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Silk Skin Complex – The 3 Minute Anti-Aging Skin Care System?

Silk Skin is a skincare remedy that helps to treat the appearance of aging with a three-step system. The three components can be purchased together or separately.

What is Silk Skin?

Treating your skin with quality products is an important part of your everyday life from the moment you hit puberty. However, as you enter your senior years, the attention you give your skin will make the difference when it comes to the onset of wrinkles. You need to moisturize your skin properly, unless you want your face to age at a rapid pace. Luckily, Silk Skin is available to help.

Silk Skin involve a three-party remedy that helps women of all ages maintain their youthful glow. Their formulas include essential ingredients that promote healthy and hydrated complexions. This formula was created by a Hollywood makeup artist, who was trying to find the right products for the cast of a show in the 1950’s. When he couldn’t find a safe and healthy under-base for the stage makeup to meet his needs, he created his own. Once other consumers caught wind of this effective treatment, he added two more steps to the process, creating a compete skincare regimen. The rest is history.

Most people don’t want to take the time to nurture their skin to good health. Instead, they take an easier road by getting a facelift or paralyzing their muscles with Botox. Both of these procedures cost a pretty penny, but they also require a certain amount of time to heal from the procedures before you can even apply makeup. With Silk Skin, you nurture your complexion from the very start with all of the right ingredients, which is completely different from any surgery or injection. However, the real difference comes from the use of Moringa Oil.

About Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil is the reason that this entire system is effective in the first place. It has many different uses and applications in aging, helping to improve the dull look of your skin, and replace it with radiance. When you use products that contain moringa oil, you actually slow down the aging process, since this substance includes the use of antioxidants. It also helps improve wrinkles, sagging skin, and other characteristics that are common of mature complexions.

This oil is actually native to India specifically, and has been used around the world for the intense changes it can make to your complexion. The reason it is so effective is due to the vitamins that naturally occur in the Moringa Olifera Tree, which is where the oil comes from. It contains potassium, iron, calcium, and sulfur, just to name a few of the essential nutrients you will find. Each seed contains a high amount of oil, which is why this substance can be used in abundance in the Silk Skin formulas.

The Silk Skin Three-Minute System

The Silk Skin Three-Minute System is about taking care of your complexion from start to finish in just three minutes. However, in order to achieve this task, you will need to use the Silk Skin cleanser, toner, and emollient.

The Cleanser

The first step in any skincare regimen is the cleanser. Your cleanser sets the stage for all of the other products you are going to use. This particular formula helps to deeply clean your pores out, while still adding a touch of moisture to avoid the parched and tight feeling that other cleansers offer. This formula helps to eliminate the heaviest of foundations so that you can prepare for the next step.

The Toner

Toner helps to give your skin a little bit of the moisture back, which you just pulled out of all of your pores. This formula contains no alcohol, and includes Witch Hazel and hyaluronic acid instead, helping to infuse your skin with natural hydration. You can apply this product with a cotton ball or cotton pad to clean up any remnants of your makeup routine or dirt. Then, you’re prepared for the final step.

The Emollient

This step allows you to fully hydrate your skin, completing your three-minute regimen. This formula includes moringa oil, and helps to support your skin with ingredients that won’t clog your pores.

Pricing for Silk Skin

The creators of the Silk Skin give you the option of purchasing the whole kit at once, or as individual items. The complete kit is available for $68.00. Here is the pricing for the individual products:

  • Silk Skin Cleanser: $22.00 (4oz)
  • Silk Skin Toner: $22.00 (4oz)
  • Silk Skin Moisturizing Emollient: $38.00 (2oz)
  • DuoMasque: $40.00
  • Ceramide Plus: $60.00

Contacting the Creators of Silk Skin

If you have any questions about the system or a recent order, the creators behind the Silk Skin brand are available to help. The brand is run by Mylan Enterprises, which is located in California. You can submit an inquiry with the online form, or you can call.

To speak with a representative directly, the best choice is to call the company at either (888) 528-3928 or (818) 538-8080. Unfortunately, there are no listed hours of operation so it is up to you to find the right time to call.

Silk Skin Review Conclusion

Silk Skin is all about helping you get the texture and suppleness that you desire at any age. By hydrating the skin, you’re able to improve the state of wrinkles, fine lines, and even discoloration. Additionally, since all of your products are coming from the same source, you don’t have to worry about ingredients clashing with each other. Since the products are covered by a warranty, try the Silk Skin regimen out today to see the real benefits.

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