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Try Cleava – The Original Snap-to-Bra Mock Cami?

Do you ever feel like you have an extra set of eyes on you? Do you simply feel you are not abiding by what society’s rules? Worry not; humans are quick to come to a conclusion just by looking at someone. It is not the case with everyone, don’t get us wrong, but some people are just so quick to judge that they don’t think until later getting to know someone. Regardless of what others might think of you, what is important is that you are comfortable in your skin.

The extra set of eyes will eventually move onto the next person to judge, but your discomfort is here to stay unless you do something about it.

What will your day be like if you’re in discomfort? Will you be able to complete a task without worrying in the back of your head? Are you wondering if people are looking your way? Or was there a top you saw at the mall that you liked but are unsure whether it will make you feel comfortable in it?

Well, fear not, today there exists a product that will help you enjoy the rest of your day. Yes, one that will not expose too much of your cleavage, if anything it exposes no cleavage whatsoever. Are you eager to find out what it is? It is none other than Cleava.

About Cleava

Cleava is a snap to bra mock cami that will bring great comfort to you. Even the most inappropriate tops can be made appropriate within a snap of a cami to your bra. What makes Cleava different from other snap on cami is the fact that this one has a patented snap that you can snap in the middle of the bra. The patented snap in the middle makes life more the better as it holds everything in place. In addition, you get to choose how much coverage you want by simply sliding the clips on both sides of your bra as high as you please.

The Cleava is made of lightweight and breathable material, giving you maximum comfortable without ever having to look down to check if everything is fine. The Cleava is also wrinkling free and can be washed and dried in the dryer as it will never shrink or lose its shape. How does it work based on bra cup sizes? This cami is one size fits all and works on any cup size (A, B, C or D cup).

The Cleava comes in two styles either plain white or a lace, which gives you multiple outfit options without having to purchase two sets of either appropriate and inappropriate clothes and sticking to one set but working around with it!

How Do You Wear A Cleava?

Wearing a Cleava is easily done in the smallest of 3 steps. If you follow the next listed three steps, you will be enjoying the rest of your day in the ultimate comfort:

  1. Snap Around The Bra Straps: take the button end and strap it around your bra straps. Make sure you snap it on each side evenly and close to the end of the strap at the front that way the second step will be accomplished smoothly.
  2. Snap Under the Bridge of Bra: Once you’ve completed step 1 take the Cleava patented “stay-in-place all day’ center snap strap and snap the button of the cleave around the bridge of your bra. In other words, take the thinner part, wrap around and button it.
  3. Adjust to Desired Height: You can adjust the Cleava to the height of your choice. If you are heading to work or school and want to look as appropriate and professional as possible, you simply slide the Cleava from the straps up to as high as you want. When you are going out, you can simply wear the same top, but remove the Cleava.


As mentioned earlier, the Cleava comes in two styles: plain white and white lace. The price of a Cleava without shipping is $14.99. This might seem overly priced since shipping costs $5.99, which gives a grand total of $20 without taxes. Are you wondering whether it is worth that much? Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one because $20 is equivalent to a brand new top. Let’s take a look at some points that might make you reconsider:

  1. The Cleava is stylish.
  2. Even though it costs the same as a top, you can buy one and attach it to any of your tops. It saves you more money than you think because you don’t have to constantly buy new outfits.
  3. If you buy a white Cleava, you’ll get the second one free, therefore coming out to two for the price of one.

Therefore, it might look as though it is a luxury, but if you actually take the time to break it all down, you will be more clear as to whether you want to buy it or not or whether it is actually something you need.

Overall, Cleava is the fundamental product that has helped many women save money and feel great comfort. At the end of the day, what more matters? Your comfort or what others might think of you? You need to feel happy within your skin and not question what if something about you was different because once you start doing so; you will lose your confidence.

This is exactly what Cleava doesn’t want for you; it is there for you to help you be your best you. What are you waiting for? Cleava is a click away from providing you infinite comfort.

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