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Andropenis – Minimally Invasive Male Enhancement Device?

Choosing the right male enhancement solution for you can be a complicated and difficult process. There are a great many different different methods available that vary greatly in effectiveness. Some male enhancement solutions designed to increase penis size or girth involve dangerous chemical additives that can harm the hormonal system and cause early onset andropause, while others have hazardous effects on the cardiovascular system that cause high blood pressure, contributing to heart disease, respiratory illness, and even worsening the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Other herbal supplements are completely ineffective and contain only aphrodisiac libido enhancers that while delivering the sensation of size increase, offer no tangible or demonstrable results.

The Andropenis Medical Penis Extender is the world’s leading penis enlargement treatment, consisting if a scientifically demonstrated and effective method that deliver measurable, real results for tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Endorsed by doctors and physicians, the Andropenis extender is based in real world medical techniques and has been proven to increase penis length and girth by up to 1.6 inches in a short treatment course.

Offering long lasting results not reliant on dangerous chemical additives, synthetic substances or spurious herbal and botanical extracts, the Andopenis Medical Penis Extender solution has been endorsed by the British Journal of Urology as a minimally invasive and effective treatment to elongate the penile shaft.

Gathering media attention from global news sources such as Men’s Health, The Telegraph, TIME magazine and CBS news, this revolutionary treatment has over one million satisfied customers over two decades of business, one of the longest standing and most reputable male enhancement device companies in the world. A totally natural and safe penile augmentation solution, this product is one of the only products in the world to offer scientific evidence to back up their claims. In this article we’ll take a look at the science and technology behind the Andropenis device and provide an analysis of its effects and methods to help you decide whether this is the right male enhancement solution for you.

What Is The Andropenis Medical Penis Extender Solution?

As a natural, non invasive and gentle solution to other male enhancement solutions available on the market, the Andropenis Medical Penis Extender is an effective, proven and guaranteed solution that uses the healing and growth processes of the human body to rapidly and dramatically increase penis size. There are numerous studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Andropenis and peer reviewed clinical trials published on popular medical research site PubMed, endorsing this powerful penis enlarger for it’s ability to increase penis length by up to four centimeters with a simple, comfortable device.

The Andropenis Extender uses the proven process of penile traction to deliver results in just a few short months, a medical process that has been tried and tested to deliver enhanced penis size by encouraging the growth of new penile tissue cells. The idea behind the Andropenis is simple- small amounts of traction, applied to the penis over time, cause cells to undergoes hypertrophy and mitosis, dividing and multiplying.

While this product does not claim to be an instant fix like many of the more ineffective options available on the market, it does deliver measureable, real, permanent results in as little time as ten weeks. Unlike other traction solutions the Andropenis Medical Extender is not painful and does not apply unsafe amounts of traction to the penis, using research gathered by Urologists and expert penis scientists to create a balanced level of traction that works in harmony with the body.

Andropenis consists of a plastic base ring with two metal shafts containing internal springs to deliver tension, with an upper base support made from a hypoallergenic and comfortable silicone band. The Andropenis device comes in several iterations with different solutions and effects depending on the type of issue the user would like to solve.

The Androcomfort is a discrete, comfortable daily use model designed to function with a low profile that cannot be seen beneath clothing, not disrupting daily routine and offering consistent gains while a normal schedule is followed.

Androdynamo is a new Andopenis model with an advanced sliding and traction system that offers upgraded results and effectiveness from the Androcomfort, while the Androsupport is designed to provide relief and results for men suffering from curvature issues, disorders such as Peyronie’s disease, which can result in extreme curvature and disfiguration.

Customizable with both standard and 24k gold plated hypoallergenic rods, the Andropenis system is the most effective and customizable penile traction medical extender device in the world.

How Does the Andropenis Extender Medically Increase Penis Size?

An Andropenis device that suits your desired function is worn discreetly beneath the clothes throughout your daily routine, applying a constant but gentle stretching effect. Andropenis provided consistent support for all customers with detailed information on the best practices for using their device, and assists users in determining the best process for them personally to achieve the best results in a timely and private manner.

The Andropenis Medical Penis Extender does not interfere with normal function of the penis and is not noticed by most users while worn.

The effect of traction upon the penis causes microscopic tears to appear in the tissue of the penis. As these tears are so small they cannot be seen with a magnifying glass and require observation on a cellular level, they cannot be felt by the user. This painless process is caused by the carefully maintained and calibrated devices supplied by Andropenis and their comprehensive setting advice.

When these tear occur in tissue, the natural regenerative process of the body begins to take effect, recognizing the tiny tears as damage that must be repaired through the growth of new penile tissue. This process is called mitosis and results in penile cells dividing and multiplying, and over the course of several months of painless and discreet treatment, lengthens and thickens the size of the penis

The Andropenis Solution Pricing & Availability

Andropenis devices are priced at far less than expensive and ineffective pharmaceutical solutions, beginning at around $99 USD for a basic package, and are covered by a two month money back guarantee. If you’re looking for a safe and scientific method that really does dramatically increase the size of your penis, Andropenis is the right male enhancement solution for you.

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