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JUST Water – Jaden Smith’s Bottled Spring Water Any Good?

Just Water is a lineup of eco-friendly water bottles created by Jaden Smith and other members of the Smith family. Read our Just Water review today to learn more.

What is Just Water?

Just Water is a bottled water available at Whole Foods and other retailers. The bottled water comes with a distinctive rectangular shape. Jaden and Will Smith recently led a team of reporters on a tour of the Just Water factory, located in a forest in upstate New York just outside of Glens Falls.

Just Water, just like the Smith family, is far from average: Jaden claims he’s been dreaming of creating a sustainable bottled water product since age 11. At a young age, he realized that bottled water was good, but the waste that it was producing was bad. He reportedly came up with the idea after encountering plastic water bottles floating in the ocean while he was surfing.

There are plenty of other things that make Just Water unique – like the fact that the company uses a converted Catholic church as a packaging plant. The water is also sold at a lower price point than most other bottled waters: it’s priced at 99 cents.

One NY Mag reporter claimed the water tasted similar to New York tap water. Jaden, however, describes the water as “crisp and natural”. As you’ll learn below, the water uses the same spring source as Glens Falls, New York, although it goes to a separate processing facility.

Despite the A-list celebrity involvement in the project, the Smiths claim they’re not trying to make Just Water yet another celebrity-branded bottled water:

“Primarily we want to do something that is good for the world, that starts to move in a direction, even if it’s just consciousness — even if it’s just people start paying attention,” Will said to the NY Mag reporter linked above.

Another goal is to revitalize the small town American economy. Just Water gets its tap water from the 100% spring water around Glens Falls, and reportedly pays 6 times the normal municipal rate. The factory has also hired local employees to revitalize the economy.

The Just Water Packaging

One of the most distinctive parts of Just Water is its packaging. You may have seen Jaden Smith holding the water bottles up to his ears in recent social media posts. He claims he does this to emulate rappers putting bundles of cash next to their ears.

In any case, the water bottles are made from plant-based plastic, which is actually similar in material to paper. That water bottle, according to the official Just Water website, is also made from 82% renewable resources.

What exactly are those renewable resources? Just Water’s material is derived from sugarcane, something that obviously grows naturally and has a low carbon footprint. It’s also water efficient, renewable, and recyclable, so it significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint of Just Water.

Meanwhile, the paper content of the Just Water bottle comes from managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and The Rainforest Alliance in conjunction with Tetra Pak.

Where Does the Water Come From?

Just Water uses water from the same spring source as the city of Glens Falls. Yes, Just Water uses the same source as Glens Falls municipal tap water, but it’s not the same water found in the homes of Glens Falls residents. The water comes from the same supply, but goes to separate processing facilities.

In any case, Just Water is proud of its minimal impact on the Glens Falls water supply. The company claims that half of the water in the Glens Falls watershed goes unused (1.7 billion gallons). Just Water uses less than 3% of that excess water yield, as “this ensures ethical use of the water in the community.”

It’s unclear if Just Water plans to change that usage in the future as the company increases its sales.

Just Water Pricing

Just Water is priced at 99 cents per bottle.

Where to Buy Just Water

Just Water is available at a growing number of retailers across America, including many Whole Foods locations.

You can find your closest Just Water retailer using the map found here.

If you’re looking for a unique, eco-friendly bottled water product, Jaden and Will Smith’s Just Water is available today at a growing number of retailers across America at a price of 99 cents per bottle.

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