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Prolongz – Advanced Oral Strips For Male Enhancement?

Prolongz is an oral strip that dissolves on your tongue to enhance your sexual function and help you last longer in bed. Find out how – and if – Prolongz works today in our review.

What is Prolongz?

Prolongz is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of an oral strip. That oral strip takes 20 seconds to dissolve on your tongue, during which it sends a blast of ginseng extract and damiana extract into your body.

That proprietary blend then reacts with the chemicals in your brain that control the major parts of sexual excitement. By taking it before sex, you can enjoy “increased ejaculation control” – so it helps you last longer.

Prolongz claims to be “Australia’s best kept secret”. It just recently launched in the United States.

Does Prolongz actually work as advertised? Let’s take a closer look at its methods of action.

How Does Prolongz work?

Prolongz is a homeopathic supplement. When the strip dissolves on your tongue, it delivers “a very potent natural combination of herbs, vitamins, antioxidants, and mushroom extracts”, explains the manufacturer.

In clinical testing, Prolongz purportedly increased the length of sex for 97% of men (out of a test group of “thousands”). Unfortunately, the makers of Prolongz refuse to provide any further information about this test or how it worked.

Prolongz doesn’t just make it easier to last longer in bed. It also helps make your erection firmer. The two main ingredients in Prolongz are ginseng and damiana:

-Ginseng: An herbal extract that purportedly increases male sexual stamina and endurance, helping you last longer in bed.

-Damiana: Another herbal extract that “increases sexual desire, eliminates performance anxiety before intercourse, and increases ejaculator control”, explains the makers of Prolongz.

These are the only two active ingredients in Prolongz. There’s 10mg of each ingredient. you take 2 strips once a day, plus 1 strip 30 minutes before intercourse.

Are these dosages strong enough to enjoy sexual function benefits? Typically, ginseng is taken in an oral dose of 200 to 400mg. However, as Examine.com reports, only one specific type of ginseng has been linked to sexual health benefits:

“Trials using Korean Red Ginseng extract for erectile health and libido enhancement tend to use 3g of total KRG extract daily, in three doses of 1000mg.”

Obviously, 3000mg per day is much stronger than the 10mg dose found in Prolongz. Yes, Prolongz uses a sublingual dose, so more of the active ingredients will enter your bloodstream. Still, it appears the dose is too small to have any major noticeable effect on your body – even when you’re taking three sublingual strips per day as recommended.

What about Damiana? Damiana leaf is typically brewed as part of an aphrodisiac tea. It’s been linked back to ancient Mayan culture and is popular throughout Mexico. There’s some limited evidence that Damiana can reduce anxiety. However, there’s little evidence supporting its use as an aphrodisiac. There’s also not enough evidence to support any dosage information. As Examine.com explains,

“There is currently not enough evidence to recommend an effective dosage of Damiana. Traditionally, the dried leaves have been brewed as a tea.”

Ultimately, neither of the ingredients in Prolongz appear to be backed by a significant amount of scientific evidence. That’s worrying – especially since the makers of the Prolongz cite a mysterious clinical study where Prolongz worked on “thousands” of men.

Prolongz Ingredients

Prolongz has just two active ingredients, but it also uses a bunch of other ingredients to make up the strips and the delivery system. Here is the full list of ingredients:

-Damiana extract, ginseng extract, aspartyl-phenylpropyl methyl ester, cellulose, glycerol, pullulan, natural mint extract, stevia, water, and xylitol

Prolongz Pricing

If you weren’t already seeing red flags about Prolongz, then the pricing section should set you off. Here’s how pricing works out for this expensive supplement:

-You pay $89.95 + $4.95 Shipping for a one month supply of 60 strips

-You only pay $4.95 today, while the full $89.95 price isn’t charged until the 15th day after you order (not the date you receive the supplement)

-If you want to avoid the full price, you can call the company within the first 15 days of ordering, in which case you’ll return the supplement and avoid being charged

-If you never contact the company, you’ll be charged $89.95 on the 15th day, then every 30 days thereafter you’ll be charged $69.95 for an additional monthly supply of Prolongz

-All purchases come with a free bottle of lube and a free ring

Keep in mind that 60 strips isn’t technically a one month supply. The manufacturer recommends taking two strips per day plus an additional strip before you have sex – so it’s only a one month supply if you have no sex. Which defeats the point of the supplement.

Given the low dosage of the supplement, it’s hard to see why the manufacturer charges nearly $100 for less than a one month supply.

Fortunately, you can get Prolongz for a much cheaper price from retailers like GNC, where it’s priced at $45.99 (or $39.99 for the member price).

Who Makes Prolongz?

Prolongz [prolongz.com] is made by a company named Advance Men’s Institute. There’s very little information about Advanced Men’s Institute available online, but the information that is available isn’t very positive.

The official BBB page for the company, for example, states that there have been 46 complaints lodged against the company over the past 3 years. many of the complaints involved billing problems. specifically, customers claimed that the company “made it impossible” to cancel the purchased item. Refunds were also notoriously difficult.

The BBB page reports that the Advanced Men’s Institute is based in California. You can contact the company by phone at (877) 404-4686.

Should You Take Prolongz to Enhance Sexual Performance?

If you need to last longer in bed, then Prolongz recommends itself as a solution. Unfortunately, this high-priced supplement doesn’t quite have the dosages needed to back up its price tag. Ginseng extract has shown some legitimate benefits as a sexual health supplement, although it’s typically taken in a dosage 300 times stronger than what’s inside Prolongz. Damiana, a Central American herbal extract, hasn’t demonstrated the same evidence.

The few customer reviews available for Prolongz online didn’t give us any further confidence. Many people claim that they were able to save significant amounts of money by buying the ingredients separately – and at a high dosage.

Overall, based on the ingredients and dosages listed, Prolongz doesn’t appear to be worth more than $40 or so – which is surprising considering the company sells it for as much as $100 from their official website.

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