for about a few hours. Once you start experiencing pain again, you can reapply the cream.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in LivRelief’s products, then you can purchase them through the brand’s website. Both are fairly priced and the payment system is safe and secure.

Once you order, they will be shipped straight to your door. Liv Relief Nerve Relief Cream is priced at $24.99, while LivRelief Pain Cream is priced at $18.99.


Overall, if you are looking for long-lasting, quick, and effective pain relief for either nerve pain or general pain, then you may want to try LivRelief’s Pain Relief products.

The formulas are clinically proven to work and they provide you with the support that you need for amazing results. To order, visit the brand’s website today.

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