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One A Day – Innovating Personal MultiVitamin Nutrition Supplements?

About One A Day

Several clinical report that these days, many Americans are not getting the nutritional support that they need to be able to be as healthy as possible. The of proper nutrition is attributed to several different factors.

Some researchers have stated that the American diet, as a whole, is just not as healthy as it used to be.

Many people are so busy juggling a family life, career and other responsibilities that they have a hard time maintaining a healthy diet.

Eating out too often, and succumbing to tempting fast food attributes to many ailments such as weight gain, cardiovascular problems, and troublesome fatigue.

The thing is that we just don’t get all the vital vitamins and minerals that we need from food alone.

This is why supplements were created, to add some nutritional support to a normal, healthy diet.

One A Day has created a full line of supplements to support the individual health needs of your entire family.

Whether you are taking care of just your self, or children and elders, there is a formula that is good match for everyone in the household.

Form more than 70 years, One A Day has delivered health support that has been trusted by many consumers for decades.

Supplements That You Can Trust

Since 1943, One A Day has been in the business of creating innovative products to support a healthy life style. In the beginning, the first supplements contained a special blend of 8 essential vitamins and minerals.

This was the start of a long history of clinical trials, research and scientific discoveries. Formulas have taken shape to take the health needs of different types of people into consideration, making this brand one that not only knows health needs inside and out, but has also taken the time to realize that one multivitamin doesn’t give the right kind of support for the whole family.

There’s Something For Everyone

It should be obvious that men, women, children, and seniors all have different health needs that deserve to be supported.

Not all manufacturers understand this basic principle the in the exact same way that One A Day does.

In fact, they take it one giant step further by offering several products that are not only categorized by gender, but are also categorized by the benefits that each different product offers.

If you are looking to incorporate a multivitamin into your daily care routine you are sure to find a formula that meets and exceeds any expectation that you may have.

Learn more about each product line by reading below:


Here you will find a product to meet every stage in a man’s life. The One A Day Men’s Health Formula is designed to support heart health, increases energy, promotes healthy blood pressure and helps to strengthen the immune system.

For more active males, there is even a formula that caters to this life style by blending B vitamins into the multivitamin to provide the additional support needed to remain active, have more physical energy and also increase healthy muscular functions.

This line also has a product to meet the special needs of teens, and the age brackets of the 50 and over and 65 and over.


The needs of women are in some ways very similar to the needs of men, but can still also be very different.

This is partly due to the different hormones that women produce, and also due to the way that women’s bodies process and use vitamins. Whether you need a multivitamin

that supports bone health, skin health, immunity and increases energy, or you need more nutritional support due to going through menopause, there is a supplement for you.

This line also features a multivitamin that is made smaller so that you get all the same health benefits in an easy to swallow format.


Who doesn’t love a delicious gummy candy? This line is One A Day’s way of combining nutritious supplements with a taste that you are sure to love.

Here you will find supplements for men, women and teens that range from multivitamins, Omega-3 DHA, and immunity support.

Typically when you see gummy vitamins on the market they are primarily created in only fruit flavors.

However, One A Day has included formulas that come in tasty chocolate flavors to give you a vitamin that you will crave every day. You’ll never forget to take your vitamins again! You may even start looking forward to it.


The pickiest demographic that any vitamin manufacturer has to contend with is children. Young children have a difficult time swallowing large, hard pills ad because of this chewable vitamins were created.

Those hard, powdery chewable tablets of the past didn’t taste very good, and so getting kids to eat them was still a bit of a chore.

One A Day has solved this issue by creating a line of gummy vitamins that not only taste delicious, but all give children the right type of nutritional support that they need to promote the health of their bones, eye, and immune system. Besides that, they come in different, fun shapes that they are not going to be able to resist.


The needs of a pregnant women are undoubtedly unique. As a woman’s body starts making the necessary changes to support a growing life, health needs start changing too.

There are many stages that are involved in pregnancy so whether you are trying to have a baby, currently pregnant, or have already given birth there is a supplement to support you.

There are vitamin selections for prenatal needs, and for during pregnancy there are products to help your get through nausea, heartburn, and even help you to remain regular.

It is important to take special care of your body during this time, after all, you are taking care of your self and your baby.

One A Day Review Summary

Being able to take care of the health needs of your entire family should not be a chore, and with One A Day it is easy as can be to take care of everyone on your list.

Male, female, young, or in the golden years, there is a form of nutritional support to help keep everyone as healthy as possible. Even if you prepare healthy meals and watch what you eat, you still need a vitamin to supplement your nutritional intake to keep your body strong and active.

Besides, you have a lot to take care and it is important to take the best care of your self so you can take care of everyone else. Stay healthy with One A Day!

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