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Anthelios XL – La Roche-Posay’s Ultra-Light Skincare Lotions?

Over exposure to the sun is dangerous. Excessive sun exposure causes sunburn that has damaging long term effects on the skin, and with more than one third of adults and almost 70% of children suffering from sunburn within the last year, protecting your skin from the powerful radiation of the sun is a critical element in preserving the integrity and continuing health of your skin. While sunburn may seem like a relatively simple process- stay in the sun too long, get burned, there are many factors that are at play when your skin is damaged by excessive sun exposure.

Sunlight consists of three separate wavelengths of ultraviolet light- UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. While the atmosphere protects us from UVC wavelengths, the former two forms of sunlight reach us on the surface of Earth and penetrate our skin, causing damage. Sunburn is dependent on the fairness and sensitivity of your skin, your skin type and melanin levels, and how much time you spend in the sun. Mild sunburn results in irritated and red skin, but more severe forms lead to swelling, blisters, and can proceed into sunstroke. Typical sunstroke symptoms include fever, chills, nausea and overall weakness.

When the skin is damaged by the sun, several mechanisms in the body proceed to attempt to repair the damage. Cells regenerate and multiple to replace damaged dermal tissue, and the skin attempts to repair damage to DNA that is caused by excessive radiation exposure. While the body can adapt to large amounts of sunlight over time by elevating melanin levels and tanning the skin, there is no effective way to prevent DNA damage from solar radiation. Over years of DNA damage and repair the body begins to malfunction, paving the way for cancer development that is potentially life threatening and carries an extreme risk of mortality.

The best way to protect your skin from the sun is to avoid long periods of exposure or by covering the skin with long sleeved shirts, pants and hats, but if you must be in the sun continuously, a powerful sun protection lotion is the next best form of protection. When selecting a sunscreen lotion the most important element to look for is the SPF, or sun protection factor. Previously SPF 15+ was seen as the best option for keeping the sun safe from radiation damage, but recent research shows that higher SPF lotions provide the safest and most effective option. SPF ratings, while appearing complicated, are quite simple. A SPF 30 lotion will allow 1/30th of the sun’s rays to penetrate your skin, while an SPF 50 lotion will allow only 2% in total of the sun’s rays through, minimizing the chances of suffering from DNA damage and cancer.

Anthelios XL is a new sunscreen lotion created by La Roche-Posay, a skin care and protection treatment manufacturer and distributer. At SPF 50, Anthelios XL is one of the most powerful and comprehensive sun protection products on the market today, offering very high face and body protection with a fragrance free formula that doesn’t include any potentially harmful parabens or irritants.

In this article we’ll provide a detailed analysis of the Anthelios XL solution to help you decide if this potent sunscreen is the best choice to help you protect your skin.

What is Anthelios XL Lotion?

Designed by an expert team of health experts, dermatologists and physicians, the formula of Anthelios XL has been created specifically to assist individuals who are extremely photosensitive and suffer from sun allergies. Known as polymorphic light eruption, sun sensitivity and allergies cause sufferers to break out in painful rashes and hives when they become sunburned, far worse than normal sun damage. Anthelios XL provides protection from very high intensity sun rays in all weather conditions for all skin types, and prevents sun induced pigmentation spots caused from malfunctioning melanogenesis, the process in the body that causes tanning and freckles.

Offering very high, broad photostable UVB and UVA protection, Anthelios XL prevents all spectrums of solar radiation from penetrating the skin and is reinforced to adhere to levels beyond the European recommendation on suncare products.

Anthelios XL uses a patented Mexoplex filtering system in addition to uniquely sourced La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. This powerful combination not only protects skin from sun damage, but has potent antioxidant effects that help flush unwanted toxins from the skin to promote an overall brighter, lighter and more youthful appearance.

The moisturizing nature of Anthelios XL provides long term protection from wrinkles and fine lines by locking moisture into dermal cells. Wrinkles are caused by dry skin in motile facial areas tearing and severing collagen strands, and by using Anthelios XL to preserve the water content of the skin, further skin folding and wrinkling is prevented.

The velvety texture of Anthelios XL is non-marking and non greasy and contains no harmful chemical additives that can cause further damage to the skin, preventing further cutaneous ageing and long term cell damage.

How does Anthelios XL Lotion Protect Your Skin from the Sun?

The science behind Anthelios XL involves Mexoplex, a proprietary sun blocking chemical that is gentle on the skin but has a strong radiation blocking effect. The active ingredient in Anthelios XL is Bemotrizinol, an oil soluble organic compound that functions as a broad spectrum UV absorber.

Approved as completely safe and healthy by the European Union and Australian Government, which has one of the most stringent regulations for sunscreen in the world, Anthelios XL is highly photostable and is one of the most powerful sun blocking agents available.

Anthelios XL Pricing & Availability

Anthelios XL can be purchased from the La Roche-Posay website and a variety of online retailers such as Amazon, as well as physical retail locations throughout the world. If you’re looking for a powerful all round UV blocker that is gentle on your skin and provides critical protection from the dangers of solar radiation and skin cancer, Anthelios XL is the right sunscreen choice for you.

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