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Active Botanical Serum – Quality Vintner’s Daughter Skincare?

Active Botanical Serum is a skincare product that helps to improve your complexion, whether your battling against aging or the elements. This formula should be the last step of your daily skincare routine.

What is the Active Botanical Serum?

Finding the right skincare treatment is always a long battle. Regardless of your age, attention to your daily regimen is necessary, if you want to contain your blemishes. With so many things that can go wrong to inhibit a flawlessly youthful complexion, your main focus might just be damage control. Unfortunately, there’s a very limited range of products that are designed for that type of treatment. However, the Active Botanical Serum from Vintner’s Daughter can help.

The Active Botanical Serum is a face oil, which is applied at the end of your daily skincare regimen. Its versatility is enviable by other brands, since it can handle almost any common complexion problem you can think of. This formula contains various ingredients that are crucial to the efficacy of the serum. With this skincare treatment, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Most of the time, the only way to tackle multiple skin issues is with a trip to the spa. These types of facilities have a wide range of facials that you can pay a pretty penny to endure, but they are all either intensely abrasive or don’t give you the benefits you need. Rather than spending all of your time and energy trying to schedule an appointment with a high-priced spa, you can spend a little extra on your skincare efforts at home with this face serum.

How Does the Active Botanical Serum Work?

The entire goal that the creators of the Active Botanical Serum had was to create a product that changes the way that skincare is handled. According to the website, the actual formulation of the serum is inspired by the methods used to make wines, implying that the aging process is necessary to its potency.

To make this formula, Vintner’s Daughter uses high-quality ingredients that work together to get the response advertised. Those 22 botanicals and essentials oils include:

  • Grape seed oil, to help with absorption and protecting the skin from toxins
  • Hazelnut oil, which features linoleic acids to improve your skin’s elasticity
  • Bergamot peel oil, which evens out and brightens your complexion
  • Avocado oil, which features a high amount of Vitamin E for protection against free radicals
  • Marigold, which is known for its ability to help heal and soothe aging skin
  • Rose Absolute, to balance out the impact that hormones have had on your complexion
  • Carrot seed oil, to help motivate your cells to regenerate and eliminate wrinkles with Vitamin A
  • Evening Primrose Oil, to aid with inflammation and redness
  • Rosehip seed oil, which helps to even out discoloration on your face from prolonged sun and UV ray exposure
  • Lemon peel, to brighten your complexion
  • Lavender, to calm your skin and heal inflammation
  • Alfalfa leaf, to detoxify your skin for improved cell renewal
  • Nettle leaf, which helps to fight wrinkles caused by age and sun exposure with vitamin A and C
  • Dandelion leaf, to detoxify your skin for improved cell renewal
  • Frankincense oil, which improves blood circulation for a refreshed appearance
  • Neroli flower oil, which supports the overall health of your skin
  • Rosemary leaf extract, to help eliminate acne and other blemishes
  • Sea Buckthorn fruit, which contains Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9
  • Tumeric root oil, to reduce inflammation, brighten skin, and eliminate free radicals
  • Cypress leaf oil, to improve blood circulation and the strength of your capillaries
  • Jasmine, to improve your skin’s elasticity at a cellular level
  • Tamanu oil, which has a high fat content for supple skin

With all of these different ingredients, it’s clear that the brand has put a lot of work into making Active Botanical Serum necessary addition to your skincare regimen. With the ability to treat everything from acne to wrinkles, this compilation of ingredients helps you to improve your entire complexion.

Using the Active Botanical Serum

The key to getting the most out of the Active Botanical Serum is to use a method of application that Vintner’s Daughter refers to as the Push/Press technique. This technique helps the serum to penetrate the surface of the skin more easily for a more prominent change in your complexion. Follow the directions below to apply the serum.

  1. Cleanse your skin. This step essentially required you to go through your entire skincare routine, which should include cleansing, exfoliating, and toning.
  2. Measure out the serum. For optimal results, you should use about 6 to 8 drops of the serum, which you can put in your hand.
  3. Activate the serum. Once you’ve measured out the formula, you will need to gently rub your hands together to activate the chemicals in the serum, while evenly coating both hands before application.
  4. Use the push/press technique. This technique is fairly simple. With an even amount of the serum on both of your hands, press the serum against your face firmly. Continue this process for about 30 seconds over and over again.

Make sure to include this serum in your daily routine consistently. If you have naturally oily skin, speak with your dermatologist before using the formula, to determine how your complexion will react.

Pricing for the Active Botanical Serum

This product is not for consumers with tight purse strings. It’s an expensive remedy, which is probably due to how effective and how refined the ingredients are. To make the product a part of your routine, you’re looking at a charge of $185 for each bottle.

You have the option of participating in an auto-ship program. This program doesn’t offer any discounts, but you are able to maintain your skincare regimen consistently with regular deliveries. You will be charged when each bottle ships, and you can choose to have it delivered every 8, 10, or 12 weeks.

Contacting Active Botanical Serum: Vintner’s Daughter

Whether you want more information on the Active Botanical Serum, or you want to check on the status of your purchase, you can speak with the customer service department for answered. The only way to reach someone at the company is by selecting the “Contact” link, which will open up your default email application on your computer.

Active Botanical Serum Conclusion

The Active Botanical Serum is meant as an all-purpose treatment, combining the efforts of acne medications, anti-aging remedies, and more to give you the perfect complexion. There are many consumers that feel overwhelmed by their skin problems, but you can eliminate the worry with this serum. Check with your dermatologist, if you are concerned about the effects the formula may have on your skin.

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