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GNC Lean Burn 60 – Increases Calorie Burning By Over 50%?

Burn 60 is a supplement designed to help people burn more calories while working out. The creators made it to help people who were challenged when losing weight. Read this review to learn more about Burn 60.

What is GNC Lean Burn 60?

This supplement is said to help boost an individual’s metabolism as well as energy levels. It’s taken orally and its important individuals consult a doctor or physician prior to taken burn 60. It’s especially important if you are pregnant or nursing.

Anyone who is preparing for surgery may want to talk tell their doctor or surgeon they are taking the supplement. And it’s recommended, you stop taking it at least 2-3 weeks prior to your surgery. It’s said to be a healthy supplement except in those specific circumstances.

How Does GNC Lean Burn 60 Work?

Each pill is supposed to give you heightened levels of energy. In order to get the full effects of the pills, you need to take the supplement 40-60 minutes before your activity. On days where activity is kept to a minimum, take 2 pills with breakfast. Whatever you do, do not take the pills prior to bedtime.

The pills ingredients are said to be able to help you lose weight. They could be effective, but some reviews would state otherwise. Burn 60 does not include any type of diet plan or exercise regime. It also includes nothing about nutritional programs of any type. Basically, it seems it’s just an energy pill. There is nothing special you have to do when taking this supplement.

Thermogenic fat burners like GNC Lean Burn 60 are supposed to speed up the metabolism. The metabolism is the body’s rate at which it burns energy. And the claim they make is that when you use GNC Lean Burn 60, you will speed up the body’s metabolism and naturally burn more fat. Of course there are no clinical studies to prove this product will speed up the metabolism or help you burn fat.

And in fact, most customers are severally displeased with the results they get from the GNC Lean Burn 60. It would seem in this situation, that just because a product carries a good name, it doesn’t mean it’s a good product. There are likely other products on the market that more effective for a similar price.

What are the Ingredients in GNC Lean Burn 60?

The ingredients in the supplement are guarana seed extract, black tea extract, mega natural grape skin & seed extract, ginger root extract, dill weed extract and caffeine. Other ingredients include, dextrose, cellulose, fd&c yellow #6 lake, fd&c red #40 lake, titanim dioxide, cinnamon bark extract, natural vanilla flavor, sucralose.

They claim that the ingredients make up one of the strongest thermogenic, fat burning substances on the planet. And that they increase the metabolism by up to 60%. Along with the boos of the metabolism they also help with improving the overall energy in the individual.

What Does GNC Lean Burn 60 Cost?

One bottle of GNC Lean Burn 60 costs $36.99 for 60 capsules. 60 capsules could last you as long as 30 days or longer depending on the dosage you take. This product seemed a bit expensive considering the reviews people wrote about it. Most people were not happy with it at all.

What Are Customers Saying About GNC Lean Burn 60?

Reviews online are not good at all. On top of people complaining that the supplement doesn’t work, they also say it tastes horrible.

People say it has a very nasty cinnamon coating. In fact, it is said to be so gross that it will make you gag or even puke and dry heave. It’s reported that is so disgusting that you’ll need at least a full glass of water to get it down.

It’s a very tweaky, speedy feeling you get when taking the pills also. You take it at least 40-60 minutes before your activity. Customers say though, if your activity is at night, do not take it at all. It will definitely keep you from sleeping altogether.


  • Available at all GNC stores and online
  • One-month supply for a little over a dollar a day


  • A lot of very bad customer reviews
  • Taste horrible
  • May not work as intended

GNC Lean Burn 60 Review Summary

The recommendation is to not use this supplement, according to a lot of reviews. The supplement only scored a 4.6 out of 10 on a lot of sites.

On sites with a 5-star rating, it scored a sad 3 stars out of 5. For the very bold claims they make, it would seem they are false. It would be much healthier to find a supplement that is better reviewed and then include a healthy diet when taking this supplement.

Also, because of the fact there are so many warnings with this product, it leads me to believe that it may be genuinely unsafe for anyone to use.

If you have to stop taking it for two weeks prior to a surgery, that leads me to believe there are substances in it that stay in the system for a long time and are harmful.

Since no evaluation has been given on this product by the FDA, it could be potentially harmful or dangerous for anyone to take.

Definitely recommending against this product for anyone who is considering. But use at your own risk, and leave reviews so people know.

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