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Kopari Beauty’s Coconut Body Oil Review – Healthy Dry Oil Skincare?

Kopari Coconut Body Oil is a skincare treatment that is applied to the skin with a spray bottle. Regular use may help you to reduce dryness and restore the supple texture of your skin.

What is Kopari Coconut Body Oil?

Plenty of people suffer from dry skin around the world. Sometimes, the problem is internal, due to a lack of hydration. However, at other times, you may have chronically dry skin or have difficulties with the changing weather. Regardless of the reason, the only way to combat dry skin is by reintroducing moisture to your body. With so many different skincare products offering the solution, you may be overwhelmed. However, with the healthy ingredients in Kopari Coconut Body Oil, your decision becomes much easier.

Kopari Coconut Body Oil is meant to be a moisturizing treatment for any age. If you are in your 50s or older, then this oil is especially helpful for combating your skin’s inability to maintain hydration. Additionally, with a spray dispenser, you don’t have to worry about reaching every single dry spot on your skin; you can just spritz and go! Once you’ve applied it, you will notice the comforting scent of coconut gardenia.

There are very few treatments that can help to change the texture of your skin, which is why consumers everywhere continue to try treatments that claim to help. Unfortunately, most lotions can’t even handle the task, because their ingredient list features water as the number one ingredient. Adding water to your lotion makes it less effective sometimes, especially if the rest of the ingredient list doesn’t support more moisture. Instead of trying to use products that might moisturize you, choose the Kopari oil instead.

How Does Kopari Coconut Body Oil Work?

To give your skin a moisturized and soft texture, the Kopari Coconut Body Oil features several important ingredients. These ingredients include:

  • Organic coconut oil (which is in all products from Kopari)
  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride
  • Shea butter ethyl esters
  • Tocopherol

Every single one of these ingredients is necessary for you to get the benefits that Kopari promises, and contains no artificial ingredients that can reduce efficacy. Read on below to find out what each of these ingredients contributes to the Coconut Body Oil.

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is rich with fatty acids, which is what makes it so effective in moisturizing your skin. While this oil is typically safe to consume as well, topically applying this ingredient helps to battle a number of skin issues, like wrinkles or dryness primarily. However, one of the most impressive aspects of coconut oil is that it never becomes unpleasant in its aroma, which is a problem with other lotions that contain organic ingredients.

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride

These ingredients are found naturally in coconut oil already, and they are the fatty acids that contribute to moisturizing your skin. They actually have the impressive ability to resist bacteria, which is one concern that you may have with using organic ingredients. However, it can also help in the healing of open cuts or wounds, since it eliminates germs from the injury.

Shea Butter Ethyl Esters

This ingredient is actually an extract, and it helps to protect your skin from succumbing to dryness. It also improves the suppleness of your skin, which is something that is less present as you age. Shea Butter by itself is often sold as its own lotion, but including it in this formula amplifies the effects.


Tocopherol is more commonly known as Vitamin E. This vitamin is necessary to the health of your skin, since it helps with healing your different wounds, along with concealing the signs of aging. It essentially nourishes your body in a way that also helps to eliminate dry skin.

Using Kopari Coconut Body Oil

Unlike other body oils that you have to rub into your sin, this Kopari product allows you to gently mist your body with the formula. With this mist, you are able to evenly distribute the oil all over your body. The website doesn’t say how much of the product you should use, or if it will need to be rubbed in, so you can either call customer service or use your own judgment.

This formula should exclusively be used on your body, but not your face. Your face’s skin is usually more absorbent, and putting oil on it can cause you to have breakouts. For any further directions with any skincare product, your dermatologist can help.

Pricing for Kopari Coconut Body Oil

Right now, the body oil is available for $34.00, which gives you a 3.4-ounce bottle of the product. This is a one-time transaction, and there is no auto-ship option available.

The website offers free shipping, but only if your order is over $50.00. Otherwise, your shipping fees are calculated at checkout. You can use most major credit cards to pay or a PayPal account.

Contacting the Creators of Kopari Coconut Body Oil

Whether you want to try out Kopari’s body oil or some other product, the customer service team is available to answer your questions. You can speak with someone via phone, email, or by submitting your inquiry with the electronic form.

To speak with someone from the phone-based department, call (619) 359-2799. Since there are no business hours are listed, you may end up needing to send a message electronically to aloha@koparibeauty.com for a reply.

Kopari Coconut Body Oil Review Conclusion

If you’ve tried plenty of other remedies to combat your dry skin, the Kopari spray oil could be the solution that you need. Dry skin comes with its own set of risks, since prolonging the problem could result in cracking or even bleeding skin. Correct this issue before it becomes a threat to your body’s well-being with products from Kopari.

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