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Glanbia Nutritionals – Food Formulations Created For Optimal Health?

‘Staying healthy and fit’ has become a mantra that is part of a global consciousness now. People have adopted healthy lifestyles which include eating well, exercising regularly, working out and the goal of all of these activities is essentially to achieve a body-mind balance and attain some tranquility in this otherwise busy and uncompromising world.

Tremendous amount of research has gone into maximising the effects of exercise and using it as a means of developing a healthy body. This includes using various supplements and aids which have been devised to help individuals attain maximum benefit from their routines. But while exercising and fitness supplements are a wise course of action, scientists have time and again realised that there is great adage in the old saying ‘you are what you eat’.

This is simple to understand because every human body, male or female is different, it responds differently to exercise, nutritional intake and therefore paying close attention to what one consumes and how one’s body reacts to it is essential.

In a recent study conducted by the American medical association (AMA) 59 participants were studied.They were prescribed specific diet plans (low-fat, low-carb, high carb and so on) and the results were pretty startling as no one particular diet plan worked across the table.

This meant that it depended more on which balanced diet an individual could adhere to and practically maintain rather than following a prescribed plan. Similarly in another independent study, 320 post-menopausal women were split into two groups, one performing 45 minutes of moderate- vigorous exercise along with a controlled diet and the other simply maintaining a controlled diet.

After one year, studies revealed that the women who had exercised the whole year long had on an average lost only 2kgs (4.4 pounds) of fat more as compared to the other group. This provides us with strong evidence supporting the role of good and balanced nutrition as opposed to exercising regularly whilst putting food consumption on the back burner.

Specialized foods are steadily catching on as consumers become wiser about their eating habits. Nutrients can be engineered to suit individual needs so as to provide optimized functional and operational performance.

What Is Glanbia Nutritionals?

Glanbia nutritionals is an international leader in sports nutrition, dairy ingredients, mineral and vitamin premixes amongst various other items that are designed specifically for clients seeking to maximise nutritional value from their products. Their presence is in over 130 countries and consists of an employee workforce of over 5200 people worldwide. Glanbia assists their customers in scientifically maximizing their product formulations, improving their logistical capabilities and helping their clients grow and expand in ways which have previously been uncharted.

Using current market trends and insights of various industrial experts, Glanbia has always been at the forefront of cutting edge research. Using various customer requirements, the research and development department has come up with various innovative breakthroughs, whether its pioneering the development of nutritional bars or developing a new scientific way for accelerating the the aging process in cheese, to inventing an all new micro-filtration process which uses cross flow technology and has become the gold standard in delivering pure whey proteins (which is a staple diet component of many athletes and gym goers) .

Lastly, Glanbia Nutritionals provides its customers with a dedicated insight team which works with the ever changing trends in the market, data acquisition and understanding, category trends to predict and produce a cutting edge product which delivers exactly what is needed in the market at that given point.

What products are Glanbia nutritionals offering?

Glanbia works on the edge of modern nutritional and dietary trends and offers a host of exciting products to a customer base that can vary from newly born babies, to professional athletes, to aging grandparents. Various specialized nutritional products are offered but at the core of it all, the company aims at a happier and healthier life for its customers.

Some of the areas in which Glanbia Nutritionals has been a pioneer are nutritional bars, cereals, cheeses, sports and performance nutritional supplements, lifestyle supplements, functional beverages, dairy products, clinical and medical nutrition, sauces and dressings, cosmetics and personal care products, bakery goods, animal nutrition.

The services provided are of the highest and utmost scientific and ethical standards and are portable to scale. This means that products can be designed for individual customers seeking solutions, to large companies that require production on a massive scale, Glanbia has the infrastructure to serve them all.

As a case study we can observe how Glanbia has revolutionized the nutritional bars, cereal and snack market. The primary ingredients of such products usually consist of proteins, grains, seeds, pulses, flavors.

The researchers at Glanbia using various functional proteins, heat treatments (MicroSure ™ is specially devised patented method), micronutrient solutions have devised products which deliver better taste, texture and nutritional value. Even custom made nutrient premixes (containing various vitamins and minerals) can be prepared depending on a customer’s needs and requirements.

Glanbia Nutritionals Review Summary

At Glanbia, researchers are always waiting for the next big nutritional challenge and the easiest way to get in touch with the company is to simply drop in a message which best describes the product requirement or envisioned product nutritional capabilities on the company’s website. Another great way is to simply provide the company with one’s email address or telephone number on the contact us page, and the right people will then get in touch to discuss one’s potential options.

Alternatively, there are business offices, innovation centers, manufacturing outfits that are present worldwide in all major countries including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, China amongst many others. There are also various affiliate offices all around the world where one can go to have a discussion regarding the products that one is after. Twitter and linkedin can also be used for any clarifications or queries. For any other queries big or small, emails can be sent to hello@glanbianutritionals.com.

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