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Bourjois Paris – Quality Beauty & Makeup Product Line?

With the cosmetics world being so vast and cluttered, one is hard-pressed to find a cosmetic brand that has an all-around advantage. Low prices, quality products, and a proven track-record are a few of the things any shopper would be looking for. The cosmetics shopper is no different in seeking these advantages.

Standing out in a vast crowd of cosmetics companies, Bourjois Paris is one of the few that has such rich history and time-tested quality of merchandise. However, some important details on this brand are nuanced. For the reader’s convenience, this review will help clarify important details involving this company’s products, history, and impact.

Who is Bourjois Paris?

The company’s roots started at the Theater District of France in 1863, a time of economic vitality for their home country. Since then, Bourjois Paris has grown to ship their products worldwide to several different countries. The history of their brand is a grand tale, starting with Joseph-Albert Ponsin.

He is cited as a genial visionary, part actor and a great cosmetologist. He began by creating greasepaint for actors and later turned to create refined products for women. The company later blossomed in the hands of Monsieur Bourjois, who made it internationally known.

Today, The Bourjois team is 90% female. Knowing their craft and requiring top performance is what Bourjois Paris proudly boasts. The team’s devotion and merit cannot easily be challenged by any means.

What Is Their Mission?

According to the manufacturer’s website, the company’s mission statement emphasizes their desire to create products that will simplify beauty and make Parisian style accessible to all women without breaking the bank. Introducing new trends, developing new products and providing makeup tips is what Bourjois Paris devotes itself to.

The team at Bourjois Paris cite themselves as creative, expert, and careful toward details. Their foundation of service is based on a Quality Charter. The main points of their charter are as follows:

  1. Guarantees maximum safety for women consumers
  2. Proves product performance using biometrical, sensorial analysis and consumer tests
  3. Systematically checks each manufacturing batch using functional and aesthetic controls
    with a Zero Defects policy

What Product Options Do They Offer?

Bourjois Paris offers hundreds of options for

  • The eyes (Mascara, Brows, Pencils , Liners, and Eyeshadows)
  • The lips (Lipstick and Lip gloss)
  • The complexion (Blush, Foundation, Enhancer, Concealer and Powder).

Offered as well are products such as Nails, Accessories, False Eye Lashes and Skincare. Below is a list of a few the most popular products by this brand according to their website. Prices listed are cited specifically from the Canadian website.


  • Twist Up The Volume Ultra Black Mascara – $21
  • Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara – $23.00
  • Volume Glamour Max Waterproof Mascara – $21.00
  • Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara – $21.00


  • Rogue Edition Aqua Laque – $24.00
  • Effet 3D lip gloss – $18.00
  • Color Boost Lip Crayon – $19.00
  • Rogue Edition Velvet – $24.00


  • Air Mat Foundation – $29.00
  • 123 Perfect Foundation – $29.00
  • Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer – $21.00
  • Silk Edition Compact Powder – $28.00


  • So Perfect Correcting Base Coat – $9.99
  • So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel – $9.99
  • So Laque Glossy Nail Enamel – $9.99
  • Laser Manicure Toppings – $7.99


  • Express Cleansing Wipes – $12.00
  • Foaming Cleansing Cream – $22.00
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – $20.00
  • Micellar Cleansing Water – $20.00

Where is Bourjois Paris Sold?

Aside from one’s ability to find these products from anywhere on the web, Bourjois Paris is still very prominent throughout the world. Countries that are familiar with the Bourjois brand include:

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Korea
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Spain

What Are Some Noted Plus Sides To These Products?

In the year 1863, Bourjois developed a very specific baking process for blush – and thusly, the Little Round Pot was born. Since then, collectors have searched out the unique packaging from so many years ago. The Little Round Pot for blush and their Java Rice Powder became iconic and are occasionally released in their original, vintage form.

In addition to rich product packaging, the products are also hailed as inexpensive for high quality as well. With words such as “Light” and “Dewy” used to describe the feeling of the products, it is no wonder customers seem to go out of their way to track down ways of finding this seemingly underrated product. Some good notes regarding Bourjois Paris’ vast color variety for their products stands out as well. Finally, the website claims that no GMO’s are used in the production of the product, much to some’s delight.

What About The Negative Sides to These Products?

These products may just be a little too unique for customers in the United States. Upon searching for where to buy the Bourjois Products, some will only find links to where to buy it online. Additionally, though the packaging is indeed unique, it has been cited by some as having poor sealing capabilities.

The Skinny On Animal Testing

A big question on Cosmetic Consumer’s minds these days is whether or not their favorite products are being tested on animals. On the website’s Frequently Asked Questions page, it is asked of them if they have their products tested on animals. The company’s answer boils down to a simple “No.”

This answer is questioned by some as they do indeed sell their products in Hong Kong, China where it is required that Cosmetic Companies conduct trials on animals in order to sell there. This need for clarity even reached the extent of a failed petition a couple years back. Ultimately, the facts on this company’s involvement with animal testing are inconclusive as of yet.

Bourjois Paris Review Summary

The products offered by Bourjois Paris come with a long and rich history of innovation. Spanning from the mid-1800’s to today, their products have stood the test of time even down to the unique packaging. Many companies fail to tell such a story.

Their company set out to make a large variety of cosmetics both stylized and simple to attain for any woman looking to have the Parisian style. And despite their absence on the American market, plenty of American women still seek out these products on the internet. Anybody who seeks cosmetics with a quirky style and wishes to be a part of a long line of faithful customers are encouraged to look them up.

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