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Mass Training System – Increase Muscle Mass With Pat Davidson?

Mass Training System is a downloadable product. It consists of different eBooks you can purchase to help you learn about increasing muscle mass. Read this review to find out about Mass Training System today.

What is Mass Training System?

Mass Training System was developed by Dr. Pat Davidson. The program is tough according to Davidson. Most people who try the program won’t finish according to Pat. It’s a very intense system designed for people who are serious about getting in shape. It’s not for timid, weak or complainer type personalities.

Pat is pretty clear that the system is for the elite 1% of people who are serious about growth and putting on mass. Apparently the system is very tough and hard to endure. It’s extreme and will take a lot of sacrifice to reach your goal. It’s a lot of tough words, Pat is pretty much looking to weed out any quitters or people who will not follow through.

He doesn’t take pity on anyone for any reason if they don’t finish the program. 99% of the people who attempt to complete the program will fail according to Pat. Pat assures that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, just that the program is likely not for you. He also claims, if you can’t finish the program, he will not be friends with you at all.

Pat also says, he likes people who are on the fringe. People who act and think differently. If you’re a beast and looking for beat like results, then Mass Training System is ideal for you.

Who Designed Mass Training System?

Pat Davidson created the system. He has a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He’s been a professor at Brooklyn College and Springfield College. He’s even competed in the Strongman competition and qualified as well as two Arnold Classics.

He’s a submission wrestler at the American Grappling Association and a Mixed Martial Artist. The guys apparently no joke when it comes to fitness and health. He’s created this program based on his own discovery and findings in fitness. He claims that he has been studying the human body for years and learning everything he could in order to create the Mass Training System.

If you’re a strength coach, you likely have heard of Pat. Most people will not have heard of him however. His claim is he will show the 99% what the 1% do. As stated before, this isn’t for everyone and you have to be a beast to complete this program.

What Makes the Mass Training System Different?

The program has been designed to be different than any other system. It’s not like any other workout and will help you achieve levels of fitness you’ve never imagined. It’s not designed based on body parts like many other routines. No chest day, leg day or arms day. No back or shoulder day. Every day will train you on every body part.

The system is broken up into four week periods. Each full body workout is done 4 times a week for four weeks and then you move on to another training program and do that one for four weeks. Each of the phases builds on the previous phases. There is no skipping phases if you want to see real results. The best way to complete the system is to follow the instructions given to a T. It’s not built for single day works outs. It’s built for the accumulation of results from multiple workouts over a period of time. According to Pat, some days will be much better than other days. And when bad days happen, let it go and just move on.

How Does the Mass Training System Work?

The main purpose of the Mass Training System is to help you get shredded and put on Mass. Pat wants you to walk away different than you were when you started. It’s not just about mass, it’s about getting stronger and being more fit. The system is designed to improve the cardiovascular system and to help you with your overall fitness.

It’s designed to give you a better idea of how to eat and create a more in tune body. Technique is also very important to Pat. It will take a lot of very high quality fitness work to accomplish what he claims you can accomplish with the program.

Your heart will get stronger, your body will and your mind. The system is designed to help you overcome mental road blocks and be able to get more in shape overall. Each phase will help you look and feel different while packing on muscle and getting shredded. The physiology behind the program is supposedly what makes it different.

You’ll apparently learn everything you need when you get his two books designed to help you get fit in a scientific way. His exercises he’s chosen are apparently designed to give you the optimal level of muscle building.

How Much Does the Mass Training System Cost?

There are two eBooks available with the Mass Training System. The Monster Mass eBook is $67 and the Save Mass & Nutrition eBook is $87. You apparently get hundreds of dollars-worth of value for a very cheap price. According to Dr. Pat Davidson.

What Do Customers Say About Mass Training System?

The results are very good. There are a ton of testimonial videos and reports directly from people’s social media accounts. So the reviews are good, and they are from very real people who had very real results.


  • Instant Download
  • Can Start Immediately
  • Scientifically Designed


  • No Physical Product
  • Very Hard Course too Complete
  • Should I Use the Mass Training System?

According to all the positive reviews and background of Pat Davidson, yes. If you are serious about getting ripped, you should definitely try out the Mass Training System.

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