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Mega Rip X – Powerful Testosterone Booster For Men?

Mega Rip X is a natural testosterone booster that is designed to increase the natural, male libido. Read this review to find out about Mega Rip X Testosterone Booster today.

What is Mega Rip X?

Mega Rip X is a male enhancement supplement that will help you achieve, peak levels of physical fitness. It is specifically designed to increase the male libido and empower the sex drive. On top of that you can count on increased, lean muscles and higher sexual peak performance.

Mega Rip X is one of the most advanced formulas apparently to increase the male sex drive. There isn’t really anything like it according to the people who created it. Muscle Science is ideally taken by men who are at least in their mid-twenties. And apparently, you won’t find a supplement that will produce better results than Mega Rip X TST Booster.

How Does MegaRip X Work?

They claim, you’ve been working hard to get the body you’ve always wanted. But it’s hard to get in shape. The creators of Muscle Science understand this. That is exactly why they formulated the product to help you get in the best shape of your life.

They claim, that regardless of your body type of muscle mass, Mega Rip X Booster will benefit you in several ways. It’s all about performance, according to the makers of Mega Rip X muscle enhancer.

It works to maximize, free testosterone in the body and increase your performance on every level. TST is essential to gaining strength and through the power of Muscle Mass, you can likely put on muscle like you never have before. It will also help you to reduce the fat stores in your body and increase strength. Your sex drive will supposedly sky rocket and you’ll be more enthusiastic about sex than ever before. Mega Rip X is an all-natural supplement that can help you increase your virility by helping you to improve energy, focus and higher levels of concentrated energy.

Your muscular drive and endurance will supposedly be higher than it ever has. Recovery time is heightened to new levels and you’ll burn more fat than ever before. You can count on higher, intensity workouts and greater strength than ever before. It’s creating a revolution in the bedroom according to the people who created the supplement.

You’ll be able to benefit from colossal like stamina. The endurance the pills supposedly give you will allow to reach, peak levels of performance. You’ll achieve unparalleled levels of fitness. With the focus you’ll achieve through the use of Mega Rip X testosterone boosting formula – you will be able to work with a renewed type of focus that has previously been unachieved. They claim you’ll blast through plateaus and get the most rock solid gains of your life.

Along with getting huge gains, you’ll be able to burn the fat off and increase muscle recovery time. And apparently you’ll experience a surge in sexual virility like you never have in your life. The male libido requires TST for maximum function and with Mega Rip X, you can supposedly count on maximum levels of testosterone to be produced by your body.

You’ll also achieve more blood flow throughout the body, and workout better at the gym then likely ever before. The supplement, also supposedly gives you maximum bone density and helps you with concentration so you can improve your technique.

What Are the Ingredients in Muscle Science?

The supplement contains the ingredient Fenugreek primarily, which is supposedly a very beneficial supplement for increasing testosterone on in the body. Fenugreek has also been shown to improve work outs and burn fast off while increasing a man’s sex drive. This supplement is considered completely holistic and will help you achieve leaner muscle mass as well.

There are apparently no side effects from taking Mega Rip X. And it complies with all Southern California facility standards. To benefit from taking the supplement, you only need to take 2 pills a day on an empty stomach. They claim you will notice a near instant, increase in strength, that will ultimately help you reach all your important goals.

With consistent use of the product, they claim you can achieve the perfect athletic body. And apparently, you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goals, easier than ever before.

What Does Mega Rip X Cost?

As of right now, there is a free trial offer of the supplement you can take advantage of. After the trail offer, they likely will send you another bottle unless you cancel. Each bottle of TST booster by Muscle Science, has 60 capsules in it. And that is enough supposedly for a month long cycle of the supplement.

What Do People Say About Mega Rip X?

Reviews are mixed. Most of the negative reviews are by people who do not believe that a Mega Ripped X testosterone enhancer works. It would seem that it’s a mixed review, but it’s likely there are some benefits from the supplement. Especially since it carries Fenugreek in it, which is proven to help promote a healthy male sex drive and libido.


  • Free trial available so you don’t have to spend much except on shipping
  • Likely to help you pack on lean muscle
  • Promotes fat loss


  • Not everyone who took the supplement benefited from it
  • May be other supplements on the market that are more effective

Should I Use Mega Rip X?

If you are looking to improve you TST levels, Mega Rip X may be a good supplement for you to try. Especially since it has a free trial. That means there really is no risk to taking the supplement.

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