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Arosha Lifting & Contouring Cream

Arosha Lifting & Contouring Cream

By Robin M.

I am in my mid-40s with sensitive, combination skin that is aging slowly. I’m starting to see the usual signs, including sagging, lines and dark spots. I was very excited to try Arosha Lifting & Contouring Cream ($55), hoping to see some improved definition around my mouth and neck area.  I typically use Sciote, Snowberry and Your Best Face products, but am always looking for a magical firming formula.

The ingredients list is long, but most of what I looked up seems to be fairly harmless. The preservatives, including potassium sorbate and disodium EDTA, are of low concern, but it does contain an undisclosed fragrance. There are three actives in this formula: Plants stem cells, which are rich in proteins and phytonutrients, stimulate skin cell metabolism. Soy isoflavones are said to promote DNA repair and help prevent damage from environmental stress. Finally, Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide 8) is a peptide that is touted as the needle-free Botox. You’ll also see a bevy of natural extracts, such as sunflower, rose and chamomile. 

This product comes in a sturdy box with a frosted glass jar and handy scoop inside.  The consistency of the cream is rich and heavy, making it ideal for dry skin, night nourishment or winter months. I started by alternating this product over my retin-A and vitamin C serum at night, both on the face and neck and décolleté area. The first morning I woke up with swollen eyes — that is not unusual, as my eyes are super-sensitive to everything.  After another night with same reaction I decided to use the cream only on my neck and décolleté for the rest of the 30-day trial.  It did not cause any further reaction.

Arosha Lifting & Contouring Cream helped nourish and soften the areas in which I applied it.  Consistent use also smoothed out creepiness and left my neck feeling a little more lifted. I highly recommend this cream for deep hydration, especially in winter or in drier environments, and to anyone who needs subtle improvement in sagging.

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