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SnoreMeds – Does This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution Work?

SnoreMeds is a stop snoring mouthpiece that claims to stop snoring at the source. Find out how SnoreMeds mouthpieces work – and if they work – today in our review.

What Is SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds is a lineup of mouthpieces that claim to stop your snoring. Like many other stop-snoring mouthpieces, these products work by moving your jaw forward, unblocking the upper airway behind your tongue. They’re mandibular advancement devices, or MADs.

The mouthpieces are priced at around $41 for a single pack and $51 for a double pack. There are different mouthpieces for men and women .

All SnoreMeds mouthpieces are “boil and bite”, which means you boil them in water and then bite down (after they’re cooled, of course) to ensure they fit your mouth correctly.

How Do SnoreMeds Mouthpieces Work?

Snoring is caused by a partial blockage of the upper airway behind the tongue. When we’re awake, our breathing is unobstructed because our body consciously keeps the upper airway open. When we sleep, our body relaxes. The muscles in our throat and airway relax, causing the airway to become narrower. Air moves through the narrow opening, causing vibrations, which then leads to snoring.

With that in mind, SnoreMeds mouthpieces fix the problem by moving the position of your jaw. You place the mouthpiece in your mouth, and it forces your jaw into a forward position.

This isn’t a super uncomfortable position. The movement isn’t extreme. However, it’s just enough movement to free the upper airway, holding the soft pallet and tongue forward and naturally opening the airway.

You can actually test the theory behind SnoreMeds for yourself: move your lower jar into a forward position, then try to snore. You can sorta do it – but it’s much harder than when your jaw is in its neutral, relaxed position.

With that in mind, SnoreMeds mouthpieces come with the following features and promises:

-Comfortable to wear

-Made from FDA-cleared hyperallergenic thermoplastic (the website says “hyperallergenic” but they must mean hypoallergenic)

-BPA and latex-free

-Two different sizes available, including an Original Fit (for men) and a Small Fit (for women)

-Emergency holes that allow the wearer to breathe through the mouth if necessary (this is important if the wearer has sinus issues). The holes also prevent excess saliva buildup while sleeping.

In terms of comfort, SnoreMeds claims that wearing the device is a lot like wearing a mouth guard for sports: it takes a little bit of time to get used to it, and it will feel weird at first. However, after a bit of time, you’ll get to a point “that you won’t even know it’s there”, according to the manufacturer. They claim most people experience discomfort for the first 1 to 2 weeks before getting used to the device.

Ultimately, SnoreMeds claims that its mouthpieces have proved to be successful with 85% of snoring sufferers. Typically, stop snoring aids have a success rate of between 60% and 70% – so an 85% success rate is very good.

SnoreMeds Pricing

SnoreMeds is available online through SnoreMeds.com, where you’ll be able to purchase all of the following kits and packages:

-Single Pack for Men: $40.95

-Double Pack for Men: $51.25

-Value Pack for Men: $88.95 (4 Pack)

-Single Pack for Women: $40.95

-Double Pack for Women: $51.25

-Value Pack for Women: $88.95 (4 Pack)

Each mouthpiece is manufactured to last about one year. However, the makers of SnoreMeds recommend that you change your mouthpiece every 3 to 4 months to ensure the hygiene and safety of your teeth and gums.

After you buy your mouthpiece, you’ll be able to customize it to the shape of your mouth using boiling water. Instructions for this molding process are included in the packaging.

SnoreMeds does have a refund policy, although it’s only available on single packs, and you’ll also need to explain why the mouthpiece did not work for you. Your refund will have a deduction of $7.84 (for USA shipping) or $8.50 (for international shipping).

Who Makes SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds is a niche company based in Valley Cottage, New York. The company’s About page describes how they consist of a “specialized team of professionals all qualified in their areas of expertise.”

The company also claims that its long-term goal is “to utilize our extensive database for the engineering and production of snoring mouthpiece devices that will assist patients who suffer from snoring.”

Key members of the company include owners Michelle Hall-Jones and Philippa Logan.

The original SnoreMeds mouthpiece was launched in 2006. Today, it’s one of the leading mandibular advancement devices on the market.

Should You Use SnoreMeds to Fix your Snoring Problem?

SnoreMeds has a good reputation in the stop snoring industry. It’s a basic boil and bite-style thermoplastic mandibular advancement device (MAD). You place the mouthpiece in your mouth while you sleep and it holds your jaw forward. It’s not a high-tech snoring solution, but it does claim to work in 85% of all users.

Reviews online for SnoreMeds are generally positive, although the 85% success rate does seem to be a bit exaggerated. We found multiple reviews online where reviewers said it had little effect on their snoring.

Nevertheless, we’ve never found a stop snoring aid that’s 100% effective. SnoreMeds will likely work on some people to prevent their snoring – but not all. It’s also available at a more competitive price than many other stop snoring aids on the market – so it may be a good option to try before moving onto higher-priced solutions.

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