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Dremu Oil – Non Evasive Emu Oil Wrinkle Reducer?

Dremu Oil is a natural formula, which is a purified emu oil, which helps to battle the appearance of aging. You can use the oil in a variety of areas on your skin, including your face, neck, top of your chest, and hands.

What Is Dremu Oil?

One of the biggest areas of profit in the skincare industry is anti-aging remedies. Everyone wants to look like the most youthful version of themselves, and will pay a pretty penny to make that happen.

However, many brands make these chemical-filled products with no real ingredients, putting you at risk for inflammation, irritation, and other reactions that you do not need or want. Luckily, Dremu Oil is available to treat your skin naturally, while helping you regain your youthful radiance.

Dremu Oil is an innovative product that contains only one ingredient, which helps you fight your wrinkles and fine lines at a level that goes beyond anything else you will find in stores. The efficacy is a reflection of how simple the formula really is. According to Dremu, using this oil for your skin can help:

  • Eliminate wrinkles, without the need for Botox or laser treatment
  • Reduce the amount of buildup in your pores
  • Moisturize thirsty skin
  • Soothe redness and other discoloration
  • Plump up sunken skin

Your body thrives on collagen, offering that cushion between the layers of your skin and even between your joints. Unfortunately, collagen depletes as you age, but it can be regenerated with Dremu Oil, which contains emu oil.

While the main purpose of this product is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the enzymes in emu oil are able to eliminate stretch marks and age spots. You can even treat scars from burns, regardless of what the cause was (fire, chemical, radiation). Basically, if it’s a skin issue, Dremu Oil has you covered.

Using Dremu Oil is a much safer choice that invasive outpatient or inpatient procedures. Injections from Botox, laser treatments, or plastic surgery can be incredibly dangerous, considering the risks versus the rewards. These methods are also excruciatingly expensive, and don’t really treat the cause of the problem.

If you really want results, you need to work on helping to replenish your body’s hormones and chemicals that caused the wrinkles in the first place. Even though you can’t turn back time, it’s easy to see why nourishing your body with Dremu Oil is the best choice.

Extracting Emu Oil

Dremu Oil is made of emu oil, and it is extracted from the fat pack that is found on the backs of these flightless birds. This fat normally is used to nourish the emu’s body when food is scarce during wintertime in Australia, but the creatures used to create Dremu Oil are sheltered on an American farm.

This farm takes great pride in treating the animals with respect and feeding them with free-range pastures. The emu oil remains pure, since the birds are not given any type of hormone or chemicals to alter their size.

After the oil is extracted, the company uses labs that have been approved by the FDA to purify and refine it. This process is called molecular distillation, which ensures that you will have less than 10% impurities in the formula. After the repeated processes, you end up with the product you know as Dremu Oil.

How Dremu Oil Works

The only thing you will find in Dremu Oil is the 100% Pure Triple-Refined Emu Oil Serum that the company extracts. There are no preservatives to maintain the formula, and there are no perfumes or chemicals added to it to change the fragrance.

Emu oil has many different attributes, which make it a great product to include in your routine. It penetrates several layers of your skin, helping to give your face the moisture it needs at an elevated level. It also is helpful in reducing inflammation and eliminating pain.

Using Dremu Oil

You don’t need to use a lot of the Dremu Oil to get the desired effect, which is probably why the company provides you with such a small bottle.

You will need to put about two to four drops of the Dremu Oil in your palm, but you will use your other hand to spread it over your skin where you want to get the effects.

Within a few minutes, you’ve already absorbed it into your skin, so you don’t have to worry about having an oily texture after application. Once your skin is dry to the touch, you can apply any kind of makeup that you typically use.

Even though you may think that oils can clog your pores, the origins of this liquid actually prevent clogging. In fact, it helps to heal your blemishes to clear up pimples.

The texture is safe for sensitive skin, with researchers comparing its irritation abilities to just water. Since the formula is natural and so mild, Dremu Oil is also safe for pregnant women, babies, your hair, and even animals.

You should expect significant results within four to six weeks. If your wrinkles are especially deep, it is important to note that Dremu Oil can take up to nine months in these problem areas.

Pricing for Dremu Oil

The price that you pay for your own bottle of this serum will largely depend on the package you select from the website. If you are just looking to try out the product, then you will only need to purchase one bottle at a time, which is $88.00.

However, if you decide to purchase more of the Dremu Oil, then you may be able to save on the quantity.

Contacting the Makers of Dremu Oil: Dremu

Even though the Dremu brand is very clear about the effects and the use of the product, you may still find a way that you need to speak with a customer service representative at some point. There is no email address, but you can reach the department by phone when you call 800-373-4011.


The difference between Dremu Oil and other products is how simple the formula is. While there is an intense purification process, the actual oil is only one ingredient.

By harvesting the oil from emus that have been humanely treated and fed by a pasture, you are also getting a quality that is unmatchable by creating an artificial alternative. Dremu Oil can easily be the solution you’ve been searching for, treating any skin problem you may face.

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