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Simply Venom Day Cream

Simply Venom Day Cream

Beauty product origination myths often send my BS-meter into the red zone, particularly when there are doctors involved. In the case of Simply Venom, the doctors behind the brand are anesthesiologists who, being in the muscle relaxing business, were inevitably drawn to an ingredient that mimics snake venom and that has been finding its way into anti-aging beauty products. It seemed like a stretch to me.

Before accusing Simply Venom’s marketing department of speaking with forked tongues, I thought I should at least give the products a shot. For the past month, I have been testing Simply Venom Day Cream ($59) and I rather like it. The cream leaves the skin looking satiny and feeling a little firmer, plus I have noticed some wrinkle reduction.

What’s more, these anesthesiologists seem to know how to formulate. Simply Venom isn’t just another neuropeptide serum. It harnesses a delivery technology — read my article on drone technology in beauty products for more on how important ingredient delivery is — based on yeast ferment to help the neuropeptide penetrate the epidermis. My guess is that yeast is good at encapsulating and delivering ingredients because yeast cells are similar to ours.

Although the neuropeptide used here is fairly common and goes by the name of Syn-Ake, it is unusual for products to reveal the concentration. In Simply Venom, it comes at a hefty eight percent. This day cream also boasts a four percent concentration of a “micro-algae skin tightener.”  Algae extract is listed amongst the ingredients, but I suspect that it is given a helping hand in the skin tightening department by pullulan, a film former.

Other useful ingredients in Simply Venom Day Cream include palmitoyl tripeptide-5, a peptide that mimics the sequence found in the protein thrombospondin 1 (TSP-1) and, in turn, activates the growth factor TGF-β, which is involved in the stimulation of collagen production. In addition, there is soy protein and nourishing avocado and macademia oils.

With on-actives such as silicone, sodium hydroxide and phenoxyethanol, Simply Venom is not going for the all-natural consumer. However, for those that want a peptide serum that packs a punch for a decent price, Simply Venom is an effective, lightweight cream that is worthy of consideration.

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