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Nad’s Facial Wand & Eyebrow Shaper – Natural Hair Removal Solution?

Body hair shaming, especially that of women’s’, has been the highlight of many topics debated upon. Women have been pressured to look a certain way for quite some time, but did you know it started as early as ancient Egypt?

That’s right, hair removal has been present from Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire and gradually from the 1700s to where it’s at today.

The early tools used to remove hair from any part of the body consisted of: seashell tweezers, pumice tones, beeswax, sugar based waxes, etc. (Barringer 2013). When it comes to eyebrow shaping, people’s concentration on eyebrows only came up during the Middle Ages. They did not think of shaping, but rather thought it was a trend to completely remove any facial hair (no eyebrows at all).

Today, the main ways of getting shaped eyebrows, is to either tweeze, wax or thread, but having to visit a salon and to be paying at most $15 per visit may be a luxury for many. This is why, Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand & Eyebrow Shaper, is a mess free product you can use right in the rooms of your home!

What is Nad’s Facial Wand & Eyebrow Shaper?

Nad’s is the leading body hair removal brand in today’s industry. Their products target nose hair to every other possible body hair. Have a hair problem? Nad’s has the solution.

What makes, Nad’s unique is that they managed to get a safe product for eyebrow waxing. Some salons do not wax most of the eyebrow hairs because it may be risky. Risky in the sense that, the closer the hair is to your eyes, the more difficult it is to attempt to remove, but that’s not the case with Nad’s.

As Simple As 1,2,3?

Nad’s Facial Wand and Eyebrow Shaper comes with a gel wax sculpted in a pen (6g), 4 cleansing wipes and 10 reusable wax strips.

  1. First, you need to clean the area you are removing hair from with the cleansing wipes.
  2. Secondly, you need to roll the pen between your hands to activate the gel and then apply a small quantity in the direction your hair is growing in
  3. Lastly, place the wax strip on top of the gel and rub on it with your index finger (3 to 4 times)

Once you’ve completed these three steps, the final thing you need to do is to pull the wax strip off. One tip to keep in mind, is that when you pull the wax strip, pull it is the opposite direction of your hair growth.

If your hair grows horizontally to the left, pull the wax strip horizontally from the right. This way, you remove every bit and piece of hair right off from the root, resulting in lighter and slower hair growth.

Is it worth it?

Nad’s Facial Wand and Eyebrow Shaper is sold in the United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand, therefore prices may vary based on each country’s currency.

Based on the United States, this product costs under $10. For wax, cleansing wipes and reusable strips, the price is definitely affordable. Because this process requires very little gel, you will be able to wax your eyebrows more than 4-5 times per product. The lowest price to get your eyebrows waxed or threaded professional may range from $4-$12, therefore investing $10 seems more wise.

Nad’s Facial Wand and Eyebrow Shaper is sold at the following online retailers: Wal Mart, Ulta Beauty,, and many other retailers depending on where you live.

Is Nad’s Facial Wand and Eyebrow Shaper for you?

Nad’s Facial Wand and Eyebrow Shaper is suitable for all skin types. The product is ideal and limited to facial areas such as: chin, eyebrows, upper lip and any area of the face. Once you’ve waxed the area of your choice, you will only see hair growth in 4 to 6 weeks. Therefore, you do not need to worry about having to wax every so often.

Some things to keep in mind is as follows:

  1. Keep it away from children’s reach
  2. Do not microwave your pen; you are naturally warming up the wax by rolling the pen in between your hands
  3. It may be tougher to wax on elderly skin
  4. Use it when your skin is dry and lacks moisture
  5. If you have any side effects, immediately get medical help

For more information on the precautions, how to, and other dos and don’ts, check out: and select “Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper”.

In today’s society, more and more people are disregarding what society thinks of them. Recently, a teenager in France started a hashtag trend: #PrincessesHaveHair.

She started this campaign to prove to others that body hair can be appreciated and that we need to own it. You should want to wax or shape your eyebrows because you want to maintain yourself, not because of what people might think of you.

Everyone has their personal opinion on body hair, but when you do something, do it for you! That’s why Nad’s makes products that can be easily used within your comfort zone.

Nad’s Facial Wand & Eyebrow Shaper Review Summary

Overall Nad’s Facial Wand & Eyebrow Shaper is a must have product and is definitely effective and affordable compared to getting waxed at a salon. Because their wax strips are reusable, you do not need to worry about purchasing additional strips. You may need to buy additional cleansing wipes, but you can also use face soap in order to keep your face clean. Wax away, in a comfortable and safe manner with NAD’s Facial Wand & Eyebrow Shaper.

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