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Magnum Blood Flow – Advanced Sexual Peak Performance?

Magnum Blood Flow is a supplement to help men hit their sexual performance peak through the use of nitric oxide. Magnum Blood is said to have a cumulative effect. Read this review to learn about Magnum Blood today.

What is Magnum Blood Flow?

Magnum Blood Flow is a superior quality supplement for males to help with sexual performance. It is manufactured by apple nutrition and contains nitric oxide. The manufacturer of the supplement has their own website as well as magnum blood’s.

They create a full line of supplements for men and women. You can also find contact details to the company on the website with links to all the retailers you can find their products.

Magnum Blood Flow is found online at the website where you can purchase it for $19.99. There is no mention of guarantees or refunds to be clear.

How Does Magnum Blood Flow Work?

The product is designed to help men get fuller, harder erections through the absorption of the ingredients within the product. It is an all-natural substance and has a cumulative effect when taken for an extended period of time. That could be a way for the company to get you to take the pills for longer periods of time.

Magnum Blood Flow is full of pro-sexual nutrients according to the manufacturer. However, there are zero clinical studies that show any of their claims are valid. And not all ingredients are explained either. Without justified customer testimonials, it’s difficult to make an honesty decision as to how good or bad the product is.

With so many sexual enhancers on the market as of now, it’s difficult for anyone to find the perfect one on their first try. Magnum Blood Flow does seem like a legit product, so customers will likely have to test it to see if it works for them. It’s like it will not work for everyone but will work for some people.

The ingredients in Magnum Blood Flow have four major purposes:

One, to support and improve sexual stamina.

Two, to increase sexual arousal.

Three, to improve it.

And four, to improve sexual desire.

There is no clinical data, although some sources claim they have done clinical studies.

Ingredients in Magnum Blood Flow

L-Citruline and Epidemedium Sagittatum to improve blood flow to the penis. These two ingredients will supposedly help customers achieve and maintain harder, longer, and more sensitive erections. As well as improve semen production and the length of ejaculations. Also said to improve over sexual experience for both partners.

L-Citruline is an amino acid that helps with the production of nitric oxide in the body. And they say the more nitric oxide you have in your blood, the more your blood will flow to the corpus cavernosa. That will in turn increase the size and sensitivity of your penis and erections.

Muira Muama, Maca and Catuaba are long used herbal supplements. Each of them is said to be a very powerful aphrodisiac and will boost your libido and sex drive. Together they say they create heightened sexual responses in the users.

Gingko Biloba and Ginseng have been used for centuries to increase energy levels in a safe and healthy, natural way. They both are also believed to improve stamina for longer sessions in bed with more sustained energy and erections.

Cayenne is a pepper that is readily absorbed very quickly and stimulates blood flow throughout the entire body. With a more productive cardio vascular system, it’s easier for men to get bigger erections and keep them for longer periods of time.

To feel the effects of Magnum Blood Flow, you can take the capsules anytime. 1-2 capsules are need twice a day and have a cumulative effect. You can take them as needed if you prefer. Take them about an hour ahead of time for maximum potency. But they do recommend to take them daily for the best results. When taken over an extended period of time they work in a more powerful way and increase your ability to become sexually aroused.

How Much Does Magnum Blood Flow Cost?

One bottle of ten to twenty servings costs $19.99. You can purchase Magnum Blood Flow online or at certain retail stores you can locate through the company website.

What do Customers Say About Magnum Blood Flow?

After a lot of research, was able to locate about 90 reviews scattered across several different websites. Each website had a possible 5-star review.

Magnum Blood Flow averaged 3-3.5 stars per website leading me to believe it’s not a superior product as they claim. Maybe with longer term usage the cumulative effects will be more pronounced, but as of now, that is undetermined. Would seem people are not genuinely pleased with the product, claiming it only provides mediocre results.


  • Easy to locate in large quantities
  • Very affordable comparatively to other male enhancement supplements
  • All natural ingredients


  • A lot of low reviews and displeased customers across multiple websites
  • Does not contain the amino acid L-Arginine which is often associated to being a precursor to nitric oxide
  • May end being expensive if you need to take the recommended dosage of 4 tablets a day

Should I Use Magnum Blood Flow?

No, according to reviews, there are better supplements for male enhancement on the market. If you’re budget is so low that you can’t afford anything else, then you may have to give it a shot. But you may end spending money on a product that does not produce any real results.

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