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Ketone 1 – Sugar Free Sports Drink For Athletes?

Ketone 1 is a minimalist sports drink. It’s currently in development on the campaign site, Indiegogo. The drink is being developed in Austin Texas. Read this review to find out about Ketone 1 today.

What is Ketone 1?

The drink is currently in development at their labs in Austin Texas. The Keytone drink is ideal for sports enthusiasts and athletes in every sport. The sports drink utilizes the ketones and electrolytes to be one of the most effective, healthiest sports drinks on the market.

It is supposedly the ultimate fuel for the body and the mind. And they goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to see the completion of their product. They say, back their campaign and you can get the drink at wholesale price.

How Does Ketone 1 Work?

They claim that sports drinks haven’t really changed much in the last few decades. They’re full of sugar and artificial flavors. Plus, they use harsh, unknown chemicals. Limited Labs, the creators of the drink, started in 2015. They started by creating nutritional products that were designed to help improve the human experience. They wanted to maximize the effectiveness their customers, performance on every level.

Their latest innovation is the sports drink, Ketone 1. It’s said to be the world’s first ketogenic sports drink and you can back their campaign on Indiegogo to support their cause and try the drink.

What Are the Ingredients in Ketone 1?

The main ingredients in Keytone 1 are water, electrolytes and ketones. They are said to be the healthiest sports drinks on the market. They are to be delivered to the public in December and January. Ketone 1 is likely going to explode once it’s developed. They claim it taste great and is 100 healthy for you.

What Does Ketone 1 Cost?

Right now there are a few different options you can choose from to back the sports drink. For $5, you can back the campaign and get 1 Ketone Sticker + shout out. Also, there is the $25 option, for this option you get one case of the sports drink. The $50 option will give you 2 cases of Ketone 1. The $75 option will give you 3 cases.

There is also a $150 option that will give you 6 cases. And, the $1,000 donation will give you a 1-year supply of Ketone 1. Lastly, there is the $5,000 option. This option will give you sixty cases of 720 bottles of Ketone 1 sports drink. You’ll also get to count on free shipping and have the ability to create your own flavors through powdered form.

Each of the campaign donations is designed to be delivered in either January or December. And you can go at any time to the site and make donations to the funding of the Keytone 1 campaign.

Should I Use Ketone 1?

If you are into sports, then Ketone 1 is definitely for you. It will help you with your fitness goals and likely take you to new levels of physical activity. They claim that the key to having a high-quality ingredients and no refined sugar. Also, there are no hidden filers, harsh chemicals or other additives that can hurt you.


  • All natural ingredients
  • 100% safe and free from chemicals
  • No sugar


  • Not available until the end of the year
  • No customer reviews available

What Are the Benefits of Keytone 1?

Keytone drinks are now being used all over the world to help professional athletes take their sport to the next level. The drinks are believed by many to be the next big thing in sports and nutrition. Whether you’re a cyclist or soccer player, ketone sports drinks are said to be phenomenal for sports. Ketones are very expensive.

Ketones are a naturally occurring chemical that is produced by the body. They are produced when fat is broken down. The purpose of ketones is to preserve the levels of glucose in the body. They say that it helps with burning fat, and preserving the skeletal muscle during exercise.

The Ketones have been researched and developed at places like Oxford University. The studies they did, showed that athletes who used the Ketone drinks, performed much better. They had levels of strength, better endurance and longer, more sustained energy. Scientists believe that the ketones are most beneficial to long distance athletes like cyclists.

Also, the World Anti-Doping Agency, has declared that ketones are a completely safe substance. They are not prohibited in any sport or at any location in the world. As always, you should always take into consideration, any risks from using any supplement. Primarily those that contain new substances like keytones. Especially, if there are synthetic keytones in it. Keytones have been given to professional athletes, but only after they were declared safe by the WADA. They look at Keytone drinks like any other sports drinks on the market.

So as of now, drinks like Ketone 1 are considered to be high-quality sports drinks. It’s likely that you’ll like the drink, it’s effects and be able to benefit from using it. Ketone 1 is one going to be one of the most widely used sports drinks on the market.

Lastly, the supplies on the first shipment of the Ketone sports drink, are in limited supply. So make sure if you are interested in ordering from them, and supporting their campaign, you go to the website.

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