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Weelicious – Over 700 Stress-Free Healthy Family Food Recipes?

There is a high probability that the number one question being asked in America tonight is, “What’s for dinner?” Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that, with a little click of your mouse gave you access to more than 700 easy family recipes as well as cooking tips and secrets to make you a success in the kitchen?

We recently came across an online website that offers just that. Weelicious has easy to understand recipes for everything from baby food to unique school lunch ideas and may just be a site you want to bookmark for the next time you have no idea what to make for dinner.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at this company and see what they have to offer.

Weelicious Has More Than Recipes

For busy home cooks, recipes are just one part of getting a meal on the table. The Weelicious website has classes, books and a blog with helpful hints and tips that can make any chore in the kitchen easier to accomplish.

Another unique feature of the Weelicious website features recipes for making baby food at home. They don’t stop there, they also have recipes suited for toddlers, fun ideas for brunches and many videos demonstrating a particular recipe.

For moms trying to entice the picky eaters in the family, Weelicious offers a Happy Eating Club designed to help you end mealtime struggles and raise a happier eater. Membership includes specifically designed recipes, and helpful strategies to make meals a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

They also offer a weekly menu plan that includes easy and quick recipes for every night of the week, a shopping list prefilled to save you time and the ability to put something delicious and different on the table.

What Types Of Recipes Are On Weelicious?

Starting with the youngest in your family, Weelicious has a ton of recipes for when your baby is transitioning to solid foods and you want to give them homemade, nutritious baby food. Recipes like Roast Pear and Banana Puree or Spiced Carrot and Rice puree are just two of the many choices that Weelicious has compiled.

If you’re looking for something healthy and appropriate for the toddler in your family, Weelicious offers tempting choices like Dr. Seuss Eggs and Mediterranean Chopped Salad. Like almost every page on the Weelicious website, this one has a section devoted to tips and tricks for parents of adventuresome toddlers.

Healthy, quick and unique lunch ideas shared in the section Weelicious calls, School Lunches will have your kids thinking you just become the cool mom when you serve them Dark Chocolate Spelt Waffles or surprise them with Friday Night Pizza Party Lollipops.

Looking for something different and creative to bring your family to the table? Weelicious has gathered family recipes from numerous sources and quite of few of the recipes have a detailed video to show you step by step instructions. Add in all the tips, tricks, secrets, classes, blogs and books that Weelicious offers on their website, and your kitchen needs are covered.

Are Weelicious Recipes Healthy And Exciting?

When it’s time to figure out what to make for the next family meal, home cooks want recipes that are both healthy and exciting. There are so many recipes to choose from on the Weelicious website, but we found a few that looked over-the-top delicious.

  • Ham and cheese muffins
  • Greek-Israeli couscous salad
  • Chicken and wild rice casserole
  • Slow cooker chicken burritos
  • Cheesy turkey meatball bites
  • Broccoli cheese soup
  • Rice cooker mac and cheese
  • Japanese sticky chicken
  • Cedar plank salmon

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of recipes to choose from. Weelicious also offers special recipes for those with food allergies including gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie and sugar-free. So, no matter what your cooking needs or experience level, Weelicious has a recipe for that.

Food Education Made Fun

When looking around the Weelicious website, it was impressive that they offer so many helpful hints to cooking the best meal. Not only tips but education about food is included so that you have the right information at your fingertips to put a healthy, nutritious meal on the table that the entire family will want to eat.

Ever wondered how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg? They have you covered with step-by-step instructions that are often times on video allowing you to see how to make something instead of just reading about it.

Looking for ways to involve your kids in the kitchen while you cook? Weelicious has an entire section devoted to including your kids in the entire cooking process. This gives you more one on one time with your little ones while teaching them about food, nutrition, and cooking.

What Makes Weelicious Different From Other Recipe Sites?

It’s true that there are thousands of recipes sites online that will give you a quick recipe for dinner tonight, but Weelicious is more than just recipes. It’s an easy online resource for all your cooking questions, needs, and know-how.

From weekly meal planning to recipes designed for the entire family, Weelicious will help even new cooks to gain confidence and cook like a chef. With all the resources available at your fingertips, putting together a healthy meal has never been easier.

Weelicious Review Summary

Not everyone can cook like Martha Stewart, but with a little help from Weelicious, struggling to find easy, nutritious meals to serve your family just got a whole lot easier. With hundreds of tested recipes and easy video instruction, even the most beginner of cooks will be able to make a meal that their family will love.

For moms, dads and busy home cooks, Weelicious offers tips and secrets to make meal planning, preparation and presentation a breeze. They also offer books, classes and informational blogs that will help you to keep your entire family happy. The weekly menu planner and Happy Eating Club are time savers and sanity keepers when it comes to getting that picky eater to clean their plate.

The only thing missing is food. But, Weelicious will allow you to print out your grocery list filled with all the ingredients you need to have to make a delicious, nutritious meal.

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