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Mega Men Sport – Men’s Multivitamins By GNC?

MEGA MEN Sport is a supplement that acts as a multivitamin, but has all the power of a performance supplement. With regular use, you can get the support you need for your muscles and joints, enabling you to push yourself further and further during your workout.


What Is MEGA MEN Sport?

Preparing your body for any sporting event is much different than the way that you exercise for personal fitness goals or bodybuilding.

When you are just trying to get fit, you focus on building muscle that is lean but strong, which helps you to increase your metabolism. Your diet is more restricted in calories, giving your body the chance to burn off the fat that it already has.

However, training for sports often involves helping your endurance and supporting the function of your muscles, rather than their mass. Luckily, MEGA MEN Sport is available from GNC to help you out.

MEGA MEN Sport contains a formula that is meant to help “enhance athletic performance.” The supplement includes the use of protein to deliver essential nutrients to the muscles, while also aiding in recovery. However, even though this formula is fairly potent, there is very little information about the ingredients that go into it.

Training for an athletic event is almost as important as the actual competition. You need to make sure your muscles have the right level of nutrition to stay mobile, while consuming enough calories to prevent fatigue.

Even the best diets can use a little extra help to be effective. However, understanding all the different ingredients that the MEGA MEN Sport supplement does list may help you to see why it is essential to your regimen.

How MEGA MEN Sport Works

At first glance, MEGA MEN Sport may seem like just a multivitamin, but it actually contains a wealth of nutrients for men who work out and stay in shape. Plenty of supplements claim to give you “everything you need,” but MEGA MEN Sport actually delivers on their promise.

The main ingredient that often goes into performance supplement is amino acid. GNC doesn’t say which specific amino acid is included, but this ingredient is responsible for giving your muscles the strength they need to endure a workout. It also helps to give your muscles the energy they need to keep going.

To help with your joints during a workout, the vitamin includes hyaluronic acid. This substance gives your cartilage the strength and cushioning needed to handle the impact while you run, jump, and move around.

In addition to all of these vitamins and minerals, the formula is also an excellent source of fiber. The inclusion of this ingredient helps to keep your digestive system working properly, which is necessary when you are trying to lose weight or train. The formula also helps to support the condition of your heart and prostate with lycopene.

MEGA MEN Sport helps with your recovery period, by offering 10 grams of protein in every serving. While the website doesn’t say which ingredients are included for “additional help,” MEGA MEN Sport also contains substances that aid in preventing and treating inflammation.

Using MEGA MEN Sport

The MEGA MEN Sport supplement is available in a powdered form, but the process required to actually make your drink will depend on the package you select.

If you just get a full tub of the product, then you will need to measure out two level scoops into your drink.

You can also get a box of pre-portioned powder packets, which lets you just pour it in a drink when you are on the go. The individual packets are perfect for water bottles.

Pricing for MEGA MEN Sport

At this time, the MEGA MEN Sport formula is offered to consumers for $21.95 on Amazon for a tub’s worth. However, this supplement is available through many different websites that offer similar products.

You can choose from chocolate or vanilla, depending on your personal preference. Mix the product with your favorite drinks, but try to avoid any liquids that already have a distinct flavor.

Contacting the Makers of MEGA MEN Sport: GNC

MEGA MEN Sport is a formula that is made by GNC themselves, rather than being a supplement that is made by another company and sold by GNC.

If you have questions about the product, or any other products from GNC, you can reach the company via phone by calling 1-877-462-4700.

However, since there are also physical locations available, you can also just go down to the nearest store to get the answer to your question from an associate.


MEGA MEN Sport focuses on giving your muscles the support they need to be able to last on the field. Even though the ingredient list is somewhat vague, you can gather that it has the right ingredients to support your muscle health, while acting as a multivitamin as well.

The powder doesn’t take very long to dissolve, which means that you can have your drink in just a few seconds, hydrating and strengthening you before the game.

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