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Sublime Beauty Cell Renewal Fibroblast Serum

Sublime Beauty Cell Renewal Fibroblast Serum

By Kinga K.

I had the opportunity to try Sublime Beauty Cell Renewal Fibroblast Serum ($175), which claims to restore and maintain younger skin with human fibroblast conditioned media. From my understanding, this technology is made up of stem cells (non-embryonic) that are rich in growth factors and proteins, both of which signal the fibroblasts in skin to generate new collagen. Marta explains it well in a recent article.

The serum also includes lactic acid for its ability to increase the skin’s water-retaining capacity, as well as improve its elasticity. Antioxidant-rich watermelon and cotton honeydew extracts boost skin’s defenses. The formula is said to be of the highest purity and includes no fillers. In fact, even the preservatives are of little or no concern.

Being in my 40s, I’m always willing to try age-reversing products and was hopeful this crazy-scientific serum would deliver. I have combination skin and the lightweight, fast-absorbing gel suited me well. It layered well under moisturizers and didn’t leave a greasy finish or lingering scent. I applied it over toner and under moisturizer, using only one pump per application. 

Results were not immediate, but I was never under the impression that they would be. The claim is that you will see results after about three weeks, which in my opinion is a fair promise. My skin felt much smoother and tighter, and my fine lines were noticeably lessened at this point. I ended up using the product for four weeks and imagine that as more time passes, I will fully appreciate its magic.

I’m now inclined to try this product after a laser treatment. I have to wonder if the collagen-boosting effects of the laser combined with the Cell Renewal Fibroblast Serum would accelerate results.

The high price tag may deter some, but all serums at this caliber are around this price point. It’s a worthy investment! 

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