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Milani Concealer Perfect 2 in 1 Review – Eliminates Eyebags & Redness?

The Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer is a highly sought after product produced by Milani and combines their decades of face product knowledge into a singular package that is bound to satisfy customers of any age, gender and nationality.

The Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer gracefully combats skin imperfections ranging from redness, circles gathering under the eyes, blemishes, oily skin and more with complete coverage and foundation that is 100% water resistant plus concealer all in one.

Milani Perfect 2 in 1 provides an experience with no mess and no drip pump to dispense the exact amount you need to gain that perfect, flawless look and works 24 hours a day in order to maintain a natural demeanor on your skin. This product comes in a variety of different colors ranging from ‘Golden Toffee’ to ‘Creamy Vanilla’ in order to suit the needs of Milani’s various consumers.

To apply the product as a foundation is simple, first you must gather a small circle sized amount of the product with a brush or anything similar, start with the center of your face and slowly move outwards in a circular motion.

To apply the product as a concealer also requires minimal effort, simply use a small amount of the product and add to areas in which additional coverage should be used as you see fit, softly tap on the skin until the result is satisfactory, this can achieved with either the fingers or a small brush.

Feedback of this product has been overwhelmingly positive, with nary a bad review on the product page, gaining an aggregate score of 5/5 stars which is quite impressive for a face product. Some of the phrases consumers of this product includes ‘The color match is perfect and the finish is so smooth.

It feels really light on my skin to have the level of coverage that it does.’ As well as ‘Simply AH-MAZING! It lasted 10 hours on my skin, perfect coverage.

I’m a makeup artist and I use it on my clients.’ And ‘This foundation surprisingly keeps my oil down for a few hours and makes my pores disappear.’

The Milani Skincare Difference

So what’s different about Milani from other companies which offer concealers and foundation related products?

Well, through decades of research and meticulous study, Milani has achieved a product which combines 100% natural and tested ingredients to create a product anyone should feel at home using.

Some of the ingredients include Cyclopentasiloxane, this is a type of silicone primarily utilized as a conditioner, solvent and lubricant. Isononyl Isononanoate is an emollient skin conditioner which leaves a soft and silky feel on the skin after application of the concealer and foundation.

Glycerol is an ingredient which causes the foundation + concealer to have a sweet taste, and gives it the thick texture allowing for pores and other unwanted facial blemishes to be removed.

VP/Eicosene Copolymer is a synthetic polymer film-forming agent which is utilized in order to create a water resistant sunscreen-like effect in the product. Triethoxycaprylylsilane is a silicone based ingredient which can be used as a binding agent and emulsifier.

This cumulative combination of ingredients is what creates the final product that you see today, other companies on the market have no care for the consumer, intentionally including potentially toxic or fatal ingredients in order to lower the price of production. Milani, however, manages to create a product worthy of its consumers’ attention while also keeping an affordable price range.

Why Do People Use Concealers and Foundation?

Concealers can effectively disguise any dark circles that appear under the eyes, dark circles and becoming ever more prominent in modern times due to the advent of smartphones and tablets, causing us to be looking at our phones for extended periods of time.

As well as dark circles, in can hide blemishes, spots, freckles and any other unwanted facial features. Concealer comes in many different colors and varieties which can be used for any situation. Concealers can easily provide the face with a youthful finish no matter what age if applied correctly.

Foundation is used in order to even out the skin tone of an individual, without it some parts of the face would clash with others giving out an unnatural effect and breaking the illusion it creates.

Foundation also gives a large amount of coverage on the face, necessary if a person has a large amount of unwanted blemishes on their face covering a large surface area. Foundation and concealer are regularly used in tandem in order to achieve the desired effect of an individual.

Who Are Milani?

Milani Cosmetics is a highly respected brand of color cosmetics which are mainly targeted towards women of the 18-45 years age range. The brand is quite new, being established in 2002, however, has gained traction extremely fast.

The brand is available at a number of different stores around the United States such as Walmart, Walgreens and Kmart.

Milani has a philosophy of bringing the largest amount of color options available on the market, which has worked wonders for its reputation as it gives off a very inclusive image of all ages and nationalities.

The Milani brand has created products related to the lips, eyes, nail and face color options. The extravagant packaging has given a brand recognition unmatched by many companies in the same market.

Some of Milani’s most popular products include ‘Shadow Eyez Eyeshadow Pencil’, ‘Grandissimo Lashes Mascara’ and ‘Bronzer XL’.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer Pricing & Availability

The Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer is available right now through partnering stores and through the Milani Cosmetics online store.

The price as of now will cost you $9.99 and provides customers with free shipping if you provide a purchase of over $25. The product is available in 14 colors as of now and may expand in the near future.

Products such as the ‘Easybrow Tinted Fiber Gel’ and the ‘Amore Matte Lip Crème’ are also available for a similar price in order to complete the Milani look and provide your face with a beautiful and youthful finish.

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