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Vanity Planet – Ultimate Beauty Care & Lifestyle Products?

Online shopping has become a great source for almost everything that is also purchasable at a physical store (with the exception of groceries of course). With the advancement in technology, many physical stores also have online shopping available for their customers.

From giants like Wal Mart, Sephora, and MAC to smaller businesses, everyone is slowly leaning towards online shopping.

According to a research done by Mintel, people who purchase personal care items came to a busting 31 per cent, whereas electronics, clothing and games dominated the online world (Mintel 2015). Although it may seem as though personal care products are not as popular as other categories, personal care items are of great need for many.

Personal care items are mostly purchased at a physical store because there is always someone who’s able to choose a product that works best of each individual consumer. Online retailers are starting to get more customers, as there is trust among buyer and seller.

If you are looking for original products and need a reassurance, Vanity Planet is the place to go. Vanity Planet has many affordable personal care items that need to be explored. Let’s take a look at why it is safe to purchase at

Why Vanity Planet?

Many of the online retailers today are nothing but brand developers. What this means is that, they are in the job to provide consumers with all sorts of products of many different brands. It is like a platform in which you are provided with the same product lines but from different companies. This, however, is not the case with Vanity Planet.

Vanity Planet is a boutique marketplace providing beauty, and overall wellness essentials. They are in the business to ensure that quality is embedded in each and every product they have to offer. Their mission is to provide affordable products that enrich each and every one of their customers’ lives. They are the creators of every product and can assure every ingredient that goes into everything from start to finish.

Some of their product lines consist of: Face (facial brushes, skin care, make up), Bath & Body (manicure-pedicure, cleansing tools, soaks & scrubs and massage), Hair (hair tools and products), Smile (whitening and toothbrushes) and Refills.

How much is Vanity Planet?

Many popular brands charge high because of their outreach to consumers. It makes sense to charge as high as they could, if they know that people will buy it no matter what- it’s all about profit right?

With Vanity Planet, they eliminate that restriction of having a specific target market and are maximizing their efforts to get everyone to buy them. For instance, their skincare products range from $30-$80. Because their skincare products require no more than 2 squirts per use per day, the price is understandable. Similarly, their line of hair products also ranges form $30-$60 per 500ml.

Their hair products consist of high quality ingredients, which include essential oils that help to rejuvenate ones’ hair.

More about Vanity Planet

Vanity Planet has been very informative in terms of the products they have to offer. Under each product, you are provided with the necessary information needed to have a better understanding of whether or not a product may be suitable for your needs.

In addition, they have also created a blog, in which you can refer to in order to education yourself. Their blogs consist of beauty tips that help in terms of maintaining a healthier body and a healthier you. Their website is also very user friendly. There are many websites that have their products all over the place, but with Vanity Planet, they ensure that customers can find whatever it is they want within seconds.

Trust is key factor when it comes to online shopping. This is a difficult one as there are many frauds out there, who take your money without providing any services. That is why it is important to provide additional information such as invoice number and tracking number. There have been cases where an order number is given, but a tracking number hasn’t been. This is also troublesome, as you have no idea where the package may be. You just have to wait for it and that may be quite frustrating.

With Vanity Planet, you will be provided with an invoice number to see the status of your package. All Vanity Planet invoices begin with “#VP”. You simply have to enter the order number and your e-mail address, that way they can e-mail you the details such as: how long it will take to arrive and its’ current location. Vanity Planet ensures that their customers are worries free and do not have to think twice about their purchases.

Is Vanity Planet for you?

How would you feel if you were told you could earn some money, while shopping? It has become a trend for many online retailers to include some sort of an external motivator that way customers will be happy to purchase their products.

Vanity Planet has something similar as well. All you have to do is send a referral link to any of your friends or family, and if they purchase within the first 30 days of your purchase date, you get $5 per person referred. Another program you can look into is the brand ambassador program, in which you earn a certain commission every time some purchases off of your website.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference for products. If you are hesitant of the products ordered or if they do not work well for you, do a thorough research on the return policy before purchase. For Vanity Planet’s return policies, check out

For innovative and trustworthy products out of this planet, visit Vanity Planet.

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