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Lyfe Tea – Healthy Herbal Detox Tea For Faster Weight Loss?

Lyfe Tea is a company that produces an herbal beverage to help you combat the substances in your body that can inhibit your ability to lose weight. It also helps to clean out your digestive system for maximum absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

What is Lyfe Tea?

Everyone has been in the middle of a diet and exercise routine, and experienced the discouraging plateau that comes with it. At this point in your regimen, you still haven’t hit your goal, but your body no longer feels challenged to lose the weight. You become stalled, and no amount of extreme changes can make a difference. However, the problem may not be your diet at all. Your digestive system and GI tract may be clogged by toxins and indigestible particles. Luckily, Lyfe Tea can help.

Lyfe Tea is infused with different superfoods to help you get the nutrients you need, while still eliminating the buildup in your colon and other organs. When you drink these beverages, you can:

  • Improve the functioning of your immune system
  • Increase your blood circulation
  • Balance out your body’s ability to utilize glucose
  • Soothe the impact of aging
  • Prevent and treat internal inflammation
  • Improve your brain’s cognitive abilities
  • Increase energy
  • Increase your metabolism

When your colon is clogged, you experience more than just digestion issues. Your body isn’t able to continue absorbing nutrients from the healthy foods you are choosing. Without this absorption, you can eat a diet of strictly lean protein and vegetables, but not receive any nutritional benefit. If you want to correct the way your body handles the foods you eat, Lyfe Tea is the way to go.

How Lyfe Tea Works

The reason that Lyfe Tea is so effective in helping with your weight loss journey and overall health is due to the high-quality ingredients in the formula. Many of the included substances are rich with vitamins that nourish your body, or antioxidants that clear out the bad toxins inside it. However, one of the main reasons that their beverages are effective is due to one particular type of enzyme, which is responsible for your weight loss.

Learn more about the ingredients involved and how to prepare these teas below.

Ingredients in Lyfe Tea

The reason that you need both a morning and an evening tea is because each formula contains a different set of ingredients, maximizing its effectiveness during your day. In Morning Lyfe Tea, you will find:

  • Moringa, which is a superfood that has everything your body needs to remain healthy.
    • Also contains high levels of calcium, vitamin A, protein, and potassium
  • Yerba Mate, which features a high amount of antioxidant that exceeds the amount provided by green tea
  • Green Tea, which has only been minimally processed to preserve the antioxidants
  • Guarana, to help with fatigue and improve your energy for the day
    • Also helps to suppress the appetite and increase your metabolism
  • Ginger, which has proven to be an effective treatment for gastrointestinal problems
    • Also helps to relieve internal inflammation
  • Lemon Peel, offering up to 10 times as much nutrients as plain lemon juice

You actually don’t find any of these ingredients in the Detox Lyfe Tea. However, you will find:

  • Senna Leaf, which acts as a laxative to clean out toxins in your colon
  • Dandelion Leaf, to act as a diuretic to eliminate water weight and toxic substances that build up in your liver
  • Chamomile, to help calm your body after a long day, while still preventing inflammation and bad bacteria from impacting your digestive system
  • Nettle Leaf, which limits your body from absorbing fats that can inhibit blood flow

The only way to tackle your entire body at once is by enjoying both of these teas during the day. Both help you to function on a daily basis, while giving you plenty of weight-loss benefits.

Preparing Your Tea

When you make the tea, the directions are fairly similar for both the morning and evening tea. Here’s how you prepare this delicious treat.

  1. Boil eight ounces of water.
  2. Fill either an infuser or a tea bag with a tablespoon of the applicable tea. If you use a tea bag, you can just let it steep. However, with any infuser, you need to use your spoon or a stirrer to slowly mix it into the water.
  3. You need to let the Morning Tea steep anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, which will turn it an orange color. This color slowly progresses to a browner hue as it sits. However, the Detox Evening tea should only be steeped for 1 minute, when you initially begin the program. As you build up your tolerance, you can add another minute or two to the steeping time.

By following these directions, you can get the most out of both drinks.

Products Available from Lyfe Tea

Lyfe Tea isn’t your normal remedy, and it offers many different formats to turn weight loss into a more convenient task. On the website, you will find several types of products, like:

  • Lyfe Tea 14 Day Teatox, which features morning and evening teas (starts at $34.95 for two weeks)
  • Blueberry/Raspberry Matcha, which can be served cold or hot ($19.95)
  • Lyfe Tea Blender Bottles, to help you mix up your beverage ($9.95)

These are just a few of the many options you have from Lyfe Tea. The website also features combinations of several of these products to help you save money and condense your treatment into one package.

When you make your purchase, most of the products offer you the chance to join the Auto-Refill Program. This program allows you to choose to have the selected tea sent to you every 30 or 60 days, and gives you a 15% discount on your purchase.

Contacting the Creators of Lyfe Tea

With such an innovative remedy, you may have a few lingering questions before you invest in your purchase. Luckily, the customer service team is available to help via phone or email.

Most people prefer to speak with an agent in real time, which is why you can reach someone by calling (931) 854-9439. This phone number only is available on weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST. If you are unable to call during these hours, you can send a message to

You can also fill in the online form with your inquiry. You should receive a response within 36 hours.

Lyfe Tea Conclusion

Lyfe Tea is all about improving the way your body functions. It won’t lose the weight for you; it will simply help you to lose the weight more effectively. With so many packages and drink options to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

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