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Neuro Drinks – Healthy Energy Drinks That Help Your Brain?

These days, beverages come in countless forms. Some provide you with energy or allow you to sleep easy, while other reduce stress and boost immunity levels. Whatever it is you are looking for, there really is a beverage for everyone. One brand that is receiving a lot of attention recently is Neuro Drinks. With seven different versions, the brand is seemingly revolutionizing the beverage industry by making it easy, convenient, and simple to attain what you are looking for.

While Neuro Drinks are receiving a lot of hype, it begs the question “Is it worth it?” Fortunately, this review is here to answer the question. Here is everything you need to know about Neuro Drinks so that you can make sure that your money is well spent.

What are Neuro Drinks?

Neuro Drinks, also known as Neuro Water, is a line of liquid dietary supplements that are appearing on store isles everywhere. As the brand explains, its dietary supplement beverages are “functional beverages” that are supported by science and that has every type of consumer in mind.

If you are tired of drinking average water and are looking for a beverage with a purpose, then Neuro Water may be the product for you. There are seven different beverage options available, each of which this review discusses.

What is in a Bottle?

Every bottle is different, but there are some features that are consistent throughout the line of products. For example, each bottle features the following qualities:

  • Only 35 calories per bottle
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • Ingredient that make a difference

It is clear that Neuro ensures that each bottle is low in calories and that it meets certain dietary restrictions. With these qualities, you can add Neuro Drinks into your routine without having to worry about weight gain, excess sugar, or dietary issues.

The Seven Beverages

Neuro Water currently has a line of seven different beverages. The beverage options are as follows:

  • Sleep: Sweet Dreams
  • Bliss: Reduce Stress
  • Daily: Daily Health
  • Sonic: Energy Refreshed
  • Trim: A New You
  • Gasm: Playful Energy
  • Aqua: Premium Hydration

As you can tell, there really is a product for everyone. With these different options, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for. So you are familiar with each product, here is an overview of each option so that you can make the right choice when you purchase beverages by Neuro.

Sleep: Sweet Dreams

Sleep is one of the most important things to get into your day. Without proper sleep, you simply cannot function well. Neuro Sleep is a dietary supplement that eases your body into a state where it is able to fall asleep faster.

The Science

This product’s performance is supported by the proven benefits of melatonin, magnesium, and L-theanine. The formula also features super-fruit extracts that help better manage your biological clock. Each bottle contains 50 mg of magnesium, the amino acid L-theanine to promote relaxation, and L-tryptophan, another amino acid that helps you sleep well.


The three available flavors are mellow mango, tangerine dream, and peach apricot.

Bliss: Reduce Stress

Stress happens to everyone and for many, it can be overwhelming and nerve-racking. To ease your stress, you may want to choose Bliss: Reduce Stress. This beverage reduces your stress and cortisol levels so that you can feel better and replenished throughout the day. You will also attain a better sense of focus and concentration to up your productivity and energy levels.

The Science

The stress relief qualities are through a proven combination of L-theanine and bio-actives such as Vitamin D, chamomile, and alpha GPC. The product also contains super fruit extracts from pomegranate, blueberry, and acai. Studies show that the combinations in this product result in brain wave synchronization that correlated with a “relaxed state of mind.”


The three available flavors are tropical lychee, citrus berry, and white raspberry.

Daily: Health

There are few things more important than taking care of your health and now, you can supplement your body with Neuro Daily: Health. This beverage, as the brand explains, “is your own private body guard.” It is rich in anti-oxidants and Aloe Vera for a strong body.

The Science

The supplement’s performance is through the formula’s inclusion of Vitamins C, D, daily antioxidants, zinc, and minerals. The product increases your natural strength and defense levels.


The only flavor available is tangerine citrus.

Sonic: Energy

This carbonated beverage is an excellent alternative to your everyday energy drink. The product enhances your energy levels, promotes a solid state of being, and keeps your energy levels stable without causing a crash. You will also experience significant cognitive improvements and more focus throughout your day.

The Science

The product’s performance is through the scientifically proven formula that contains caffeine, L-theanine, nutrients, and bio-actives such as B vitamins, Vitamin D, and Alpha GPC. With these compounds, you will be able to keep going for about 4 hours before your energy levels go back to normal.


The three flavors available are orange passion, wild berry, and superfruit infusion.

Trim: A New You

Weight loss is challenging, especially if you go at it alone. This liquid supplement promotes weight loss by keeping your hunger levels stable and improving your digestion. With these qualities, you’ll be able to lose weight faster and more effectively. The formula is also rich in probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that improve your digestive health.

The Science

This product’s performance features a number of compounds that are scientifically proven to provide you with weight loss qualities. For example, the product features glucomannan, chicory root inulin, fibersol, caffeine, and other supporting ingredients. With this blend of substances, you will have the appetite control and weight loss benefits you need for a trim and thin body.


The only flavor available is tropical lychee.

Gasm: Playful Energy

This beverage is not your standard energy drink. Instead, is purpose is to provide you with “playful energy.” You will also feel passionate and satisfied with every bottle.

The Science

The beverage contains a blend of caffeine, L-citrulline, L-carnitine, Alpha GPC, resveratrol, and bilberry extract. With this blend of ingredients, you will experience more vigor, passion, and motivation. Keep in mind that while it may seem otherwise, the product is no a sexual performance product.


Passion fruit is the only flavor.

Aqua: Premium Hydration

Sometimes, your body needs an extract boost when it comes to hydration. Low hydration leads to a decrease in energy, lethargy, a lack of motivation, and poor skin quality and health. If you are ready to boost your hydration levels, then this product can help.

The Science

The formula relies primary on magnesium. According to studies, magnesium improves your body’s alkalinity, which then raises your pH levels so that your body is healthier and more hydrated.


The only flavor is naturally alkaline – although, the brand is not clear as to what this tastes like or what buyers can expect.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing Neuro Beverages, then you can do so through the brand’s website or by visiting the “Find Neuro” link on the brand’s website. Either way, each beverage is reasonably priced and accessible.

Neuro Drinks Review Summary

Overall, Neuro Beverages are interesting, unique, and can help improve your health in many ways. The drinks should not be confused with your standard beverage. As the brand points out, its products are “liquid supplements” that are meant to enhance your health. To purchase, visit the website or a store in your area.

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