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Evo Hemp – Nutritious Nuts & Raw Fruit Organic Bars?

Evo Hemp is a company that makes energy bars that are free of gluten, and only use organic ingredients, including hemp. You can find them in many local health stores, or you can purchase your box online.

What Is Evo Hemp?

Mornings aren’t for everyone, which is why so many people start their day by turning on the coffee pot as the get ready.

When you make your particular cup, you probably add a certain amount of cream and sugar, but those ingredients actually take away from how potent coffee really is.

If you really want to boost your energy in the morning, the best choice is just some old-fashioned protein in your diet. That’s what Evo Hemp makes available to you.

Evo Hemp produces a variety of different nutritional bars, which help to increase your energy naturally.

Their ingredients are hemp-based, which still has a certain stigma in the food industry. Most people think that hemp is the same thing as marijuana, but there are actually quite a few significant differences, as described below.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

While both hemp and marijuana come from cannabis, they actually are both very different. While marijuana plants help to give you a “high” feeling, the products you will find from Evo Hemp contain such a small dose of THC (0.001%) that there’s no way to get the same sensation. In fact, the amount is so low that it wouldn’t even show up on a drug test.

Due to the way the hemp is handled with this brand, the products are safe for pregnant women and children. Hemp is actually rich with nutrients, like folic acid, which is an essential vitamin that pregnant women need.

The hemp seeds in the different bars are no different to your child than eating a pumpkin seed, while still offering natural energy with protein and fiber. Hemp foods actually have a higher nutritional value than most foods that contain flax, chia, or peas.

Evo Hemp Bars

The Evo Hemp bars are all filled with different ingredients, helping you to get the most flavor and nutritional value out of each one. All of the ingredients are raw, vegan, organic, and kosher, making it safe for just about any diet. The products contain no soy or gluten, and are non-GMO.

You can use these nutritional bars to give you energy before a workout, for your morning meeting, or even just went you start to feel a little sluggish.

Without any added sugar, you can still get about 3 or 4 hours of energy off of just one, which is probably due to the 7 grams of protein. If you managed to resist eating them, the bars are good for an entire year from the date they are manufactured. For optimum texture, keep the bars at room temperature.

Each box, regardless of flavor, is priced at $25.99.

Cashew Cacao Box

The Cashew Cacao box features a chocolate that has cashews and the fruity taste of blueberries, which are filled with antioxidants. This box, along with all of the other boxes, features live enzymes, since the bars were not exposed to heat during the preparation process.

Apple Pecan Box

The Apple Pecan box also includes a hint of cinnamon, making the taste of each bar into something you would expect to have around Thanksgiving. To help you treat inflammation naturally, the formula also includes turmeric.

Cherry Walnut Box

The Cherry Walnut box also has a little bit of banana mixed into the bars, which makes them a great source of potassium, which nourishes your muscles. It also provides antioxidants, to keep your digestive system functioning properly.

Mango Macadamia Box

The Mango Macadamia box offers a deliciously tropical blend of ingredient, which also includes coconut and yerba mate. With all of the innovative ingredients, you can help to limit your appetite, increase your energy, and replenish lost nutrients, like essential vitamins and minerals.

Pineapple Almond Box

With the juiciness of pineapple and the crunch of almonds, this box of bars is a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and many other vitamins. Several of the ingredients help you to increase your brain activity and health, making it a great snack for studying. To balance out the sweetness, raisins are included as well.

Cacao Dragon Box

The Cacao Dragon box features dark chocolate as the main ingredient. You will find a beautiful balance of flavors with the inclusion of dragon fruit and blue-green algae, which helps to support the health of your body tissues. In these bars, you will find a small source of protein and fiber.

This treat is filled with powerful antioxidants, which help you to maintain a healthy immune system. Some of the nutrients from the dragon fruit may help you to metabolize carbohydrates better.

Where To Buy Evo Hemp Products

If you want to make any of these products yours, you can use the store locator tool to determine the closest place to you that sells the Evo Hemp merchandise. Most of the stores seem to be Whole Foods locations, but there are other options as well.

To make the purchasing process a little easier, you can submit your order on the website as well.

Purchasing from Evo Hemp’s Website

If you decide to purchase online, your fee will be $5.00, and you will receive the product within 9 business days.

Right now, you can make your purchase to be shipped from Evo Hemp’s website, if you are located within the United States or Puerto Rico. International shipping is not available at this time.

Contacting Evo Hemp

If you’ve never tried hemp products before, it may benefit you to speak with the company to get a clearer understanding of the snack bars offered to you.

There is not a phone number or email address listed, but you are able to enter your question into the contact form on the website for correspondence.


Evo Hemp is a great brand that tries to do away with the stigma of consuming products with this ingredient. Hemp is a great source of nutrition, which includes omega-3’s. Each bar has its own set of other ingredients, giving you a range to select from when looking for your favorite.

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