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Dr Sinatra – Anti-Aging Vitamins & Supplements For A Healthy Heart?

Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products are a series of formulate supplements designed to combat the effects of aging. The products range in all types like blood pressure and energy.

Read this review to find out about Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products.


What Are Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products?

There are seventeen products in total, four of which are designed specifically for aging. Each product is designed to help the patient with a specific area of their health. Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products include the following:

ProMED Whole Body – this product is designed to help create an overall healthy heart and body through wellness. It starts with anti-inflammatory substances and is balanced to create the quickest response.

Omega Q Plus 100 Reserervatrol – this is a product that is composed of several powerful ingredients. It’s listed as one of the most comprehensive heart support substances on the market. It has100 Mg of co-enzyme CoQ10 which is the most advanced heart supplement available anywhere.

Seanol Longevity – they claim this will redefine your idea of healthy againg.

Omega Q Plus Resevatrol – This is an advanced version of the CoEnzyme Q10 and also included Omega-3 fatty acids in it to support your heart’s health through proper circulation.

How do Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products Work?

Each product has its own purpose, below are the Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products effects:

ProMed Whole Body – Acts as support for regular inflammatory response. Also supports the connective tissues between joints. And is good for a healthy heart and whole body wellness. Lastly it acts as a powerful anti-oxidant to fight free radicals. It was developed by specialized cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

Omega Q Plus 100 Reserervatrol – This compound has several positive effects. For one it gives your heart very real health support. It supports healthy triglycerides and homocysteine levels as well as your brain and eyes. It’s been clinically studied to help with other heart related benefits as well. It doesn’t taste fishy and is good for the arteries and entire cardio-vascular system.

Seanol Longevity –This product has been clinically studied as well and helps with HDL cholesterol levels. It helps to promote healthy LDL levels also. And it supports blood circulation. Not to mention, claims to be good for joints and bones. Also is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to alleviate head aches and pains that occur because of aging.

Omega Q Plus Resevatrol – Increase the enzyme CoQ10 and helps the blood. Good for blood pressure and arterial health as well as circulation. Also protects against cholesterol that isn’t health. Increase cellular production and your heart, brain and eyes. Zero fish taste. Good for all users.

Together these products are ideal for supporting healthy heart function. They range in price starting at $19.99 a bottle and all the way up to $49.99 a bottle. If you have any issues with your heart at all, these are designed to help you.

What are the Ingredients in Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products?

The ingredients in Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products are made from the highest quality sourced items. They are selected and then formulated by actual cardiologists and doctors. Below is a list of the different ingredients listed by product.

ProMED Whole Body – this product has pomegranate, green tea, ginger, grape seed, olive and cocoa powder for the purpose of anti-oxidants. Tumeric is in it for its anti-inflammatory purposes. It also has Meriva and Casperome Boswellia for your joints and pains.

Omega Q Plus 100 – contains CoQ10 pls Hydro-Q Sorb and another form of CoQ10, plus Omega 3 and Reservatol. All designed with your heart specifically in mind.

Seanol Plus Longevity Plus – contains Vitamin D and Vitamin D3. Also contains Reservatol and different SeaWeed Extracts. Supposedly 100 times stronger than green tea for the purpose of anti-oxidation.

Omega Q Plus – has CoQ10 and L-Carnitine, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and B12 plus Reservatol. Designed to be the best for your heart.

The ingredients are balanced and blended by medical professionals to ensure consistency and quality control. Each package will be the same in type and quality as the last. All in all, seems like they use good ingredients to help people get better.

What do Customer Say About Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products?

Reviews consist of about 50% that are 5 out of 5 stars. only 10% are 1 star and the rest are mixed with 20% being 4 stars and then 10% being 3 and 10% being 2 stars. Reviews where mainly good. Customers seemed pretty happy with the results and were ready to continue use.

Customers seemed happy with the selection and ingredients used in the supplements. Patients had complaint about the pricing of the products and the availability as well as customer service. Other than that, it seemed the products had good reviews and a majority of the ratings were 4 stars or more out of 5 on Amazon.


-Good results for the body

-Made of high-quality ingredients

-Clinically tested



-Bad customer support

-Limited availability

Dr Sinatra Anti-Aging Products Review Summary

If you have a bad heart or cardio-vascular system, then it may be a good idea to use these products. If you can find products that are cheaper and give you the same effect, then should use those according to the reviews on Amazon.

Since the products are designed and formulated by a cardiologist, they are most likely some of the best on the market. They do seem expensive by some standards, but if you’re talking about your health and heart, it’s probably worth it.

Final decision is give it a try if you can afford it, if you can’t find something that is cheaper and proven to work just as good.

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