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Tens Sunglasses Review – Healthy & Vibrant Life Filter Experience?

Tens Sunglasses are a lineup of trendy sunglasses that recently launched online. Priced at $75 to $100 a pair, Tens Sunglasses promise to “make life look better” through their filter lens. Here’s our review.

What Are Tens Sunglasses?

Tens Sunglasses, found online at TensLife.com, are a series of sunglasses that recently launched online.

The sunglasses have been featured in Wired, Vice, Time, and other major publications. They come with the slogan, “Our filter lens makes life look better” and “filter your world”.

You know how Instagram filters make your crappy iPhone photos look 10x better? Tens Sunglasses promise to offer similar benefit.

The founders reportedly came up with the idea for Tens Sunglasses during a trip through the Scottish Highlands, when they realized that life just looks better when viewed through Instagram-like filters. Here’s how the Scottish founders describe the discovery in an introductory video for the sunglasses:

“We got hooked on the contrast and the colors, dreaming of life and warm summer tones, not just in our photos, but in the real world, all year round. It was on this journey that we decided to bring this filter effect to reality, and we named them Tens.”

What Makes Tens Different?

Tens Sunglasses claim to make everyday life look and feel ten times better. Conventional sunglasses just darken the world around you, making it look bland and boring. Wouldn’t it look better if you viewed it through clarendon, gingham, Ludwig, sierra, Lo-Fi, hefe, or one of the other dozens of Instagram filters?

The sunglasses, if you haven’t already guessed, are called “tens” because they make your world look “ten times better”. That’s what makes them different.

The company uses the same signature lens in each pair of sunglasses. That lens is a Category 2 tinted lens featuring full UV400 protection that blocks 400% of harmful rays. The sunglasses aren’t polarized because their “perfect lens tint is not possible whilst being polarised”, explains the official website.

Tens Sunglasses Products

The Tens Sunglasses online store lists all of the following products:

  • Leon: $100
  • Taylor: $100
  • Bailey II: $100
  • Cruiser II: $100
  • Classic: $75
  • Compact: $75
  • Bailey: $100
  • Cruiser: $100
  • Mason: $100
  • Fairline: $100
  • Hunter: $50

Many of these sunglasses come with multiple style options – like “oyster shell” or “gold”.

Customers in the United States and Canada just need to add $10 shipping to the prices listed above. All orders ship from the company’s warehouse in the UK.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Tens Sunglasses?

The official Tens Sunglasses website claims they’ve sold the sunglasses in over 100 countries already. So what are people actually saying about these Scottish sunglasses? Here are some of the reviews we’ve found online:

-Reddit: One Reddit thread on /r/malefashionadvice was largely positive about the sunglasses. One reviewer said he had some of the originals and they’re his favorite sunglasses: “A few of my friends have them too and it’s funny how often someone will take them off and comment on how grey the day is.”

-Facebook: The Tens Sunglasses Facebook page has attracted nearly 40,000 likes at the time of writing. The company does not have a star rating on their page (the star system is reserved for businesses). However, many customers have posted reviews on their own, saying the sunglasses are a good-quality pair that block UV light.

Oddly enough, there aren’t many Tens Sunglasses reviews online outside of these two sources listed above. Most of the articles about Tens Sunglasses were published in 2014 when the company’s Indiegogo campaign just started. A number of other reviews are just promotions for the company’s recent Eurotrip contest or YouTube videos.

We’ll add more Tens Sunglasses reviews as they continue to be published online.

About Tens Sunglasses

As mentioned at the top of this review, Tens Sunglasses were imagined by three friends during a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. The three founders are all photographers who love adding rich, warm colors to their work. As the official Tens Sunglasses website explains, “it felt natural to bring this process to the real world”.

In May 2014, Tens Sunglasses launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Today, the sunglasses are available for anyone to purchase online through TensLife.com.

You can get in touch with the company using the email care@tens.co or business@tens.co (for business and press inquiries).

Should You Buy Tens Sunglasses?

Overall, Tens Sunglasses are trendy sunglasses that use an Instagram-like filter to brighten up your world. If you dislike how conventional sunglasses darken the world around you, then Tens Sunglasses might be exactly what you need.

The sunglasses are available to purchase online today for between $50 and $100 USD. Shipping is available around the world.

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