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Fem Calm – Natural Solution For Hormonal PMS Symptoms?

The body is a complex, amazing, and wonderful thing. However, it is extremely fragile. There are processes going on in the body that can be completely knocked out of whack with the smallest interruption. If things aren’t going perfectly in the body, people will feel the difference. Whether it’s in changes in moods, drowsiness, irritability, or the actual feeling of being sick, when the body isn’t working well, it gets noticed.

Most people don’t think about what happens in their bodies. They might do their best to try to stay healthy, by getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercising regularly, but the actually processes that take place in the body are often forgotten until something goes wrong. Or something becomes unbalanced. However, there are those who can’t ignore these changes, because it’s something they face on a monthly basis.

Women on their menstrual cycles have a bad reputation. And the majority of this reputation is due to lack of understanding about what happens in the female body during the menstrual cycle. As mentioned above, the body is extremely sensitive and even the smallest imbalance can set off a whole range of side effects. And what happens during the menstrual cycle is just that. When women are about to menstruate, their bodies release a flood of hormones that don’t just physically affect them, it also mentally affects them.

Often those who don’t understand what happens in the body during menstruation will urge women to pull themselves together or get over it. Unfortunately, without the proper support ‘getting over it’ is an impossibility. Women have no control over what happens in their bodies. And, most of the time, women want relief from their aches, pains, and moods just as much or even more than those around them.

Thankfully, for those who are tired of struggling on a monthly basis, there is Fem Calm. This superior natural supplement is made up of ingredients that support women through their menstrual cycle, offering them relief from their physical pains as well as their mental struggles. Using Fem Calm, women can make it through the month without feeling horrible.

What Is Fem Calm?

Fem Calm is a natural supplement that contains a mixture of powerful and potent ingredients, all aimed at helping provide women with the support they need physically and mentally during their menstrual cycle. Every ingredient used in Fem Calm has been researched and proven to offer benefits that relieve many of the discomforts that women experience during the menstrual cycle.

While Fem Calm has been mostly used for women who want support on a monthly basis, the supplement works for any condition that involves fluctuations in hormones. Two of the most common types of hormonal imbalances that happen in women can be seen during the menstrual cycle and during menopause. Fem Calm is able to provide relief for users during both of these periods, using natural ingredients to support the existing functions in the female body.

When women are going through the pain, plus the mental and emotional stress caused during the menstrual cycle, they often think they have to power through it, taking something for the pain and moving on. Some even think that the emotions they’re feeling are unreasonable. However, these feelings and the pain that comes with menstrual cycles are all connected to the hormonal imbalances that happen at this time, overstimulating the brain. Fem Calm works by calming the mind and providing users with the relief they need during the toughest time of month.

Benefits of Fem Calm

For those who are tired of dealing with the monthly mood swings and pains that come with PMS, the biggest benefit of Fem Calm is that it offers a natural relief. In addition to providing relief for those suffering from PMS, Fem Calm is also able to support those who are going through similar hormonal imbalances during menopause. By providing users with this extra support, they’ll find that menopause or their monthly menstrual cycle isn’t as difficult to deal with as before.

Physical and emotional support of any kind are more than welcome for those who have to deal with these hormonal imbalances on a regular basis. However, just because any relief is welcome doesn’t mean women should compromise their health. Because Fem Calm contains the highest quality natural ingredients, users don’t have to worry about their overall health while trying to boost their menstrual health.

In addition to the points described above, Fem Calm offers several other benefits. A list of these benefits can be found below.

– Promotes Balanced Moods
– Improves Menstrual Regularity
– Promotes a Balance of Hormones
– Reduces Homocysteine Levels

And all these amazing benefits are offered through natural ingredients with Fem Calm.

Ingredients in Fem Calm

The last thing women need to think about when their on their menstrual cycle is if they’re taking care of their bodies properly. With all the aches, pains, and emotions they have to deal with during this time, women need to be able to have a peace of mind when it comes to the supplements and medications they’re taking. Because Fem Calm wants to support this peace of mind, the supplement isn’t just made from superior, high-quality natural ingredients, the company is very clear about what these ingredients do.

So many natural supplements on the market today hide behind ‘proprietary’ blends, which are just an excuse to not being transparent about what is in these formulations. However, Fem Calm doesn’t just list what ingredients it uses in its formulation, it also provides the benefits for these ingredients so women know they’re not putting anything harmful or unhelpful in their bodies. At a time when ingredients should be last thing on the minds of women, Fem Calm is open and transparent.

The ingredients used in Fem Calm, as well as a brief definition of each, can be found below.

Chasteberry: Also known as vitex agnus, chasteberry has been used throughout history to treat PMS. The herb works as a progesterone, balancing out the hormones in women who experience symptoms during PMS or menopause.

Rhodiola Rosea: Numerous studies and extensive research has found that this herb is able to support coping mechanisms when it comes to stress. Plus, rhodiola rosea helps boost concentration.

Ashwagandha: Offering multiple benefits, ashwagandha works in conjunction with rhodiola rosea to balance out the bolt of energy the herb causes. However, this ingredient is also able to improve moods, calm users, and normalize cortisol levels, all while acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B6: Works to reduce the mood swings associated with PMS, though more specifically the deep feeling of depression that tends to occur during PMS.

In addition to the ingredients described above, Fem Calm also contains a B6, B12, and folate mixture, which works to support methylation. Methylation has been found to lift moods and support more consistent cognitive functions.

Purchasing Fem Calm

For those who are ready to get relief from their PMS or menopausal symptoms today, Fem Calm is available for purchase on the website of Dr. Natasha Turner ( Here, customers will find the best prices available for the supplement, as well as complementing products that can be purchased to increase the effectiveness of Fem Calm.

At the moment, the Dr. Natasha Turner website is selling Fem Calm for only $24.54. A bottle of Fem Calm at this price contains 60 capsules, which with the two capsule a day serving size should last users about a month. Customers should give Fem Calm time to build up in their systems before expecting results. Often, the full force of the benefits of Fem Calm begin showing after three months of consistent use.

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