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ClarityRx Easy On the Eyes Smoothing Cream

ClarityRx Easy On the Eyes Smoothing Cream

By Anna C.

After getting noticeable results on my complexion from products offered by Truth In Aging, I began to look at products that addressed the no-so-great changes around my eyes. I had several areas that could use attention, ranging from puffiness and droopy skin above the eyes to dark circles (not extreme) and thin, dry skin below the eyes. Because my skin has always been on the oily side, I never felt a need to moisturize, so the fragile skin under my eyes had gone neglected.  It wasn’t the best idea to wait until my late 50s to begin adding moisture to this parched area. Nevertheless, I was happy for the opportunity to test ClarityRx Easy on the Eyes Smoothing Cream ($55).

The list of ingredients includes several that have long been known for their conditioning and emollient properties, like jojoba seed oil and apricot kernel oil. Squalane is a hydrogenated version of squalene that makes it more stable against oxidation and, along with hyaloronic acid, enhances the skin’s moisture content, giving it a softer texture and smoother, plumper appearance. Arnica montana flower extract is purported to help with bruising and sprains, or in this case, under eye circles and puffiness.   Oxido reductases was new to my vocabulary and works as an antioxidant. 

Two proteins, soybean and hydrolyzed rice bran, bring more moisturizing skin conditioning properties, with rice bran protein also being used to brighten and lighten the complexion. Niacin (vitamin B3) restores skin suppleness. The list finishes up with a couple of texture enhancers (one of which is petroleum-based) and phenoxyethanol as the preservative.  So while none of the ingredients are new, start-of-the-art discoveries, they are well known performers.

Dispensing this product was very easy. The pump worked well, and I was able to easily control how much came out each and every time, even if  I just wanted a very tiny amount — no problem. The white cream soaked into my skin nicely and took a couple of seconds to absorb, leaving my skin with a velvety feel.  A light fragrance, perhaps from the apricot kernel oil, disperses quickly. 

Prior to beginning the trial, I had been alternating NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate and Hylamide SubQ Eyes for two months (discontinued during trial). The most noticeable change during the two month time with these two products was that the reddish coloring on my eyelids evened out to a more normal tone.  I was curious to see if this coloring would remain during the trial.

Very soon after beginning the ClarityRx Easy on the Eyes, I noticed that the skin under my eyes looked smooth and plump, filling in the fine, tiny lines. Also, the skin all around my eyes was definitely more hydrated. At the end of four weeks, I still had morning puffiness above my eyes, but not as much. However, my eyelids seemed to be looking pinkish, and a further week of testing made me think that the reddish tone of my eyelids was returning. Another disappointment is that I have not noticed any diminishing of the dark circles under my eyes. So while I can definitely recommend this as an excellent product to moisturize and hydrate the skin around the eyes, I would look for another product to address dark circles and puffiness.  

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