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Lifeplus International – Real Health & Wellness MLM Company?

Lifeplus is a company that is dedicated to creating high-quality products for consumers to tackle their overall health in every way.

They predominantly produce nutritional products, but you will find topical remedies for various skin conditions and complexions as well.

What Is Lifeplus?

Making the healthiest choices for your body is often just a matter of research, but it can take a very long time to find the information that applies to your situation.

While total body wellness is not a priority to some people, the majority of consumers want products that are nourishing and safe for the whole family. However, there is much debate in every industry as to what is the healthiest course of action. You are stuck in the middle, as you learn the difference between what organic products offer, and what quality you are willing to settle for.

By trusting the inventory at Lifeplus, you no longer have to debate about what products are the best for you.

Lifeplus describes itself as a “community,” since their entire team works together to make supplements and remedies to make their customers lives better.

The company has been in business for over 20 years, and thrives on two aspects – offering the customers balanced nutrition, and giving consumers the opportunity to sell the products themselves.

This company seems to handle their business in the same way that Avon, Mary Kay, and other brands do, which is by recruiting customers to become sales representatives. By joining the Lifeplus team, you could start earning the extra money your budget needs, while getting discounts on the items that you love the most.

However, unlike companies that offer cosmetics or cookware, you’re making a difference in the health of all of your clients.

You can feel comfort in knowing that every purchase made through you is a step in the right direction for their health.

Lifeplus Products

Lifeplus aims to nourish your body from the inside to the outside, offering nutritional supplement, personal care products, and plenty of remedies in between. To preserve a healthy body, you need to keep up with your body’s maintenance on a daily basis.

However, when you live such a busy life, you don’t have much time to browse through shelves of different products online or at the store. Luckily, Lifeplus has products that will meet your nutritional needs, regardless of what they may be.

Each product from Lifeplus is carefully formulated, and is created under strict guidelines that dictate their expected quality.

The product range is fairly vast, offering products that can help nourish your skin, your teeth, or your digestive system. Since there are so many options available, check out a few of the interesting products offered to consumers.

Bodysmart Solutions Vegan Protein Shake

The Bodysmart Solutions Vegan Protein Shake features a formula that is based on peas and brown rice, rather than on animal products.

Vegans often struggle to get the nutrition that they need, due to the lack of comparable protein sources, but this formula solves the struggle. It is carefully formulated to help improve your weight loss efforts or increase your muscle mass.

This product is available in a few flavors, and it comes in a powdered form, so you will need to mix it into a liquid to consume it. The blend is presently priced at $48.50.

Forever Young Day/Night Renewal Balancing Facial Moisturizer

The Forever Young Day/Night Renewal Balancing Facial Moisturizer is a skincare product that is meant for men and women with maturing skin.

As you get older, your skin’s texture and complexion changes, so you need to modify your routine to work with these differences. This particular blend includes the use of Spirulina and Ginseng extracts to achieve the smoothness you desire.

This moisturizer is meant to be used as a topical formula, introducing a new level of hydration to your face. It is available for $39.00 from the Lifeplus website.

Tea Tree Toothpaste

The Tea Tree toothpaste is a natural alternative to the chemically-processed formulas you may presently be using.

This low-abrasive “dentifrice” has everything necessary to maintain a clean and plaque-free climate for your gums and teeth. You can even choose whether your particular toothpaste has fluoride or not.

Follow your dentist’s directions, when it comes to maintaining your oral health. You can buy this vegan-safe toothpaste for $4.55 on the Lifeplus website.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is probably one of the most popular products from Lifeplus. You can apply it by spraying, or you can measure it out by the teaspoon.

This formula is completely gluten-free. You can make it your own for $26.50, which gives you a 4-ounce bottle.

Contacting Lifeplus

Whether you have a question about a recent purchase, or you want to speak with someone about a particular product, you can easily reach the customer service team at Lifeplus. The department is reachable by phone or email.

The most direct route to reach someone at Lifeplus is by calling 800-572-8446. However, if you are calling from outside the United States, you will need to call 870-698-2311 instead.

Since the website doesn’t state when customer service is available, you run the risk of being unable to reach someone by calling. If you want to email your question instead, send your message to


Lifeplus is easily defined by its inventory, which covers just about every kind of product that you will need to keep your body healthy.

Most of the products include natural ingredients, and are labeled for vegans or for diets that require restricted or no gluten.

With so much information available, and many different supplements and treatments to keep you healthy and nourished, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t place an order to check out the hype for yourself.

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