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Burger Express – Silicone Tray For Perfectly Shaped Hamburgers?

The burger has been a culinary standby of the human race since it’s invention. The origins of the burger are a controversial topic of discussion, but most sources point to the etymological roots of the burger beginning in the German city of Hamburg at the beginning of the 20th century.

While the name of the burger has European origins, general consensus points to the burger as uniquely American invention, with the first documented reference to the food we know as the modern hamburger published in an 1884 edition of the Boston Journal.

The oldest culinary reference to the burger is found in the menu of a then-popular Lower Manhattan restaurant called Delmonico’s, offering an 11-cent “Hamburg Steak” created by American chef Charles Ranhofer.

White Castle was the first major vendor of hamburgers in the world, followed by Big Boy, McDonalds, and then Wendys. McDonald’s is now the largest retailer of burgers in the world, attesting to the global popularity of the burger.

Despite the controversy around the origins of the burger, cheeseburger or hamburger, the burger is perceived globally to be the defining feature of traditional American cuisine and is synonymous with the United States in the culinary zeitgeist.

Defined as a meat patty held between two buns with trimming such as onion, lettuce, ketchup, cheese, mustard and pickles, the burger exploded in popularity around the world partly due to the industrialization of the food preparation process and a lack of food preparation time in the modern family.

With popular burger chain McDonald’s selling one burger every 75 seconds, with a total of 300 billion burgers made and sold in total, the burger is arguably the most popular foodstuff in the world.

Burger Express is a popular New Jersey restaurant that focuses on creating high quality and delicious burgers, with an extensive menu consisting of a wide range of burgers and fast food.

Founded by restaurateur Eric Adams and located on Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, Burger Express has a reputation for delivering traditional American cuisine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In this article we’ll provide a review of the Burger Express menu and penetrate through the hype to find out why Burger Express is making international waves in the world of burger cuisine.

About Burger Express

With over three decades of experience creating and serving traditional American burgers, fries and sides, Burger Express has recently moved locations to a larger building and now has an attached bar called “The Station”.

Founder Eric Adams has operated this family-owned business since the early 1980’s, receiving an endorsement from the Carteret Mayor.

With modernized design concepts creating an inviting and family-oriented atmosphere, Burger Express is a lynchpin of Roosevelt Avenue nightlife and boasts a full service bar, delivery service, private parking area, free wifi, outdoor seating, catering services and a drive through.

The launch of the Burger Express drive through service in the late 90’s was so popular with the local element that local law enforcement were required to attend the business in order to disperse a drive-through line that had extended beyond the grounds of the restaurant and into the motorway beyond, causing significant delays and traffic congestion.

The Station Tavern, located upstairs from Burger Express, is a dedicated gastropub and steakhouse with a four-star rating, offering a range of gourmet steak dishes and burgers with creative ingredients such as pulled pork, Taylor Ham, and Liquid Gold BBQ Sauce.

The Burger Express Menu

With all of their burger meals priced at under $10 USD, Burger express offer a cost effective and satisfying home-style alternative to other mainstream burger joints that lack atmosphere and personality. The most popular menu item, the Express Burger, consists of a burger with cheese, pickles, lettuce, onion, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, priced at $4.49 USD.

Other burgers deliver customized flavour sensations such as the Kaiser Burger, The Taylor Ham & Cheese, the Big Broiler, and the Iron Horse Burger.

The Cheese Fries offered by Burger Express have been a local favourite for over 30 years, combining delicious Taylor cheese melted over deep fried potato.

Burger Express also offer catering for parties, corporate events and more. The Burger Express economy catering package is priced at $45.10 for 25 pieces of freshly cooked fried chicken, 4 lbs of customizable salad, and 12 dinner rolls.

The catering plans range in scale all the way up to the Express Buffet, which consists of 40 pieces of fried chicken, 4 racks of baby back ribs, 120 pieces of small shrimp, 8 lbs of salad and 48 dinner rolls, perfect for a party of any size.

Family meal solutions are also available through preorder, offering flexible and satisfying meal solutions for quick, tasty and convenient family meals either in-house or at home.

Burger express offer a full range of burgers along with paninis and wraps, sandwiches, grilled cheese, kids meals, dinner packages including hot wings, shrimp baskets, fish & chips, and chicken and ribs, as well as fried chicken in scaling pricing packages.

Sides on offer at Burger Express include fries, cheese fries, beer battered onion rings, gravy fries, mozzarella sticks, coleslaw, salad, chilli, mac and cheese, and more.

Orders can be made in person at the Burger Express store, via a dedicated phone line ordering system, online through the Burger Express website, or through their 24 hour drive through service.

Burger Express accept all major credit cards and notably Apple Pay, which is beginning to become more prevalent in smaller family owned restaurants throughout New Jersey.

With an average four stars throughout major online restaurant review platforms like Yelp and Zomato, Burger Express is one of the highest rated fast food restaurants in the Carteret Area.

Burger Express Review Summary

Burger Express is a standout feature of the Carteret nightlife and cuisine and should be visited by anybody seeking to try traditional American home style burgers and fries.

If you’re looking for an authentic, delicious and competitively priced family owned burger restaurant with all the trimmings, Burger Express offers the definitive American Burger Experience.

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