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Nebia – H2MICRO Shower Head For Refreshed Feeling & Cleaner Skin

In today’s modern world, it seems like every day a new innovation or piece of technology is being introduced. Advances in medicine have lengthened the average lifespan of people. Technology has improved how well people can communicate and how quickly news is shared. And, advances in science have opened new doors to spur these discoveries and innovations forward, dazzling the minds of those in society on a daily basis.

However, innovation isn’t enough anymore. While advances that help improve society are important, they need to be made with a certain amount of responsibility. A big part of this responsibility has to do the sustainability of all the innovations being created and manufactured now days. The amount resources used to create and build all the innovations that are spurring society forward can take a heavy toll on the environment. This is why it’s so important for companies to create their products ethically. However, just as important are advances being made to specifically help protect the environment.

Some of the best innovations being made today are those that combine sustainability with new modern designs. One of the best examples of this can be found in products that are made to help protect the earth, without causing too much disturbance to the everyday lives of those using them. Recycling and using alternative power sources are great, but only when they don’t cause disruptions.

Nebia is a brand new innovation that has merged the need for new and improved devices with the deep need to protect the environment. A modern version of a showerhead, Nebia isn’t just able to decrease the amount of water used, it’s able to provide a more thorough cleaning experience, with a sleek, modern look never seen before.

What is Nebia?

Using a technology unheard of before, Nebia is a showerhead that transforms the way people clean themselves. With a patented technology called H2MICRO, Nebia is able to increase the surface area of water droplets, increasing their size by about ten times. By increasing the surface area of the water and atomizing the droplets, so more water than ever comes in contact with the body.

Because Nebia is able to boost the amount of water that people come in contact with during their showers, less water is needed for the shower, without decreasing how clean and hydrated the skin feels.

Showers are a daily necessity for most people, not just cleaning them, but also giving them the boost and rejuvenation they need for the day. However, nothing much has changed in the area of showers in the past several decades. Nebia is changing that, without taking away to soothing invigoration that everyone loves about their showers. While Nebia works like a regular shower, it gives off a steam that opens the pores and cleanses the skin. With warm water that comes at a steady stream, Nebia provides users with everything they need to start their day.

While the unique technology that Nebia uses has set it apart from other shower heads, there is so much more to Nebia. As mentioned above, the best advances made today are those that combine sustainability with innovation. Nebia does this by providing users with up to 70% in water savings a year. The showerhead uses its unique and sleek design as well as thermofluids to save users thousands of gallons of water every year, without compromising the showering experience. By protecting the environment and transforming the showering experience, Nebia is introducing an entirely new aspect of the cleansing process.

Benefits of Nebia

One of the biggest benefits of Nebia is that it truly is an innovation in science and technology. So few advances have been made in the past few decades when it comes to showers and showerheads. However, Nebia takes shower technology to the next level by using aeronautical applications and optimizing it to make the perfect showerhead. The Nebia nozzle utilizes H2MICRO technology that allows users to get a thorough cleansing shower with relaxing steam, all while protecting the environment.

Nebia isn’t the first water saving shower nozzle on the market. However, because of the many downsides to these alternative options, most people avoid water saving showerheads. The biggest complaint about these options is that they don’t provide enough water flow to truly clean the body, much less totally wet and rinse out the hair. For those with thick hair, these water saving nozzles can be even more aggravating. Thankfully, with Nebia there is just enough water to provide a thorough cleaning, even for the thickest hair.

Even though Nebia is a brand new innovation, one that isn’t even available at the moment, the showerhead was created to be installed easily. When it comes to the comfort and convenience in the bathroom, Nebia is able to transform any bathroom imaginable without the hassle of installation. With no mechanics and absolutely no plumbers needed, transforming a boring old bathroom into a paradise is easier than ever.

Finally, Nebia is an adjustable showerhead, so it’s perfect for the entire family, no matter how short or tall. And, as mentioned above, Nebia doesn’t require any mechanicals to move, so it can change in height in a moment, making it perfectly comfortable for anyone. With its adjustable sliding bracket, even kids can adjust it to their preferences. Plus, Nebia comes with a removable hand-wand so users can change up their showering experience.

How Nebia Works

As mentioned above, Nebia uses a complex blend of technological advances to provide a showering experience that is both like a shower and a steam room. With these two unique aspects combined together in Nebia, the entire showering experience can be completely transformative. However, while the technology that Nebia uses is amazing, there are several other aspects that make up how well the showerhead works.

Below is a list of the different details that make Nebia so unique, as well as the different benefits they offer users.

The Head – A frame that allows the H2MICRO nozzle to rest in perfect, as well as a allowing a 45 degree rotation of the head.

The Arm – Moves up and down 27 inches on the sliding bracket to allow a customizable spray.

The Bracket – A chrome, sleek modern attachment that connects Nebia to the water supply.

The Wand – A frame for the three nozzles, sitting on the magnetic dock that can be easily removed, as well as turned on and off for the water flow.

And all these details work together to allow users to completely enjoy their Nebia experience.

Purchasing Nebia

At the moment, Nebia is only available for pre-purchase. Because the showerhead is still in manufacturing stage, users can only sign up to pre-order their Nebia shower nozzles. However, pre-ordering does not require any money upfront, making it a simple and easy way to be sure to be first in line to receive Nebia.

There are three purchasing options available on the Nebia website (www.Nebia.com). These purchasing options, as well as their prices, are listed below.

  • 1 Nebia – $375
  • 2 Nebias – $700
  • 3 Nebia – $972

To see if purchasing these showerheads makes sense for customers, there is a chart on the website listed above that allows users to put in their household side and current water costs so they can see how much money using a Nebia will save them on a daily basis.

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